Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Survived the dreaded Day

Yes, I survived the dreaded day. Doctor said everything looked clear and I didn't need another test for 5 years. Then when she found out how old I was she changed that to I never would need another test. Now I am wondering did she think I wouldn't live another 5 years. I hate it when they talk to you when you are half asleep. I will wonder until I see my other doc tomorrow just what she meant. Maybe I should call and ask what she was referring to. Surely she wasn't predicting how long I would live.

Melissa is over helping me to cook dinner for my Bible study group. Tomorrow is our last night and I volunteered to bring dinner. I am the only one not working. I am just doing a green chili chicken enchilada casserole. Melissa baked a cake and tomorrow I will do the guacamole dip.

I am glad the Bible study is over every Thursday night for about nine months has been a long time. I will miss the people in the group though it has been good getting to know time.

Nothing exciting.

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