Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 26, 1953

56 years ago I remember this day but I can't remember the 25th. Hubby and I had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night. Labor always starts at that time.

My second son was born this day 56 years ago. This child started the tradition of the name Milton for my father. My father was the last of his line, no one carried his name on. We now have the third generation of Milton's as there middle name. My newest greatgran is the fourth generation that I know of with the first name of William. Hubby would be thrilled at the expansion of our offspring.

They had a virus in breast feeding women in the base hospital. No one was suppose to nurse their babies. I complained loudly and said I would go home immediately if not allowed to breast feed. I had to stay in my room and Pat was brought to me. I got to leave early because I wouldn't back down.

My father and mother were there for the event. My father took my oldest son on his first fishing trip, while I was in the hospital. He was the only one to catch a fish that day.

We had graduated Bruce to a twin bed so that the baby could have the crib. Bruce was use to sleeping in his own room. We put the crib in our room for the baby. Every morning when we woke up Bruce was under the crib asleep. Thank heavens it was summer in the south, he didn't get cold. We solved this problem by putting the crib and the baby in Bruce's room. He was perfectly happy to sleep in his bed after that.

I was the mother of two the summer I was 21. Hubby brought me the gardenia off of the bush under own bedroom window. I received my first gardenia when I was 9 and went to something with my parents. This was my second and last one, beautiful flowers but the scent is overwhelming. I am now the greatgran of 4 the summer I am 77.

I way off the subject of 56 years ago but I do remember alot of that summer.

Friday, August 21, 2009

End of Life Counseling

How great it would have been if a doctor had provided this information. After hearing about a Living Will at a Senior Center. I spent about $200. getting the information from a senior attorney. While in Texas I tried to get the same information about Texas laws. I was told the going rate was $2,000.

Hubby and I did our Living Wills in 1996 that is when they were notarized. Mother had one and it worked very well, her hos pics left a lot to be desired. Hubby had a young oriental female doctor in Baylor. When she talked to Penni and I about his cancer. She explained our two options letting the cancer take control. We could have hospice and his pain would be controlled. The other option was chemo, Penni had just finished another round of chemo. She didn't want her father to have to go through that. The chemo would extend his life about 2 months. We oped for hospice and found a great one. Pat spent the 6 weeks with me while hubby was on hospice and Penni was close by and spent as much time as her cancer would allow her.

Penni went down hill after her father died. She never went back to work. She oped for palliative care which was great. Her hubby being a paramedic and her mother-in-law a nurse she had great care. She lived almost a year in palliative care in which Dallas Morning News recorded the time. We had a photographer which became part of the family. The Dallas Morning news has a great series of articles about palliative care. Other patients besides Penni. Penni was the corner stone and made the articles real and showed how palliative care can help in the last days.

I am in the process of up dating my Living Will and Will. I still feel the same way I did in 1996. I saw it work for hubby and for Penni. There are worse things in life than death.

I know Obama has taken the counseling out of the healthcare bill and I am disappointed. How much nicer for our doctor to explain the options like the doctor in Baylor did than to have to pay an attorney for the same information.

Teacher Union Retiree's group called and ask me to work for them to help get the healthcare bill passed. Because I am having surgery I couldn't but I agreed to volunteer. I have been volunteering 3 days a week 4 to 6 PM phone banking. I don't know if I am doing any good but I am trying. Most of the people I have talked to are in favor of the government option. Why is the media giving so much attention to the crazies at the townhall meetings. I am going to try to get into our townhall meeting Saturday.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reach Our and Touch

Reach out and touch was a slogan for a commercial. I couldn't help but feel that way when I got to talk to M today. She is almost all the way across the country. We had a good chat about her new home. Her room is blue but she would prefer pink. All her pretty white furniture looks good in her new bedroom. They took her piano the (one I sold piano's to buy.) I hope she learns to play it. They took Tigger but not Ginger, her cats. I hope they found a good home for Ginger. Grandma G took her dog and cat.

She is enrolled in school and has homework already. She has met some new friends, sounds like most of them are boys. She knows their names and their dogs name. She ask me about my dog and my fish . She named the fish and I had forgot his name. His name is Red. She thinks he needs company. I explained he would eat any other fish I put in there. He is a beta fighting fish.
When you receive a letter it is like getting a piece of that person, that you can hold. Hearing and carrying on a conversation is like seeing the person face to face. I know they have that ability today. I need to investigate the video cams that let you get on line. You can talk and see the person at the same time. I have a friend who has invested in one to talk to her grans.

I have to mention the fact that I have a new greatgran. His name is William Joseph. He is the 5th generation that I know of whose first name is William. We have 4 generations with the name Milton. I am thinking of a scrape book showing these generations in our family. I have a lot of projects lined up for the time I am laid up with surgery.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Former President Jimmy Carter

My trip to Oklahoma was fantastic the highlight, of course, was lunch with former President Jimmy Carter.

I flew to Oklahoma City Wednesday, Bruce picked me up at the airport. I had a relaxing time watching TV, exploring the hotel, and reading. I had a early night and spent Thursday morning with K at her hospital. She needed a ekg and I went with her. When we returned to the hotel Pat and family were just arriving. We got them settled and registered, attending the first session of Building Bridges of New Baptist Covenant. We ate dinner at a local Sonic. Tried to go the evening session the music was loud drums and guitars. That wouldn't have been so bad but the sound system was so loud that my head was throbbing with a headache and that turned to nausea. The speakers were great and I really missed hearing some of them. I had to retire to my room with more pain pills.

Friday morning started off with breakfast with Texas Baptist Committed and Mainstream Baptists. Great speakers. Morning session was on race relations a terrific video followed by a panel discussion which was exultant. I started back to the room to change clothes for the luncheon. I was met in the hall by several men in suits that wasn't unusual but the dog was. No one looked blind so why the dog. Finally it dawn on me that it was the secret service checking out the hotel. Lunch was great, I sat at a table with the Indian American Baptist preachers and spouses of Oklahoma. What a great discussion with them. I learned so much about a woman preacher not only struggling with the prejudice of Baptist but also Kiowa's against woman in that role. They were all great fans of Tony Hillerman so we had a lot in common.

When President Carter entered the room he had to shake hands with every one. When I told him my name his responds was "that's a famous name". He had been in correspondence with Bruce about the meeting for months, so of course he was familiar with the name. (Hubby would had been trilled.) After lunch and his speaking we all had our picture taken with him. Bruce is suppose to send it to me.

The afternoon meeting was terrific with President Carter speaking and the place was packed. I understand some people left after he spoke, but the rest of the program was great. We had dinner at a Arby's and returned for the last evening session. The St. John's Baptist Church's black choir was great there preacher, preached and that took me back to the days of Mt. Zion here in Albuquerque. After the meeting I spoke to the minister and he was a friend of our pastor at Mt Zion Rev. Dr. Frank Cates which is now deceased. I also meet some friends with the western CBF that hubby and use to attend regularly.

We managed to have breakfast with Bruce and K early Saturday morning before everybody had to rush off in all directions. We loaded up and left early and had a pleasant drive toward NM. The old windstar was loaded to the gills but purred down the highway like it was new.

We spend the night in Tumucari, I thought we were stopping to early but when I got out of the van I couldn't stand up. I was glad for the evening and night of just resting before we drove on in to Albuquerque. We stopped at a truck stop on the way and ran into our Lt Governor. I have known her for years, I didn't hesitate to chat with her a few minutes. She, her hubby and grandaughter had been to Tumucari. I did get a chance to introduce her to my grandaughter.

The early day home was a treat to get settled and check up on the e-mails, phone calls and mail.
Now I have to get serious about getting ready for this surgery.