Monday, May 30, 2005

May 30,2005

One more trip to Oklahoma going up to Altus to see grandson and family. I can't believe we have a great grandson. I hope he still looks like his father and grandfather. I finally have found out how to take pictures on the digital camera and how to print them out of the camera. I still haven't found out how to e-mail them. If I can just center the picture we will have some good pictures from the trip and wedding. P should get results of her ct scan on Wednesday we really need to know. Both daughter-in-laws with health problems and my youngest too. I'm so afraid that P will need more chemo the last was so hard on her. Michelle gets so upset not knowing what is going on.

Well I tried on the dresses for the wedding I'm going to need a really good bra and they will look alright, but I really need heels. So I bought some I hope I can stand to wear them for 2 days. I don't think I've worn any since P was married, I got rid of all of them when we moved.

My resolve to get the barn cleaned out has been slow. I'm repacked and moved 10 small boxes but there is still so much left.

I may have to give hubby more relaxing meds before we try to drive to Okla. I may have help driving back. I'm anxious for P and family to come for a few days. Three trips to Okla. in 6 weeks is a lot

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

May 25, 2005

P blood work wasn't good so she has to have more tests on Friday no results until following Wednesday. It is so hard to just sit and wait for things to play out, moving is just been put on hold again. Had a nice chat with Dena last night, she is anxious for us to visit in orgeon. Part of the reservations made in oklahoma still waiting on the rest, at least decisions on who, what, and where have been decided. Weather has finally cooled off a little or else the new thermostate is working. Heaven forbid that I am adjusting to this humidity. New Wal-mart in Forney is great, hey how can I say that about a Wal-mart, but at least I can find what I want. Travel news in Dallas was terrible yesterday . So glad the kids in daycare in Dallas were not hurt any worse it could have been horrible.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

May 24, 2005

P had her dr appontment yesterday but they didn't have her blood work so we don't know anything. They are supose to call her today. So much depends onthe results. Need some time lines so I can make reservations and what to do amout moving. Dallas Morning News had a report of a death of a woman who had breast cancer and her husband lost his job and she couldn't get all the chemo she needed. Bruce is right our health system is in the toilet. Too bad they destroyed Hillary because she was woman with brains.

Friday, May 20, 2005

May 20, 2005

P and D just came after Michelle, she is fun but takes a lot out of me. It's so hard to get her to go to bed. We have her again tomorrow but just for the day. The himidity is so bad I have to keep the airconditioner on all the time. We seem to be settling in pretty good but NM looks better every day. It depends on how P is doing with her next dr. appointment. Read an article about Ray at WS Pharmacy in the Alb. Journal. How I miss him, you can't get any information here. Hubby seems to be doing fine, still having trouble getting our medication out of Albuquerque. It seems to be the mail system east of Dallas and NM was suppose to be the land of manyona ? Never had to spell that one before. Our kitty hides every time Michelle is here but I understand the two years old where she was before liked to chase her. We took lots of pictures on the digital in Okla. Now i just need to see if I canget them on the computer to send to everyone. I may be getting too old for all the new technology.

Monday, May 16, 2005

May 16,2005

Good trip to Oklahoma long but good. Stayed at Kathy's unusal house. Nice to slep i n a second story bedroom. trees with leaves outsid the window. I'm afraid the wedding will produce some undesirable complications. Not so sure a motel doesn't sound better all the time. There will be 11 of us to add to B house that is a lot during a wedding. C graduation was great so pleased with her dedication and accomplishments. Concerned about the military life in the future that she is not the lease prepared for. I quess we all have to learn and the younger the better. P and D are going to arkansas before the wedding so I quess we will drive up again by ourselves. We have finally found a way that is a little longer but so much less congestion. Of course the program on dateline last night didn't help any. A lot of the travel is a two way highway but maybe day time and not so many big trucks helps. Bruces blog is going great time if you haven't been on it visit it and way in on the issues.

Dena called while we were gone and I talked to her a long time. She is encouraging us to see Oregon as a possible home. We might check the airfare and see about a trip this summer.

I now have a subscription to the Alb. Journal that is helpful and I can keep up with the Obits.

So anxious to see everyone at the Wedding.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

May 11, 2005

Another trip to Oklahoma but I drive both ways this time. I am trusting that the medication Hubby is on will keep him calm in all the traffic. We can't be held captive in Terrell. I saw some small older motor homes on our way through Farmsville on the way home. I am so tempted to try that again. I just haven't got the travel bug out of my system. Hubby keeps asking about that kind of travel he isn't ready to let it go either. I quess this small trip will let me know if it is possible. I have a doctor appoinment they have to give us something else besides Bextra. Most doctors just want you to take Tynole where oh where is Dr. Calson when we need him. Maybe a trip back to NM is in order.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Good trip to OKLAHOMA good to see and talk with other members of the family. It just took us a couple of days to recover. Going back again in two weeks and then again in another two weeks. Lots of road travel for us old folks. Weather has been cool and not to humid. Thinking about returning to NM this summer. I have to see how I adjust to the humiditity.

Another trip to the dentist today we can't seem to get all the dental work done. We are just making the dentist rich. Not bad for someone who was suppose to have dentures at 18. They just keeping working on my own.

Hubby just loses more memory every day, or is the hearing loss. He didn't take part in any thing in Okla. He was just content to be there and be with every one.

P informed me that D's mother was coming back and moving in, in october. She caused so much trouble the last time she was here. Why is P letting here come back. She says it is because K and T won't allow her to live near them. Another reason for going back to NM. If we could just find a place to live in NM similar to this one. I'm not sure they have anything like this.