Thursday, April 30, 2009


I realized that the newest greatgran was named James William which could have been for his grandfather or his greatgrandfather. But I read closer my sons blog with pictures and realized that his name was James William Rex, which could leave no doubt that he was named for his greatgrandfather. My hubby would have been so thrilled to have a little one named for him. He missed just a few days from being born on his birthday.

All of the new babies have given me a new interest in the genealogy of the family. My friend Rich has helped me download a program and retrieve the information from a very old cCD of my nephews. It is a starting place anyway. I just need to enter hubby and my information and go from there. Number one son found a link to his grandfather on his fathers side. I still have the internet link but I haven't been able to find the link. I just need to keep trying.

It is wonderful to have the computer to keep all of this information for the future generations. They won't have to do the digging that this will require.

I am still trying to get someone to do my patio, so far the estimates are more than I can manage at this time. My friend Joe and family came for all the big rocks. It was two truck loads and one trailer. I just have a few more rocks and lots of weeds. I need two small trees removed (too close to the wall) and about 6 pamas grass. Melissa was over for a couple of days sleeping on the love seat and helping me pickup all the weeds and grass that had been pulled. I have 4 big bags full of the trash.

Melissa wanted to come back to live with me but I don't have the room, she really needs out of that house. I need to keep a closer eye on her and her problems.

Lots of political and social things this weekend.

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