Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Richie was here for a whole month. Most of the time he slept at my house. It was strange to be woke up by his hitting me with the newspaper. He was always in a hurry to go to VBS or have breakfast. He really like the pastry popups I have been eating lately. He really enjoyed eating his breakfast out on the patio to watch the balloons. We become so use to seeing the balloon we forget to be in awe of them. Aunt Melissa watched the full moon come up with us. He wanted that experience every night. It was really great to see life through his eyes.

We worry about what his life is going to be after he goes back. We don't know what his family life will be like. He was very anxious to go back to see his stepdad and his little brother.

Richie wanted picture to take home with him. I took picture on my digital camera. I'm not a great photographer. Hubby took all the picture in the family. I down loaded them on the computer and printed them out on my printer. Richies stepmom helped me put a scrapbook together for him to take back.

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