Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I had a beautiful experience this morning. Our little Methodist Church uses a large building which is really a gym. One wall has small windows in the shape of a cross this is used as the front of the church. A lady of the church has made gorgeous hangings that are hung along the side in the front and in the front on either side of the window. The hangings today have a bunch of grapes, a sheaf of wheat, a cross and etc.

The sermon was on the open tomb. That moment became a frozen moment in time for the women who were there. We were ask to think of a frozen moment in time that we have had. When I close my eyes I see Penni the last time I saw her. I held her hand a little while right after she died. When I opened my eyes I looked up to try and keep from crying. In the little round window, above the windows that made up the cross, there a was beautiful gold butterfly.

As anyone that knows anything about my daughter they know she loved butterflies.

This may be just a one of those things but it lifted my spirits and made me know I shouldn't keep thinking of her as dead abut alive and tranformed like that butterfly.

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