Thursday, June 25, 2009

Family reunion

I am looking forward to having the family together. Such a sad time but I am really looking forward to most of the family being there. We will be missing some grandkids and great grans.

I finally finished the slip covers for the breakfast nook. What a job that turned out to be. I also realized that if I tackled another sewing project I would have to invest in a new sewing machine. The machine I am sewing on was purchased when I was expecting my second son, 56 years ago. If my friend Annie had not helped me I would never have finished them. I am trying to think of a gift for her for helping so much. That is true friendship.

Just trying to clean house put everything away so that I can have company.

A dear friend is retiring from APS, her retirement party is June 30. Another friend is coming from Farmington for the party. She will be staying with me. I hope she will stay long enough that Annie and I can spend some time with her.

I will tell you about our trip to Glorieta later.

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