Monday, September 08, 2008

New Computer

I finally have my new computer up and running. Pat and Linda were over Friday night and helped me get all of my Quicken moved over and in the program and running. Mark spent most of Sunday with me helping me get every thing up and running like my old one. We cleaned off the old computer so that I can give it to my friend that has been my main stay since I have been back to New Mexico. She has helped my transition to my apartment and helped with my search for a new house. My new house is just down the street from her it will save a lot in gas running back and forth.

I got a strange phone call from a friend from Union days. I called her awhile ago to let her know I was back in town. She has put me on the mailing list for Retiree Union Group. I planned to join again as I have missed that connection. I call was asking me to be sure and be at the next meeting, a couple of weeks away. I was planning on going anyway. But the catch on why they want me there. They want me to take the Vice President place on the Board. That is really getting in with both feet. I am not sure I am healthy enough or do I want that much responsibility.

I have some X-rays on Wednesday and I am suppose to sign papers on Friday. But still no time just a date. I called PB at ask about what time so that I could move my hair appointment. PB said no time has been given us so they can sign on our time not on there's.

I am putting off doing my paper work so I need to jump in.

Melissa has a new boy friend it is so nice to see her happy again. The boy Alex is so polite it is scary. But really is very nice and very very polite.

I got a very sweet card from Texas and Michelle.

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