Saturday, October 04, 2008

Friends , Friends and more Friends

What would I do without wonderful friends in both Texas and New Mexico. My transportation friends in Texas came through and took me to Love Field when I needed to go. My number one son was johnny on the spot to pick me up when I flew into Texas.

Number two son picked me up when I flew in this week. Time is going by so fast that I am looking at a move that is picking up quickly. It has taken me a couple of days to get back on my feet and start to organize this move. Two friends one each day said I needed a massaage. So I called my dear friend and massuse and she was right here last night. I was having trouble parking my car in the horrible city side of my apartment and she even parked it for me. We had made plans to go to her son and daughter-in-laws Bed in Breakfast. It is in the mountains bewteen Santa Fe and Las Vegas in New Mexico. My original plan was to be moved by then it doesn't seem possible now it is only one week away. But moved or not I want to spend a night up there while the weather is still pretty.

I am off to buy my new bed this morning while my grandson is tackling the roots of that giant juniper.

While I am on the idea number two son fixted my computer so that I can see that people are reading my blog. I wish the Santa Fe reader would leave a answer to one of my posts so I could get an idea of who it is. Oklahoma and Mississppi I can quess even if they don't leave a comment. Those out side of the US is really a mystery. I was ready to quit blogging until Pat showed me that I did have a readership. I say THANK YOU to all of you who take your time to read my thoughts. The journey of the last seven years yes even before I began blogging have been a very trying time and my blogging has been a great help.

I am really having to use friends and some family to help me move.

We had a family and friends gathering to listen to the VP debate it was such a great time I will have to tell you about that later.

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