Sunday, September 14, 2008

Scarry, Scarry weather

I spent Friday night watching the hurracane it hurt. I was watching the wind first and then watching the news today Sunday Watching all the places that Jean, Hubby and I spent the summer roaming through and around. They are reporting from some of the little cities that we roamed through there little antingue shops. It really hurts to see them totally distroyed.

I am in the sign the papers and wait. Sellers out of town we have to wait for them to sign papers.
I am looking for someone to do yard work. I want that Hugh bush in front of the house removed. The old house on 67Th had a Hugh rose bush in the front hubby couldn't get that cut back. I notice its a little bigger now but still well and blooming away. This thing is just an overgrown juniper and I'm allergies to juniper I'm thinking about a lilac there.

I think I have solved the problem of not seeing who is at the front gate. There is a little camera that will let me see on the TV who is out there. Pat says he still has the one I gave him. If he can't find it I will have to chase one down.

Gloria and I are going shopping in Santa Fe tomorrow I am looking fore ward to that. I'll let you know how that goes.

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