Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reach Our and Touch

Reach out and touch was a slogan for a commercial. I couldn't help but feel that way when I got to talk to M today. She is almost all the way across the country. We had a good chat about her new home. Her room is blue but she would prefer pink. All her pretty white furniture looks good in her new bedroom. They took her piano the (one I sold piano's to buy.) I hope she learns to play it. They took Tigger but not Ginger, her cats. I hope they found a good home for Ginger. Grandma G took her dog and cat.

She is enrolled in school and has homework already. She has met some new friends, sounds like most of them are boys. She knows their names and their dogs name. She ask me about my dog and my fish . She named the fish and I had forgot his name. His name is Red. She thinks he needs company. I explained he would eat any other fish I put in there. He is a beta fighting fish.
When you receive a letter it is like getting a piece of that person, that you can hold. Hearing and carrying on a conversation is like seeing the person face to face. I know they have that ability today. I need to investigate the video cams that let you get on line. You can talk and see the person at the same time. I have a friend who has invested in one to talk to her grans.

I have to mention the fact that I have a new greatgran. His name is William Joseph. He is the 5th generation that I know of whose first name is William. We have 4 generations with the name Milton. I am thinking of a scrape book showing these generations in our family. I have a lot of projects lined up for the time I am laid up with surgery.


Belinda Odom said...

Hi, this is Belinda, Shannon's grandmother. Tell Michelle hello for us. I saw they had the house up for sale but didn't know where they were moving. I would like to let Shannon email Michelle if we could set something up. I hope they are doing okay.

grandma1 said...

I don't think Michelle has her own e-mail but David's e-mail is.

I think Michelle would like to hear from Shannon.