Sunday, February 01, 2009

Missy or Baby

I finally adopted a dog from the animal control shelter. They were calling her curly, CURLY, that's a name for a ginny pig not a dog. She answers to the name Baby and some times to Missy. I'm trying for Missy. She is housebroke but I have trouble getting her to stay out long enough to do anything. She is a house body, she wants to lay on a pillow on the recliner or on the bed and sleep.

Melissa and I picked her up from the shelter, Melissa drove us home and Missy fought me all the way. We dropped her off at the doggy day spa. I took a little blanket with me when I went to pick her up. She saw it and laid down on it and didn't move all the way home. She likes soft blankets or a pillow.

I thought she was a poodle. her hair, ears and part of her nose would led you to believe that. Her legs are very, very short and her back and rear end are almost square. I'm not sure what that makes her except cute as a button. She likes to play and wanted Daniel to play with her when he was here.

I'm going to have some lattice put up in the garage with a gate. I'm afraid that Missy will runout while the car is going in and out. I was unhappy with the mess in garage being in plain view of the patio entrance. The lattice will take care of that problem .\

I'll have something else to write about except my health.

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P M Prescott said...

I like missy or baby.