Monday, July 06, 2009

Great Grans

With two new great grans this year and another expected. My descendants are increasing.

I have had the privilege of the oldest one Richie of staying with me. His grandparents house is overflowing with people and the new baby. Richie has been sleeping at my house. He spends the day with his grandparents and his Dad.

His latest job is giving the plants a drink. With the sun and heat we have had, my few pots are suffering in fact some of them have died. Last night Shari was over while we were giving the plants a drink so so. Richie decided it was hot enough for a water fight. We all got soaked his shoes are still not dry. He had so much fun.

Will keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

its nice to know you are getting along well. I do have a question however. do you still want that drawing that I had offered you but you were too busy or something to really pay attention to what I was saying. if you do I can swing by sometime during the weekend and drop it off. if you still want it just tell me in a response to this and I will be by

grandma1 said...

I am confused but would love to see the drawing.

Anonymous said...

it is the native american drawing you wanted me to do. and this is Alex I am just keeping up on my promise that I made just tell me if you want it

grandma1 said...

Yes Alex I would like it call me.