Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Just trying to straighten out the house, put everything away. I still am moving things around sence we moved. I spent all of yesterday re-doing the kitchen. Today I worked on the rest of the house. Still need to clean and buy groceries. Number one son and wife won't be here. Number one for just a day or two to see number two son. We are looking foreward to First Monday, Joe's Crab shack and just visiting with number two, spouse and daughter.

Sadie is still being a pill, I understand this bred doesn't ever mellow out. P says she wants a hound dog that lies on the porch and sleeps. I wonder where I find one that is actually flesh and blood.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Bad Week glad it is over

Monday the trip to tyler was a bust. Tuesday we went to Dallas with P and Michelle for P to have medical test. We spent all day sitting in a Balor waiting room. I was so tried when we got home that I went to sleep about 7:30 and didn't wakeup until 12:30. Wednesday went to tyler with G and couldn't find a screen door, I have to try a mobile home supply store. We got home about 3:00 pm hubby had been without AC for three hours. The electric company had cut off our electricity. The electric company all of a sudden started sending the bill to the non existant street address. The post office was just stuffing them in an empty mailbox that no one has ever received mail in. After two hours on the telephone and the complex manager interfering for me they finally turned it on again about 7:30. We didn't have to sleep at P house with 95 degree heat you can't stay in the house without AC. The customer service guy at the electric company was so snotting, if I don't receive a bill just the time I think I should, I should call and see why I haven't received one. After all it is my reponsibility to see that the eletric company bills me at the correct address. We now know why electric and phone companies should be regulated. Both of the boys and spouse maybe here over 4th of July. NM son will be here with spouse and daughter. I can't wait.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Monday was a bust

We too all the troops to tyler on Moday hubby, Michelle, GrandmaG and me. The dental visit turned out to be a consult? I thought they were going to do the work. They put it off until July 12th. Took P to Dallas for tests yesterday, Michelle was going too. I am glad hubby and I went along to keep Michelle company in the waiting room. The tests took most of the day. Went to weight watcher last night I still keep going up and down about a pound and a half. I have to be real good until P and L get here. I don't need to go backwards. Trip to tyler again today need to pick up a screen door for P to put up while he is here.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Another Week

We are starting another week. We have to go to tyler today I am having oral surgery. I'm not looking foreward to that. P is working today so G and Michelle are going with hubby and me. I'm afraid that I won't be able to drive back. P and L are planing on coming the end of the month. I'm really glad they are coming we haven't seen them in a year. I'm glad that G agreed to go to Tyler with me today. I think I have finally discovered what my tummy upset has been. It has happened a few days after I have to take my pre med for dential work. I quess I just have to keep lots of stuff around to counteract the effects.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Update on Hubby

Friday we made a early trip to dallas to ALZ doc. I knew hubby's memory was going but I didn't realize just how bad it was. First hubby couldn't remember who we took cruises with, and who we were going to Okla to see. But when the doctor starting asking him questions he didn't know what the date was on Friday. Then hubby couldn't remember that it was my birthday. Hubby couldn't remember how many years he was in the Marines. Hubby couldn't remember what city we got married in almost 56 years ago. Hubby told the doc some crazy story about why he got out of the Marines. Yes, I was in the hospital when I was expecting B and I didn't have very good care but that was 5 years before he got out of the service. He did get early release to go the California Baptist College in Riverside, California. When we were driving into Dallas he told me that he liked the pink leaves on the trees. He was talking about flowering bushes. Hubby couldn't tell the doc whose birthday it was in Okla. that we went to, he kept telling him it was Jean's. We hadn't seen Jean in a year before we left Alb. and she has died sence then. He never realized who Jane was even after spending and hour and a half with her just two weeks ago. I never realized that he didn't know who we had gone to Okla. to see. Jean and I always thought we would wind up living with each other some day. I promised hubby I wouldn't put him in a nursing home until he didn't know who I was, now I am wondering how long that will be. I use to have a plan for how that would work out now I don't have anything. I know I can't live where I am there won't be enough money.

We went to church this morning hubby snoozed off and on all thru the service. The pastor tried to say he wasn't taking sides in the politics of the church but he said he was unhappy about people trying to say there was no difference in the creation of the Bible and science. Then he spent the rest of the sermon saying that the Bible was correct in every word, the dead sea scrolls proved it. No errors in the Bible every word was inspired. All of this to tell the young people that the Da Vinci Code was untrue. He admitted to seeing the movie. I think I have darkend the door of that church for the last time. I may become a methodist, I will have to try them out.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Things you find in strange places

I read alot, most of it is books from a paper back book exchange. No not romances they bore me to death. I found a new author Karen Harper, mysteries, the latest one is Dark Harvest. A mystery written about a Amish community. I need to quote a couple of paragraphs. Someone had been harrassing the Amish community mainly there young people. The undercover cop that was looking into the problem is quoted as saying about a far right group.

"I'd say they've made patriotism their religion. They see enemies everywhere in what's going on in modern society." "The Amish see things wrong with the modern world, too, but we don't hoard weapons and play soldier. I quess most folks around try to ignore the Knights, except when they have their Fourth of July fireworks show.

I just spent a long weekend with my oldest son, looking into and reading about the theocracy government that some legislators are pushing these days. Now even fiction is picking up the religion of patriotism. Can't I be a proud American without it becoming part of my Christian beliefs?