Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sunday School Class up in Arms

Well, I wasn't the only one that was upset about that SS lesson. The class exploded about the lesson but the teacher wouldn't let us discuss it. He proceeded with what was suppose to be the lesson but it had nothing to do with what was in the lesson book. So I am really confused about this class. One of the ladies that I had made friends with from the retired teachers group is in that class. She was most vocale about not liking the lesson, I made copies of all of your wonderful responses and gave them to her.

The responses I got were wonderful 7 of them right away. I think son P was most understandable. Anyway I am not upset about the lesson or the class any more.

I was invited to the ladies missionary circle that met yesterday, nice group of ladies. They were asking for people to give devotionals. I volunteered I am going to do a review of P book in March. With the review that is on line and having read the book I hope they will want to have a copy.

Well, today is the make or break day for Melissa, today is the last time she can take this TAK test and past the writting portion. If she doesn't pass this test she can't graduate and all this year is in vain. I am a lot more worried than she is, I so want to her get her act together and make something of herself. P and I have really wondered where we missed her pleas for help when she was little. We look back now an see so many of them and we didn't do anything about them. She has another appointment with her counselor tonight. Our routine for the morning is not going well. I am trying to make her aware of the cost of food and drink. I am making her do menus and a shopping list and keep track of how much things cost. She is so wastful with food and drink. She has been doing better this week.

Saturday we played hooky and went to Mesquite to the shopping mall Melissa had not been there yet. Michelle and her other grandma went with us. We had a lovely lunch at Saltgrass.
Michelle didn't feel good all day she ran a fever Sunday and D took her to doc yesterday. She has the flu, I hope the rest of us don't get it. We all had flu shots including Michelle but that doesn't seem to be the strain of flu everyone is coming down with.

P has chemo on Wednesday and I am taking her. I have a doc appointment with a new doc on Thursday. Friday P and I want to go to Dallas to see B and hear him speak at the Mainstream Convocation. Weather is suppose to be about 70 degrees all week, I hope so I'm tried of the cold and wind.

They made me upgrade to google today, I have been trying to avoid it as everybody else has had trouble with people being able to post. I hope somebody posts so I can see if it is going to work.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Theological Question

Well, we did it yesterday we officially became Methodist. The first Sunday School class we sat through has me asking many, many questions. I am in hopes someone out there in blogging land has some answers.

Lesson: Life After Death

Resurrection is not immortality. Immortality is the Greek belief closely tied to the notion that human beings consist of immortal spirits temporarily housed in physical bodies. According to this view after death our phyical bodies decompose and are no more. Our spirits, however, which are undying, are set free to return to heaven. It holds that what is most real about us spirit does not die; rather, at death of our body, our spirit is simply released to resume the existence it had prior to be joined to our body.

The Christian faith rejects completely the notion of immortality. For starters, it teaches that when we die, all our consitutents parts die; not just our body but also our spirit and even our soul. We truly, entirely cease to be. Second and that is what makes belief in resurrection so breathtaking exciting. God's love incarnate in Christ will not allow us to lie silent in the grave. In the end not even the death of all our consitutent parts can not separate us from the love of God. The Christian faith is confident that when we are resurrected, all our constituent parts will be resurrectd: not just our spirit and soul but also our body.

OK that would lead me to belief that when I die every thing ceases to exist and I must lie silent in the grave until the last days when my body is resurrected. What happens to the fact that Jesus said to the thief on the the cross " today you will be with me in paradise". No I don't belief that all my family that is dead is looking down on me and watching every move I make. The bible also states no tears in heaven, some of the things we all do would cause our past love ones to cry.

Hey, this is a heck of a time in my life to be struggling with this issue. Can someone clear this up for me. This idea they are saying is the christian belief sounds more jewish to me. I understood they do not believe in an after life.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Surpriseing Week

This has been the week for flowers. Hubby brought me peach colored roses while I was in the hospital. Can you believe he remembers I like orange or peach colored roses. My friend I made at the Methodist Church brought me a big vase of white lillies and white roses, last Sunday. My door bell rang this afternoon and a fellow resident brought me three orange roses. We have chatted several times outside with the dogs. She said I had been on her mind lately and brought me roses.

I found a green rubber frog at the grocery store today. Remembering how much my Harry use to love his frog I bought it for Sadie. The frog squeaks and Sadie loves it, I thought she would tear it up in the first 10 minutes. She carries it so easy it doesn't even have teeth marks. She does make it squeak all the time. Sadie brings me the frog to throw for her and she runs and brings it back. She is getting lots of exercise and keeps me busy throwing it for her.

First Monday weekend, Melissa and I are going to spend the day tomorrow. I missed the one last month.

We have started using the fire place all the wood is wet so its hard to get it started. Melissa and stored the wood at the bottom of the back stairs. It is quiet a chore to walk it up and down the back stairs to bring the wood in. Hubby is having fun keeping the fire going. The house smells like smoke but until the weather clears up it is pleasant to have a little fire in the living room.