Sunday, April 26, 2009

Travel Section

Travel section of today's paper sparked so many memories I had to blog about them.
Taos Inn, hubby and I spent a much needed weekend there. Penni was about 18 months old. Aunt Mildred spent the weekend with the boys and Penni. We spent the weekend in Taos lovely meals in the restaurant and even a dip in the swimming pool.

Other places mentioned in this section La Fonda in Santa Fe, we had lunch there when the Penni and family were here last summer. The day was very warm and the National Cemetery took a lot out of all of us. The cool dinning room and a large round table served as a blessed re spit.

Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas was a favorite of hubby's as mine after all the kids were gone and we could spend a weekend at the Wild Flower Festival. The dinning room had terrific food.

Cimarron was mentioned. Hubby and I and Penni, borrowed a friends travel trailer and spent a weekend camped in the cannon in Cimarron. Penni and I went to find a bush to us as a outdoor potty and got scarred by a snake.

The travel section had me in tears this morning so many memories.

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