Tuesday, June 28, 2005

June 28, 2005

P had her chemo on Friday she was very tired but seems to have gotten over it fairly well. She went to work on Sunday. She is scheduled again on next Friday for chemo.

The boys and wives arrive on Saturday . B and wife will stay with P. We will pickup P and L and they will stay with us. It will seem strange to only have Michelle of all the grandkids.

I understand E and Steven have been together in Albuquerque. I think that is great I know Steven can help E.

We have been looking for a new place to live in Canton. By accident as usual we found a modual home community built around a lake. They will have one available in August so we just have to give our 30 days notice here and buy the buyout fee to move. I dread moving again but a 3 bedroom 2 bath overlooking the lake is too much to pass up. It doesn't have a dishwasher that will be an adjustment. The more room and view will be well worth it. I just need to locate some help in moving.

I know P wants to sell her house as soon as possible but I hope we aren't both moving at the same time. Michelle is very confused with all the talk of moving and we have to keep telling her about what is happening all the time.

We are having trouble with doctors again I need to get us established with Primary and Arthistis doctors may be in Athens or in Kaufman.

I have been reading lots of blogs and inputting some but it can be very time consuming. I am now reading 3 newspapers , Terrel news very small. Dallas Morning News and Albuquerque Journal on line. It is surpriseing the things in Albuquerque Journal that never make the Dallas paper. Albuquerque keeps me up the the engery bill and you never see it mentioned in Dallas. Our course I still keep up with the politics in Albuquerque, I can't see much in Dallas Politics.
I hope Marty gets in again and Cadigan but Miquel really needs to go. See P you should get in politics and that would be a good place for you. I think B is looking at a local run. I think you both should go for it.

Hubby is doing fine, his blood sugar gets high at times but other than that he seems to be doing OK. We drove a lot on Sunday and he did OK in the car. When we were looking for a place in Canton we just drove down a little farm road it was such a pretty drive but nothing with a for rent sign. When we got back to Canton here is a big permante sign advertising this modual home community. The managers have a poodle that looks so much like mimi in the face he has longer legs and more color but he is as sweet as mimi. We are looking foreward to getting moved and settled th.is place gets worse by the day

Monday, June 20, 2005

June 20, 2005

Well D day has arrived P saw the doctor today. He can now feel the tumor, by looking at cat scan a lymph gland maybe involved. She started chemo again on Friday. They will be giving her Taxol(?) but small dose once a week. It maynot make her as sick as the one did before. But she will loose her hair and have trouble with the feeling in her fingers. I can't get any information on breaking my lease, I seem to be at the mercy of the owners of the complex. The lease says I am responable for 85% of the rent until the lease expires, or until the apartment is rented.

Yesterday was Father's day we had a good day. I had bought hubby a massage mat that he is really enjoying. We went to P for a late lunch, very good P And D had picked some blueberries, boy they were good on some vanilla and strawberry icecream. We came back here and went swimming from 7:30 until 9:00 water was great. The time to go swimming is after dark or just before dark no sunburn and few people in the pool.

You need to check out Rita Rudders website on ovarian cancer. She died of ovarian cancer, it is so scary that it is hard to read it.

D finally straightened out my computer. Iquess the SBC DSL disk put all kinds of crazy things on my computer. I won't be downloading anything else from them, what a mess.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

June 16,2005

Another hot day in Texas, yesterday they said stay inside because of the air quality. Today it's the heat 99 degrees? We feel like prisoners in this small apartment. I can at least spend time on the internet, but hubby has sleeping, reading or TV. I can't help searching for ovarian cancer and reading but it scares me to death. Unfortunately P has been doing the same thing and she is scared too. I just don't know how to help her, all I can do is be here. D has gall bladder problems, they should have found it years ago in NM. Surgery will be in the future we just don't know when. Now P thinks she had the cancer years ago in NM. How do you sue a third world medical system, all the good doctors have left that state. I'm torn between moving to get into a bigger place and staying here for the pool. It would be so easy to stay put and not have to move, but can we survive this place. How did Paul ever find the place that he could say he was content with whatever place he was in. Tommow we have Michelle again, she needs to go school because spiderman is going to be there. I'm not sure what we will do all day there its too hot to work in the barn. Maybe we should look at finding a movie, a long time ago we use to spend very hot days at the movies. It may be time to do that again.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

June 14, 2005

M really likes the swimming pool. She wants to stay down here all the time so she can swim.
P is trying to wait out the time to find out what is next. I really don't know how to help her or what to say to her.

We had a resident meeting yesterday. I couldn't believe that the things going on in the second phase are at the same location. The first phase is so quiet and non eventful that it doesn't seem the same location.

Family in albuquerque has been so out of touch that I wonder what is going on. It may mean a telephone call.

The weather has been bad in Oklahoma but everyone there seems ok or at least was the last time I talked to B.

Nothing going on here just hot outside so we are in watching TV. We need to go swimming again tonight.

Friday, June 10, 2005

June 10, 2005

Yesterday was a very good birthday hubby was more withit than most days lately. We had a Birthday party for the all June Bi rthdays as the apartment complex, and I was the youngest. We went shopping in Mesquite and believe it or not they don't make telephones with ditigal clocks that you can read at night. We had a conversation the first one in a long time. Hubby is as unhappy with our apartment as I am. We may try to find something to rent in Canton. We won't have the swimming pool and some of the activities but we are doing much of them anyway.

Hubby wanted a new swimming suit and the one he picked out may keep us awake at night. So we went swimming at 9:00pm last night, pool was great but not deep enough to really swim in.
The hot tub was even better, maybe hubby won't be so reluctant from now on.

Need to go grocery shopping mother hubbards cubboard is bare. Shopping is such a drag it takes all day and the lugging out of the store and into the car and into the house gets more tiring every time.

I don't need to continue trying to fit everything in this impossible apartment if we are going to move. That will be a job but maybe I can hire some help.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

June 8, 2005

One thing about a 5 hour trip with someone that can't 'hear you and doesn't want the radio on.
Lots of time to think, while you are dodging all the 18 wheelers and the road construction. Why are they repairing and re-doing all the major highways in the country. Duh!!! all these big trucks with 2 trailers are tearing up the highways yes they pay lots of taxes to be able to drive on the highways. But, is it really cost effective to keep having to repair the roadways over and over again yes it does keep the road crew employed. Why aren't we using other means of transporting goods across country. Weren't the railroad suppose to do that we have let all the railroads deteriorate. The railroads use to employ a lot of people too. When I was a kid and all the way through my generation I knew a lot of people that worked on railroads do you know anyone now that does. Yes a friend of mines sisters husband has recently retired from the railroad. How many accidents have been caused by the big rigs, most of us hate to drive on the major highways where we have to fight with them to just drive down the road. The price of gas today can't make them cost effective. This picture seems to make as much sense as watering grass to make it grow and then complaining about having to mow it.

Monday, June 06, 2005

June 6, 2005

Home safe from Oklahoma long trip but what a great trip, exhausting. We may be too old for this whirlwind trip. Including a torrando warning , will I ever get use to them. After the little one we had in Albuquerque many years ago, the destruction was so great.

It was so great to have all of my kids their spouses together. All of the grandkids were their with the exception of Steven. E and Richie also were there, the breakup of his marriage has been too long in developing, but no one can say that E didn't try. Now all that is left is the legal mess and trying to put his life back together after a 5 year detour. Maybe Steven can be a big help to E in getting his self esteem back. Poor Richie is just confused and unsettled of all of the changes.

P it looks like will have to have more chemo this is so distrubing. Just one day at a time we have to pray for the complete remission.

No more travel for a long time the hauling around of the luggage is just too much. Hubby was very content while we were driving. He is just too out of it which he was pretty much the whole trip or he is feeling that bad. Everything even moving seems too much of an effort to him. I quess another round of trips to the doc's are in the future. We need to get that all done before the boys come in July.