Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Now I need to RANT

I set up a nice afternoon, evening, all night and half of the next day at my favorite B and B www. for my investment club. Everything went pretty well in spite of a few members whose hubby's couldn't stay off the phone. Once to tell them when we arrived and when we were leaving was enough, but one guy was on the phone every hour today wanting us to come home. We had gone up in her van of course. So she decided to change the lunch menu and rush us out of the place she had her luggage loaded before we could finish our hurry up lunch. Then we went to Santa Fe and spent and hour looking for a Dollar Tree she had to go to.

All the first day she had to tell us verbatim about her cruise to Alaska she just took. Today all the conversation was about her planned trip to the miles long yard sale she was planning. I am beginning to think she doesn't have a thought in her head accept, what she has done or what she is going to do.

Never again, will I go on a trip with her or subject myself to more than the once a month club meeting in fact I am thinking about leaving that group.

When I left to go to Texas the conversation at the club use to be intelligent. This woman use to own a business has she become so self centered since she retired?

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P M Prescott said...

I'm sorry she spoiled your trip.