Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Greatgran

Hurray, I did it I posted a picture Abigail was born Friday April 17, 7lbs 2 oz. 19 inches long.
That is two kids for E the rest of the grandkids are working hard at catching up with him. I have another greatgran due this month any day now, and another one due in July.

This little one has lots of dark blond hair and or course blue, blue eyes. All of the stuff animals I have given her are bigger than she is. I hear she is a good baby and sleeps a lot and is very quiet. I missed her when I took her teddy bear to her yesterday, I will have to try again today.
First little girl and if all the pictures are reliable the only girl in the three this year. I am glad she is here so I can spoil her. None of the grandgran will be close enough to spoil. After all that is what grans are for.

I was thinking about hubby today and how proud he would be that his family line is continuing. This little one carries his last name and one of the other ones due this year will carry his name as well. E's 6 year old carries his last name as well.

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