Thursday, June 11, 2009

Old problem rears it ugly head.

I have been trying to get our neighborhood association back up and running.
I was plugging along on it trying to get several of the homeowners association in the area to get involved. I was also trying to get a e-mail address set up and a mail box.

Three of us have met several times and decided to change the name of the association so that non of the baggage from the old association would follow us. We made some progress with the suggestions of another association. We added plastic to our sign so that some dear little one didn't rearrange the letters on the sign. They also suggested how to get a mail box that didn't cost us anything.

A former member ask to be included in any of the future plans. I didn't answer his e-mails as we had not planned any other meetings until of the three returned to the state. This former member had caused trouble before he insisted on his way and would not listen to what the group wanted to do. Because I had not answered his e-mail he contacted one of the persons that had helped us with suggestions in the past. This trouble maker from the pasted deiced to try another way of forcing his way in. He told a pack of lies and was successful in causing trouble.

I would have graciously included him in the next meeting. The fact was on the same day he tried to force the issue. I received information from the doctor they won't do both of my knees at the sametime. One at a time starting in September that will take 4 to 5 weeks recoup and then we would look at the next one. The ties me up for the next 6 to 8 months. I can't take on the heading this project. Someone else will have to take the lead.

I was accused to standing in the way of this individual who wants to head up the project. What I am curious about is why he hadn't started the process in the last two years before I came back. Nobody was standing in his way.

I assume that he only wants someone else to do all the work and then he wants to run it.

Sorry, I had to get this rant off my chest before this weekend.

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P M Prescott said...

The cockroaches always come out of the woodwork to grab the glory from other people's work.