Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 26, 1953

56 years ago I remember this day but I can't remember the 25th. Hubby and I had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night. Labor always starts at that time.

My second son was born this day 56 years ago. This child started the tradition of the name Milton for my father. My father was the last of his line, no one carried his name on. We now have the third generation of Milton's as there middle name. My newest greatgran is the fourth generation that I know of with the first name of William. Hubby would be thrilled at the expansion of our offspring.

They had a virus in breast feeding women in the base hospital. No one was suppose to nurse their babies. I complained loudly and said I would go home immediately if not allowed to breast feed. I had to stay in my room and Pat was brought to me. I got to leave early because I wouldn't back down.

My father and mother were there for the event. My father took my oldest son on his first fishing trip, while I was in the hospital. He was the only one to catch a fish that day.

We had graduated Bruce to a twin bed so that the baby could have the crib. Bruce was use to sleeping in his own room. We put the crib in our room for the baby. Every morning when we woke up Bruce was under the crib asleep. Thank heavens it was summer in the south, he didn't get cold. We solved this problem by putting the crib and the baby in Bruce's room. He was perfectly happy to sleep in his bed after that.

I was the mother of two the summer I was 21. Hubby brought me the gardenia off of the bush under own bedroom window. I received my first gardenia when I was 9 and went to something with my parents. This was my second and last one, beautiful flowers but the scent is overwhelming. I am now the greatgran of 4 the summer I am 77.

I way off the subject of 56 years ago but I do remember alot of that summer.

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