Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mothers Day May 1963

All of the advertisements for Mother Day have reminded me of the Albuquerque Journal's Mothers Day advertisements of 1963. Hubby was thinking of taking a job with Gates Rubber Company that would involve us moving to Albuquerque. We purchased a Sunday paper of the Albuquerque Journal to investigate the housing and general feel of the city. We pursued the paper thoughly and really liked what we saw. Needless to say we moved that summer to Albuquerque. Both of the boys were in grade school. We made them learn to spell Albuquerque before we allowed them to move here ( not that we would have left them behind.)

I have been recouping from a spell Sunday. After I came home from early church services about 10:00 I was reading the Sunday papers. I passed out and came to so dizzy and nauseated that I could not sit up or get to the phone. I finally stretched far enough to reach the phone and called my son's house. Only Eddie was home he came over and stayed with me until the rest of the family arrived. My son insisted on the Urgent Care after a EKG and blood tests they couldn't find any thing wrong. So I spent the rest of Sunday and Monday morning with Melissa at my side. I had a Monday morning appointment already with my heart doctor. He looked over the tests and said it wasn't my heart or a stroke . His verdict was a possible vertigo attack, he has ordered some tests for Monday. Melissa stayed with me until last night. I haven't had any other symptoms.

I feel fine now.

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