Friday, May 22, 2009

More Grief

Son-in-law planing to come to spread Penni's ashes this summer. This has brought every thing back with a new grief. I have to stop reliving the last few days of her life. David is planning a memorial bench in her honor. He had the Bible verse for the bench mixed up but we got that straightened out. I am anxious to see everybody.

Only one more week for Bible study I am going to miss to the group and our discussions. Every Thursday night for a year. The couple that have been leading the study are struggling their daughter has cancer. She is confined to a hospital for a month. Her name is Randi please pray for her and the family.

I am scheduled for that dreaded rear end scope test next week. Melissa is staying with me I am on a diet of liquid for two days before the test.

Not a lot new in my life.

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