Friday, August 21, 2009

End of Life Counseling

How great it would have been if a doctor had provided this information. After hearing about a Living Will at a Senior Center. I spent about $200. getting the information from a senior attorney. While in Texas I tried to get the same information about Texas laws. I was told the going rate was $2,000.

Hubby and I did our Living Wills in 1996 that is when they were notarized. Mother had one and it worked very well, her hos pics left a lot to be desired. Hubby had a young oriental female doctor in Baylor. When she talked to Penni and I about his cancer. She explained our two options letting the cancer take control. We could have hospice and his pain would be controlled. The other option was chemo, Penni had just finished another round of chemo. She didn't want her father to have to go through that. The chemo would extend his life about 2 months. We oped for hospice and found a great one. Pat spent the 6 weeks with me while hubby was on hospice and Penni was close by and spent as much time as her cancer would allow her.

Penni went down hill after her father died. She never went back to work. She oped for palliative care which was great. Her hubby being a paramedic and her mother-in-law a nurse she had great care. She lived almost a year in palliative care in which Dallas Morning News recorded the time. We had a photographer which became part of the family. The Dallas Morning news has a great series of articles about palliative care. Other patients besides Penni. Penni was the corner stone and made the articles real and showed how palliative care can help in the last days.

I am in the process of up dating my Living Will and Will. I still feel the same way I did in 1996. I saw it work for hubby and for Penni. There are worse things in life than death.

I know Obama has taken the counseling out of the healthcare bill and I am disappointed. How much nicer for our doctor to explain the options like the doctor in Baylor did than to have to pay an attorney for the same information.

Teacher Union Retiree's group called and ask me to work for them to help get the healthcare bill passed. Because I am having surgery I couldn't but I agreed to volunteer. I have been volunteering 3 days a week 4 to 6 PM phone banking. I don't know if I am doing any good but I am trying. Most of the people I have talked to are in favor of the government option. Why is the media giving so much attention to the crazies at the townhall meetings. I am going to try to get into our townhall meeting Saturday.


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