Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still Moving

I may be moving for the rest of my life, anyway that's the way I feel today. Most of the heavy stuff is in the house. The little bedroom is still just piled full of boxes. I have been working on the kitchen and bedroom. I finally have someone here to install my TV today. I hope it doesn't cost too much my handyman hit me up for his bill. I have been sailing along for a month and not paying him so it was a big bill. He does so much for me. I called him in a hurry yesterday. They came to install my washer and dryer. The cold water fauscet wouldn't stop leaking. I had to have new fauscets for both of them and long water hoses. The space for the washer and dryer is just a small closet. When you hook up the mchine there is no room to get out from behind it. I is really tricky to get it hooked up and have the room to get out too.

I don't have any wall space no place to hang my paintings. I may have to hang some up above the bookcases, with the ceiling so high I may have to get use to seeeing my paintings at sky level instead of eye level.

I am hoping to finish up this weekend. My lease doesn't end until the 31st but I can't wait to see the end of the parking problems.

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