Thursday, February 26, 2009


If you eat properly you will not get cancer. My mother never ate any other way and as the cook my father didn't either. Penni was never a junky food eater. They all had cancer. I have never eaten the healthy way and so far I haven't had cancer. The lies they are putting out makes me mad.

I am officially out of a church for the next 6 weeks my pastor has a 6 weeks series and entire program on "What if you had 30 days to live". I can't stand the tittle much less the thought of 6 weeks of that theme. My friend Annie is coming by for me Sunday. I am anxious to go to a black Baptist church again. I'm going to continue my Bible Study on Thursdays.

My group grief counseling if over and I'm glad if I can find the money I need to see Kintree again.

I am slowly getting my house in order and decorated. Rich even has me working on the office he is helping me get every thing compacted.

My Bible Study group is fasting on Thursday nights, no more snacks. I'll see how I get through this for the next 6 weeks? I don't know when is Easter?

Now I am ranting like my son.

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P M Prescott said...

Ranting is good catharsis.