Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day

Very quiet I guess I'll stay at home all day. I spent most of the day with Pat and family yesterday. I'm not sure about them very one sits around listening to Pat, Linda and I to talk. It is very good to just talk and visit with all of them.

I'm just waiting for the signing of the papers so that I can begin to move.

B fussed about the mattress that I was sleeping on in Texas so I sold the one had been sleeping on. I brought the one hubby was sleeping on. That one was the new pillow top that we bought when we first moved to Texas. So. . . as mattress goes that wasn't too old. Mattress and box springs are very high. I have to use a step stool to get into the bed. I was sleeping on the right side and I feel that it was slopping. I moved to the left side and that is more comfortable. I still don't like the step stool. I have been wondering about a twin bed size that would give me more room in the bedroom. Pat is pushing for a number mattress but that is very expensive.

I guess it is time to work on the pillows for the sofa. I will need to buy a new mattress for the sofa. Pat's family is enjoying sitting and laying on the sofa it seems to be extremely comfortable.

Less than 2 weeks before we sign the papers. I am still waiting for some papers for the mortgage company.

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