Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Beautiful Day

It took two weeks of planing to get everyone off for April 7. I borrowed my son's van to take a group of friends up to the bed and breakfast. Arrowsridge is about 10 to 15 miles north of Glorieta. The road which is private gets better each time I go. Joe works on it all the time, it bumpy but easily passable. The beautiful house made of adobies sits on the top of a little mesa and looks out over the valley to the north. Joe and Annie with help made all of the adobies and build this beautiful house doing all the electrical, plumbing and laying of tiles, plastering, decorating and creating this amazing house. Don Imus lives below Arrowridge you can see the tops of his house from the rim of the bluff. It is so still and quiet the birds flit from tree top to tree top with nothing to scare them off. We were met by the guard dog of the household his name is Piper and he loves a pet or two in his time. He has beautiful markings, the story goes he found his way to Arrowsridge and decided to stay. He is very protective of the Joe and Annie and their son Steven.

It was a gorgeous day 70 degrees with little wind. We were almost an hour late getting out of town but we were on our way with 5 instead of the 7 we planned on taking.

We arrived in time for lunch, tables were set with formal dinnerware awaiting our arrival. Annie is the most terrific chef. She had to shoo all of out of her kitchen to serve lunch. Lunch was carrot soup with crab on top. Salad greens with strawberries and nuts in a sweet salad dressing. Main course with grilled asparagus, chicken breast stuffed with a yummy filling, on a bed of pasta. Dessert was light coconut cake, lay ed with lemon curd, icing was real whipped cream.

Afternoon was spent in investing the house, walking around looking at the great scenery, and just talking with each and every person there.

We didn't start home until 7:00 so it was a long day but great good friends, good food, beautiful scenery. We need to plan more days like this one.

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