Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tomorrow is the Day 30th of December

December 30, 1951, 54, December 30, 1980, 25, December 30, 1999,6. I thought all the birthdays would be in January becuase both my mothers and hubby's mothers birthday was January 13, but the pattern of December 30 won't go away. One of my boys was born on December 30, one of my grandsons was born on December 30 and one of my granddaugthers was born on December 30 I don't know anything about numberology but certainly someone knows if this means something.

We will only be with one of them on this birthday. I tried to get them all together one year on their birthdays but everyone is too far spread out. You have special relations with every child or grandchild but these three are very special in there own way.

Well, to bring you up to date on the on going story of the dogs. We had to give the last one up also. When they fixed her they caused damage to her throat and she needed some medical care. We looked at first monday today but they didn't have anything we could afford,not sure I am up to a puppy. Michelle wants a puppy. P was looking for a billy and she didn't find one either. There should be more animals tomorrow. We definately have to get hubby a scooter tomorrow it was too far for him to walk today.

They put my dishwasher in yesterday what a mess, would you believe they installed a used dishwasher. Water has been leaking under my sink all day they didn't know how to install it. They didn't know it needed an overflow which it doesn't have. The unit is stained where it has leaked a lot in the past, it stinks to high heaven. I am sorry I let them put it in. Oh well what can you expect when you rent.

Sorry, to complain.

Monday, December 26, 2005

The Day After

Christmas was quiet and peaceful. Went to P and opened gifts with Michelle. She put on a fashion show and tried on all of her new clothes for us to see. D got sick, when he said he was cold at breakfast I knew something was wrong. We had a large, large dinner and fell on the couch to watch Star Wars III. Sorry, hubby and I slept off and on through it. We divided all the food up and came home to watch TV and go to bed.

Today was quiet I stripped both beds and and washed everything. Michelle came over in the afternoon and we played with her. D came to pick up Michelle and we talked awhile.

Our new pup is doing pretty well. She has warmed up to me, I had to hold her and watch TV for awhile last night. Then she wanted to sleep with me. She smells terrible but with her stiches keep us from giving her a bath. We are still working on potty training to the deck. She doesn't like to be attached to a lease so it's not easy to take her out front.

Trouble in Alb., and I am so troubled at how to help in any way. I quess really there is not anything I can do. I am so worried about E and R. I am afraid that D is violate and the house is full of swords.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas 2003

I'm still thinking of Christmas's past. Two years ago we had our usual Christmas Eve with the family which left us free for Christmas Day.

We drove to Belen to spend Christmas Day with B and G and B's father Sam. B had fixed a great dinner and Hubby had a good time with G and Sam, they watched TV while B and I fixed dinner and cleaned up. B ex-husband and one of his friends came by after the kitchen was cleaned and B fed them. How many ex-wifes would still be friendly enough with their X's to feed them Christmas Dinner. This is truely an amazing relationship. It works well for them and certainly help their three kids and grandkids. We spent several years going to Belen for Christmas, Sam was an amazing man. He was a retired railroader with lots of interest in life and things around him. He has pasted away but we do miss the time we spent with him.

So many different times of Christmas's, each one of them to be remembered for something different. Last year it was just P, D, Hubby, Michelle and I, we had a very good Christmas and P was doing well on her chemo. We are looking foreward to Christmas this year with all of us again. The weather should be on the mild side, no snow but no rain just sunshine and warm breezes. P won't have any chemo until after the first of the year. Chemo is keeping her level without things progressing but it is not curing it either. That is very discouraging for all of us, we just have to keeping hoping and praying for a break through.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Past

I've been thinking about Christmas's past and one of ones that stands out was 68,or 69, or maybe 70. P was still pretty little. The movie "Paint your Wagon" was being released on Christmas Day. I got tickets for the whole family as our Christmas Day treat. We were all alone on Christmas that year no relatives around.

When I was a young married in my fathers music store had racks and racks of albums. One of the albums was "paint you wagon" with the original stage sound track. Now when Lerner and Lowe wrote that musical it didn't get rave reviews, in fact it was a great flop. The music was beautiful and I'll admit I had never heard of any of the artists that were singing on the record. I took one of the albums home and it played on the stero all the time. My kids grew up with that wonderful music. So I was really anxious to see the movie, yes I knew it had been re-writen but they had to keep all that beautiful music. Well the movie was funny and can you beleive they even had clint eastwood singing "I talk to the trees" such a great song to be mudered by him. "They call the wind Mariha" The kids loved the movie but I think we were all disappointed that a lot of the music was lost.

Now there is another movie coming out on Christmas I am anixous to see "The Producers" We are talking about doing a family Christmas movie once again.

I'm wondering if my kids the remember the movie? and the circumstances of seeing it? It has been on TV since then.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Quiet Weekend

we have had a very quiet weekend, neither of us have been feeling too well. Just on the computer and doing what has to be done. I think I have finally straightened out the checking accounts. It is hard to reconstruct 5 months of bank records. I need to try and make a copy of them so if something else happens I don't have to do this again.

Our first Christmas was spent in Barstow California. We had a funny skinny christmas tree without every many things on it. We had brought a puppy a cocker spaniel. Who later had to be put to sleep from heart worms. We named the puppy taffy. We didn't have him very long. We went to a dance at the highschool. One of hubbys friends was dating a high school girl so we went along. We were in sunday school a couples class that was really a highschool class. We didn't fit in anywhere else. Church was in a quanset hut?? they had wooden doors in the floor under the pulpit that was where the baptisal tank was. Hubby was baptizted there it was very cold when he was baptized. Here I am thinking about 55 years ago, P has me thinking about these things with his postings.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Little Things matter

It takes so little to make a 5 almost 6 year old happy. The little kids are wearing lacy string poncho's. The hight of fashion these days. I decided to crochet one for Michelle so she could be in fashion. I dug out some left over yarn and made up my own pattern. Nothing fancy, just a couple of rows of double crochet with about 20 rows of loops. I made the mistake of leaving it out when Michelle was hear and she saw it. So when I finished it I gave it to her. She wore it all afternoon and evening and thought she was really dressed up, she thought it was great.

Michelle and I wraped Christmas gifts yesterday. She even wrapped some herself. She is so great at making up her own games with anything. This time it was a deck of cards, she called the game frog. She would put down two number cards and you had to add them together to get the cards. This must be something like the plusing game they play at school. I can't believe this kindergartener can add these things together and get them right 95 percent of the time. The only thing I remember about kindergarten was the rythmn band. Surely we did other things too but I don't remember them.

We are spending Christmas here in Canton. We will miss having Christmas at my sons but P doesn't have the time off for us to go. We should have a good time at P's. with Michelle, two cats, 8 goats. Last Christmas was good so this one should be too.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I'm back

It only took 5 days for Frys to tell me to come and get a loaner. My lap top is on its way to California, I hope it enjoys the weather ours has been lousy. Frys gave me a brand new lap top off the shelf as a loaner. It has taken me another 3 days to get a copy of netzero so that I could get on line. Mine got lost in the move somewhere. The other things that are missing are the Christmas place mats and towels. Oh well with the move from Alb. to Canton, Canton to Terrell and back to Canton anything could happen.

Reading my sons blog about his father, I quess I need to update his health condition. The Alzhemiers doc says he has more frontal lob dementia. He has never acted like they say alzhemiers patients do. Sometimes he is as clear as a bell and then he can't remember what happened yesterday or this morning. The movie Notebook was a little too close to home. He is not that bad. Yesterday P went for chemo and they skipped this treatment so she could have a good Christmas. P was here to pick up Michelle and told us about it. This morning at breakfast we discussed that the cancer was not progressed but not going away either but she didn't have chemo yesterday. Tonight he ask me if P was having chemo today?

Update on Hootie: Hootie when back to CLAWS. When we left him alone to go to wally world he torn up a ventian blind. When the weather was 20 degrees and sleeting we took him to Tyler with us while I went to the doctor. Hubby had to stay in the car with him for about an hour. Saturday when we went to Frys for the loaner we left him on the deck. He had done fine on the deck before but this time he tore up the screen on the window to the dinning room. We will have to pay to have that fixed. There is no way we can leave him alone at all. I think I finally had him house broke but that was becoming a chore. We can't be tied to the house all the time so back he went. Michelle misses him but she understood how bad he had been. They promised to find us another dog.

Well, I did it again. Yesterday I put my pills and hubbys pills in little bathroom paper cups and put them on the table so we could take them with breakfast. I must have switched the cups and when I had taken about half of my cup I realized they were hubbys pills. I know I should have stuck my finger down my throat but I thought I had caught them in time. About an housr and a half later I was sitting on the couch working on quicken when I got so dizzy I almost past out. I made it to the bathroom in time for both ends to run and they did for about 3 hours. P had gone to Dallas to have chemo with D. I had to pick up Michelle and I knew I wouldn't be able to drive. I imposed on the manager of the village to take hubby to pick up Michelle. I had chills and sweats off and on for the rest of the day. It finally quite about 8:00 last night and I'm still weak today. I can't believe how sick those damn pills make me. But it has scared me if something happens that I can't be the caregiver I don't know what we will do.

So good to be back on line reading everybodys blog and talking with all of you.

Sunday night I had a weird dream about L. M was getting ready to go to kindergarten and the only one they had was at 3:30 in the afternoon. L and all of us were living in a library. Don't tell out senior in highschool I dreamed she was starting kindergarten. She thinks she is too grown up for that. I told you it was weird.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

computrer problems

Will try to get a post in before it blinks off again. I have to take it back to Frys next week.

Yes, we went to see the dog last wednesday. He is a manchester terrier. Yes, we took him home. Only problem I am having is we can't leave him alone in the house he torn up a ventian blind just while we were gone to wally world. I keep taking him out to go potty and he can't smell another dog so he won't go potty. He hold it as long as he can and then we have an accident in the house. I can't figure out what to do.

Took hubby to alz doctor on thursday. He is doing very well. His alz is progressing very slowly. he had more trouble with the memory test. The dog as been good for him. He is taking more of an interest, not sleeping so much.

Michelle is wild about him she tells me she can be in an dog show now, she knows how from watching the dog show on Thanksgiving. She has been practicing runing him all day today. The poor dog is sleeping peacefully now. By the way his name is Hootie.

We have had a Harvey, Harry and now a Hootie and we didn't name any of them.

i may be off for awhile.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Puppy Power

Michelle has been pestering me ever since Thanksgiving about a puppy. Every time I have her she wants to know if we are going to get the puppy. Thanksgiving Day we were watching the dog show on TV. I made the mistake of telling her that I would like to have a dog. That was a mistake, Michelle has been after me ever since.

I talked to the local animal shelter tonight and I quess tomorrow we can go look at a little terrier mix. Do I really don't know if I want a dog to take care of. I do miss having a dog and I do miss Harry. Hubby will certainly have someone to take for a walk.

Tomorrow is Jean's funeral I hate not being there, but I'm not sure I could make it through it.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Great Thanksgiving

Yesterday was a very good day. I was fortunate to have two of my children for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a peaceful, pleasant day, and I learned how to post pictures. Maybe I can get some more on in the future.

Today wasn't a day to go out anywhere so I decided to sew and spent the day making a poncho for Michelle.

Just as I finishing up I got a surprise call from Albuquerque my friend of 30 years just passed away. We have been out of touch for several years, her daughter thought I was a bad influence on her and didn't want us to keep in touch. I have felt bad about it a lot of the time but I couldn't fight both of her daughters.

Jean and I shared alot of our life. Getting kids though school. Getting kids married and having grandkids. Traveling in later years, our first cruise together. Jean could always make us laugh about something, she kept a lot of troubled times light. We always thought we would sometime live together. I knew she was living with alzheimers in the last few years, the same as I am living with alzheimers. Hubbys alzheimers doesn't act like what they discribe in all the books. Hubby is very quiet and sleepy most of the time. He was just happy to sit and watch every thing happen yesterday. I hated to have to tell him about Jean. Jean spent so much time traveling with us and living in the travel trailer. We have been so isolated here in east Texas that even old friends seem a great loss.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sunday, November 20, 2005

I did it!

I just discovered the way to delete the duplicate blog.

I've been interested in watching P with Michelle and how she is making memories for her. P and P my second and third children. Tell me about some of their memories of growing up at home. I don't spend enough time with my oldest for some of those to come up.

When we moved from Albuquerque to Texas we just stuffed things in boxes and moved some strange things. One of the things that I brought by design was an old wine bottle. Just a little one with rattan on the bottom and a string to hang it up. After our move to Albuquerque, we discovered a restuarant out in the canyon. Bella Vista it doesn't exist anymore their sucess was there down fall. The menu was a simple one fried fish, chicken, cold slaw, and french fries and all you can eat. This was a blessing for a family with two growing boys and it became a favorite place for us to go for a treat. One of the times there hubby and I shared this small bottle of wine. We took the bottle home and it became a fixture for the middle of the kitchen table. Every odd candle found its way to the bottle for the kids to light and play with the wax running down the sides. Some place along the way we aquired a bunch of cheap plastic grapes that was added to the neck of the bottle. I couldn't part with the bottle so it came to Texas with us, the grapes were pretty gross so they went. P wanted it so we added a newer set of grapes and again was on the kitchen table. The rattan on the bottle was in pretty sad shape so that went, but the tradition continues.

These little things makes being a grandma a happy time.

Dressing vs Stuffing

Sorry about the double post, may be when B gets here he can show me how to delete the first one.

Just watched a dumb program on TV about the difference between dressing and stuffing. I have never stuffed a turkey just cooked the dressing seperately. It takes less time to cook a turkey unstuffed. So I can't call what I make as stuffing just dressing. I am disappointed that none of my children seem to like cornbread dressing. Yes, I continue to make it. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving or Christmas without it. I must remember not to make too much this year because I have a tendency to eat it all myself. I must go on a diet as soon as Thanksgiving is over. I picked up a book at Goodwill by Suzane Sommers on food combining. I think we will try it. We will give it a months try if it doesn't work we will know it by then. Former President Clinton was on TV the other night saying we have to change the fast food industry into more healthy food. That sounds like a good idea to me. Michelle would be happy to eat at McDonalds every day. I've got to find something more healthy to feed her when she is over here.

Any way my whole bog is please don't let cornbread dressing die out in this family.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thanksgiving 1953

We were living at MEMQ P was about 3 months old, B was almost 2 years old.

Sargents in the Marine Corp. didn't earn that much money. Allotments came the first of the month not just before Thanksgiving. We had invited another couple to have Thanksgiving with us and of course I was buying and cooking for all of us.

My trip to the commissary was an adventure. We were stationed at Cherry Point, NC without a grocery store anywhere within 30 miles except the commissary. You know military invented the long lines everywhere all the time. I was standing in this long line with a 2 year old and a 3 month old baby. When it came time to get a turkey at the meat counter the little private behind the counter couldn't see me for looking at the Colonel behind me. The private picked up the first turkey he could get his hands on, wrapped it up and threw it at me. I bet the thing weighed 20 pounds and was going to cost me the entire amount of my funds for the whole dinner. I pushed the basket to the back of the store trying to figure out what I was going to do. I just happened to be in the frozen food section in 1953 there wasn't much in that section. I looked down and there was a frozen duck for about 1/3 of the amount of the turkey. A duck I had never tasted a duck much less cooked one. You can quess what I did the bad little sargents wife dumped the big old expensive turkey in the freezer and took the duck. That wasn't the end of the problems with that dinner. When I was making the dressing I didn't have any broth to use in the dressing as the duck was still cooking. I looked everywhere for something to use besides water (that wouldn't have any flavor). I had bought some canned orange juice to give to the baby. I added that to the dressing for the duck and I couldn't have planned it better the orange flavor just made the duck.

Now I am looking foreward to this Thanksgiving, B called tonight he is coming for Thanksgiving. The rest of the family is going to McKinney. I'm really excited about Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

D Birthday

What a beautiful day, a little cloudy this morning but then finally just lots of sunshine.

We drove to Dallas to the aquarium. We thought they had the cafe named the Rain Forest. We found a tex/mex cafe. We found a sandwich shop. Finally we found a pretty nice cafe. Food from lots of countries. Food was good and we had a nice lunch.

We spent the next two hours walking through this amazing place. Beautiful, beautiful landscaping for monkeys, birds, fish, turtles, bugs, and everything else. It was crowded but it was so nice. They had a Mayan exhibt including dancers in costume. A terrific big pretty cat you just wanted to pet him. I am sure you would lose a hand or arm if you tried. I don't think I have ever seen penquins that close before. Pretty tropical birds and folage.

D seemed to like the sign Michelle and I made it says their last name and what year they were married. P has chemo tomorrow, D is going to take her so hubby and I will pick Michelle up from school. I may try finishing Michelle's baby dolls for Christmas.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Advanced Age Sucks

I can't believe I can't sew anymore. I am looking at the drapes and bedspread in my bedroom that I made not too long ago. I have a perfectly matched jacket hanging in the closet that I made ages ago. I use to make formals, dinner jackets, sports jackets, most of my clothes and most of P's.

I cut out a cape for Michelle for Christmas out of costume fabric, lousy fabric raveled like crazy. My sewing machine gathered it while I was runing the seams but I thought I could press them out. Wrong they wouldn't press out I clipped them and tried to press them out that didn't work. While pressing them I managed to melt a iron space on the front panel. I have rolled it up and stuck it in a Walmart bag ( something Walmart if good for). I have cut out a pair of baby doll PJ's for Michelle. I will try once more today. If that doesn't work P will have to do all the sewing.

I printed pictures out of the digital camera yesterday. They are beautiful the pictures I took of the lake at sunset are great. If I could just figure out how to get them on to the blog. We also have pictures we took of the lake when we moved in. Pictures of C graduation and graduation party. I quess I will have to start making scrapbooks. Mayabe I can manage that.

Today is another Michelle day. While I was sewing Michelle played with all the notion in one of my sewing boxes. She had so much fun with ribbons, cords, bias tape and etc. All of my sewing stuff is in such a mess. I need to spend one day doing nothing but sorting. That might be a good project for Michelle and I after school today.

Seeing my mother sew on the old treadle sewing machine (that P has) all my life. I couldn't believe that I couldn't do the same. When I was PG with P in North Carolina, I needed summer baby clothes. B was a winter baby, clothes at the PX the only place within 25 miles to buy clothes was too expensive. I needed to sew some things and I needed maternity clothes. I had seen a Singer truck runing through the housing area MEMQ. So I mailed a letter to New Bern and ask them to send me a sewing machine to rent. The guy showed up alright but of course he sold me a sewing machine. A feather weight portable (that weights of ton). I think the total price was $150.00 a fortune to me at that time. I paid that thing off at $7.00 a month for ever. Quess what I am still using it. It has traveled as much as I have and made many an item slip covers for the old wooden living room set (every one remembers that). I made B shorts and shirts he wore in North Carolina when it was so hot. I bought him one shirt and one pair of pants at the PX for church. The shorts and shirts were nylon crinkle the latest fabric called wash and wear. They had to be I didn't have a washing machine until after P was born. When P was going into the second grade we were living on Hermosa. Do you remeber the lovely screen in porch. I put the machine on the porch and the TV set on Labor Day and watched the Jerry Lewis Telethon. I made her 3 outfits that day, pants and smake tops. She wore them to school all that year by then they were double knit. Michelle's things are all cotten, but P and I still have lots of double knit in our sewing stuff, lots of cordaroy. I need to find something to do with cordaroy at least they say that is coming back. Well enough of the tale of the sewing machine. P would that make a good story the many trials and travels of a well used sewing machine.

Friday, November 04, 2005


gals left today, it has been a fun 3 days but I am so tired.

Wednesday night we drove to Kaufman to meet them at the hotel. When the sun went down the sky was a pretty pink. After dark the bugs came out and hit my car like rain. Boy does it need to be washed now.

Thurday the gals came by the house for a tour of the new place. We went out to breakfast and on to First Monday. We walked outselves to death. Hubby went to the potty about 1:15 and he was suppose to meet us in the next building. When he came out of the potty he went the wrong direction and got lost. Billie and I looked for him for an hour and couldn't find him. I had to leave to go pick up Michelle from school. While I was gone he found the place where we left the car and of course it was gone. Michelle and I came back and looked for another 30 minutes before I found him just sitting on a bench waiting for me to find him.

Today the gals called and hubby and I met them again. P and D came for a few minutes to say hello. I spent all morning with them and was too tired to keep up. I had told hubby to meet me at the food court and he was OK in this building. I found him and we came home to rest the rest of the day. Billie called as they were leaving out of town. It was so good to see them and talk to someone again. But they have too much engery for me I couldn't keepup with them.

Tomorrow is a Michelle day so I had better restup.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

November 2, 2005

Well, the gals got here today, they look very tired from 2 days of travel. We met them at the motel they treated us to sandwiches out of there many ice chests. We didn't stay long they were very tired.

They are meeting us here tomorrow to go to first monday. It was good to see all of them. I'm just glad I wasn't traveling for two days.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


After looking for a month I have found a headboard for my bed. We went to every yard sale and garage sale I could find today . I found a headboard early but it was a double bed in lousy shape. Canton, Fruitvale, Grand Saline, and Van. After driving through Van we turned around expecting to drive back through Van have lunch and return home without a headboard. I past a ratty little building advertising used tires. I glanced as we went by they had some furniture too. It was a pain to turn around again and see if they had any thing I needed. I left hubby in the care I was so sure that it was a waste of time. An overweight young man laying on a couch ask me if he could help. It seemed too much of an effort to get up. I ask for a headboard a queen size one. He said he thought he had one. We went into a back room with about 25 bedframes leaning against a wall. He ask me to move so that he could toss about half of them down. That brought some guy a running. After I crawled back and peaked at the headboard I measured it somewhat it was big enough. I ask the guy how much when he said $l5.00 I was surprised. They dug it out for me and we finally got it into the trunk of the car. Holding down he trunk lid with a bunji cord. I drove all the way home at 40 miles an hour. It was a bear to carry into the house. Now I just need to get it cleaned up and attached. It is too dark and scratched but I think I can make it work.

I finally think I am getting the house together. I wonder why I have been so positive I had to get every thing together. This is a rented house and I am spending as much time as if it was mine. I don't know why it has just seems important. At least we are comfortable and maybe we can stay put for awhile.

Beautiful day today, I think they were eagles we were watching flying and soaring over the lake this morning. They were way too big for anything else. This is such a pretty place to live you can sit and watch the wild life all day.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

October 27, 2005

Things are coming together ahead of time. Ironed all day yesterday got all the table clothes and bed skirt ironed. I have a week until the girls get here.

We went to a steak house for dinner on Tuesday with P and Michelle. The food was the best we have found in Canton.

P is working today so we have to pick up Michelle. I know how much fun she is this afternoon.

Monday, October 24, 2005

October 24, 1950

3:00 pm with the sun shinning brightly. Hubby and I walked out of the church as newly weds. My mother, father, and new mother-in-law were with us. San Bernadino, California in a Baptist Church our wedding day.

We started married life in a 18 foot trailer in the Moave Dessert. Our wedding gift a 1936 coupe as our only wedding gift. 55 years later we are in what is called a modular home 2,000 square foot home. Lots more room and lots more stuff. Where does 55 years of stuff come from and how do we get rid of it. It is a gray day about 60 degrees, crazy weather we have gone from hot summer to winter.

Need to think of something to do tomorrow that is different. We have to pickup Michelle and have a massage everything else is open.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

55 years ago

October 23, 1950, I was in the Moave desert for the first time, sleeping in a small trailer with my father, mother and soon to be mother-in-law. The next day with hubby we drove toward Los Angeles silly us thinking we could go down the pass from the desert and see the ocean. We stopped in San Bernadino at a church to get married. After the brief service we walked out into the bright sunlight of Southern California just as school was getting out. We drove on to Los Angeles to spend the night. Ambasdor hotel for our wedding night. I don't remember much more about the trip. We went back to Barstor where we began our married life. My father bought us a 1936 ford coupe as a wedding present.

October 23, 1005 we are in Canton, Texas in what is called a modular house but considerable bigger than the little travel trailer in California. Gray day today wind blowing and only about 60 degrees. Spent the morning at Wally World shopping. D and P and Michelle came over for awhile after they took G to the airport. We spent a pleasant afternoon.

55 years later 4 children, 6 grandchildern, and 1 great gran. Putting pictures up yesterday of kids, grandkids and etc at all ages. Fun to see Bruce at 6 months and another when Billy was little sitting in a field of blue bonnets. Several pictures of Steven as he was growing up. A picture of Eddie when he was about 5, hubby took the picture of him looking into Grisoms cardshop window. Eddie is a father now and Grisoms is long gone, replaced by a Walgreens, is that progress.

Tomorrow should be a cool day also. We seem to have gone from hot summer to winter skipping fall altogether.

Long Day

Didn't sleep any last night. I read most of the night. I'll take something tonight so maybe I can sleep.

Yesterday I finally found some drapery rings. Just big wooden ones with little metal rings on the bottom that look like cup hooks. I had to go to 4 places before I found them. They were just unfinished wood. I had to buy some gold paint and paint them. I may never throw any thing away again. The rings were $32.00 and the paint was $4.00, I bought 2 packages of drapery hooks. I don't remeber how much they were. I finally got the drapes up in the bedroom and the ventian blinds down. I also spent most of the day puting up pictures. I just need to get rid of the ventian blinds. I hope just calling the managers they will pick them up.

I still need to try and clean the carpets some. I have another week before the gals get here from Albuquerque. The computer room is still a mess. I did get the utility room cleaned up. I should have all day tomorrow after we go grocery shopping.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Car Problems

The little engine light came on, on my Tarus. I finally found the time to take it in. Not only did I need a new senor but a new drive belt. I looked into how much we had paid to have work done in the last year, $1700.00 in the last year. I hope nothing else goes wrong for a long time.

Monday was chemo day, every time I go with her they really ignore her when we get back into the chemo room. If I go again and it happens I won't be quiet. They make us wait so long and then they leave and go home and we are still stuck because of there fooling around.

I finally have all the shelves and cinderblocks to finish up my bookcase all around the dinning area. Tomorrow is push day to get all the boxes empty and put away.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Beautiful Day

It wasn't too hot today, just pleasant, so we went to Tyler. They had an arts and crafts fair and the famous rose fesival.

P, Michelle, hubby and I, we had lunch at cracker barrel. It took a long time to get in, but it was good.

Arts and crafts fair was about the same, but a guy from europe who made beautiful carved wooden boxes. We bought some cat T-shirts for P and Michelle.

What a rose fesival, so many roses mast together like a blanket. What a beautiful odor. The flower arrangements were tables set with china, silver and a floral arrangements. They were gorgous. We were there after 3:00 on the last day, they had potted roses for sale. Tree roses, and potted roses. They were marked way down so we went over board buying roses. P was going to plant her's today as we have to go to Dallas for chemo tomorrow. Mine will stay in the pot until I get a bigger pot.

Still have boxes to empty, they have to wait until later in the week.

Hubby wanted me to see the big moon coming up in the East. When I went in to wash dishes, the sun was setting over the lake on the west side of the house. If we had time we could just sit and watch the wild life , sun and moon. The local road runner likes to walk along the railing on our deck. P thinks he's after the lizards that live under our house. Looking out of the kitchen window the other day I watched two cats just strolling down the road all by themselves. P says we have a family of ragoons that live down by the lake, she sees them at night when she comes to pickup Michelle. I wish the trees were a little closer, there are lots of birds. The ducks and it looks like cranes are on lake most of the day.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Well, we got through the week, but ended up with a cold. I have felt lousy ever since I got the flue shot last week. Or, it could be the crazy temperature, some times its 60 degree and then its 85 degrees.

Still putting things away, I'm back to bookshelves out of cinder blocks, just having trouble finding cinder blocks. My roman shades came in this week, we got one up yesterday. Still have one to put up over the sink. Had to move drapery rod brackets, they were too far apart. I am slowly getting rid of the ventian blinds that I hate. I have three of them off and replaced with roman shade and drapes. Found some nice drapes at Garden Ridge last Monday, I can't figure out how to put the tie back cords on.

The light on the Tarus that says emissions needs attention came on. I can't figure out how to get it into a dealer to check it out. P works tomorrow so we have Michelle and we have to take P to Dallas on Monday. I'll call Terrell tomorrow and talk to the guy that helps me. I don't know if driving it will hurt. The Ford dealer here is lousy. They don't know anything.

I'm getting panicy that I won't have the house together by the time the gals get here for First Monday. I have the computer room full of stuff I don't know what to do with family pictures, picture frames and desk junk. I can't believe that last Sunday I had every thing put away and the house straightened up. Putting up drapes, roman shades and bringing the rest of the boxes here has made me start over.

D gets home in the next few days, I know Michelle will be glad she has really missed him. I'm still concerned about how the situation with G is going to work out. I'll just keep my distance while she is here. That presents a problem as our 55 wedding aniversary is during that time and we won't have anyone to celebrate with.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Calm before the full week

I'm lazy today in view of the busy coming week. Nice that Michelle is back at home. I love her dearly buy 24/7 tires me out.

Tomorrow is P chemo so that is a full day in Dallas. Michelle is going with us as there is no one to pick her up after school. Tuesday I have a truck coming to move all the rest of the boxes out of the shed. I have cleared up the dinning area so that we can hopely get all the boxes there. Wednesday, I have a doctors appointment in Tyler, I am due for shots in my knee again. I am looking foreward to that my knee has been killing me. Thursday is dental cleanings and massages. We don't have another free day until next Friday. P wants to work some this week, it depends on how hard the chemo is on her this time

My hair is doing better maybe the expensive hair treatment is going to work.

P and I were talking about P, L and family coming for Christmas this year. P figure out how much it would cost to drive out. I can't think of a better Christmas present than to have Ps family here for christmas.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hair Care

Once again I have tried to find someone to solve my hair problems. My hair and this climate do not mix. My heart surgery a few years ago changed my hair completely. After taking care of my own hair for 60 some odd years, I am at a loss. Dumb me I have put my trust in too many well meaing beauty operators who don't have a clue either. I had a hair cut shortly after I moved down here and she just chopped it all off no style just short. Then I tried again in Terrell what a mess. That gal bleached my hair so bad that it wouldn't take color. I just kept putting more color on it trying to get something I could wear to my grandaughters wedding. I have just been asking people for references. I wound up with a little girl that made the mistake of putting a dark color on my hair. Then we couldn't do anything about it because my hair was so badly burned it was frizzing. None of these people charged very much for there work. I didn't make price my determination, I quess I should have. Looking at yellow pages for 4 different counties, it was just like throwing darts at map. This time I choose an add that said they fixed bad dye jobs. Just looking at the add I quessed that she was expensive. Well she was at least knowledgeable about what to do with my problem. She put two different conditioners and cut my hair and sold me conditioner. Over 50 bucks but oh, if it only works. But the hair cut is about the same as usual. P is going to be disappointed, and I didn't tell her how to style it.

When to meet our new doctor today. I think his is going to be alright. They were giving flu shots so we got ours today. How much easier than last year but they say we are going to be short of flu vaccines again this year. I had a thought for you, is the government trying to solve their aging population and medicare increases by killing off as many of us as possible with a flu epidemic?

Monday, October 03, 2005

Almost late to school

Oh, to wake up being almost late to school. I took a sleeping pill last night and didn't wake up until 7:10 this morning. Michelle has to be at school at 7:55 and it takes 20 minutes to drive her there. I really had to get Michelle going fast. She wouldn't eat or drink anything before she left. She has a water bottle in her back pack.

Yesterday Michelle finally made contact with the little boys next door. We had about 3 hours of runing and yelling. They had fun but it was hard to Michelle settled down to go to bed last night. She cried because I told her there wasn't time to watch cartoons.

We went to Tyler Saturday I brought quiet a bit of fabric. I hope P likes some of it when she gets home. I know we brought my notebook with all the paint samples in it back with us. I can't find it any place. I'm still looking for it. I even called Hancocks to see if I left it in Tyler and I didn't. Now I have to find more paint samples and start over again looking for drapes and etc.

P comes home late tomorrow night, Michelle won't get to see her until Wednesday. Michelle is faithly marking off each day on our callendar. She didn't seem to miss them too much until this weekend and then it got to her. Playing with the boys last evening helped.

We sprayed inside and outside today. We had a lot of little ants in the master bathroom last night and this morning. I hope this at least slows down the ants they are wickly little critters. I know living in the country means lots of critters. But, it just brings back memories of Corrales and our problems there. When P was a baby we moved to Corrales and woke up with ants big red ones in bed with hubby and I. They were coming up the cord to the electric blanket. P was still in a baby bed so we put the posts of her bed into coffee cans of water to keep them out of her bed. The beautiful adobe house had brick floor that they had laid in sand without a cement pad. It was early spring and when the level of water in the irragtion canels came up so did the ants come out of the ground. We didn't liev there but a couple of months. When the hurricane was coming through here a few days ago. I had ants in my bed. I sprayed inside the house last week. The ants were back again today so we sprayed inside and outside this time.

Oh, well so much for the past.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Busy Day

We drove to Dallas right after taking Michelle to school. The 18 wheelers on 20 and 80 just get thicker. It is really a challenge to drive through the work zones with all those trucks.

Hubby is reaping the rewards of his short boxing career. The middle cartledge in this nose is in the shape of a S instead of the single line. He has some nasal spray to use if that doesn't work it could mean surgery.

I finally got my doctors office to call me back. They only had the old telephone number. I had called two weeks ago and left my new address and telephone number on there answering machine. I quess no one took that information down. They send me a letter to the old address on the 21 of the month. It is now the 30 of the month and it still hasn't arrived. I don't know what these people here think mail is. They don't think it is very important thats for sure. I seem to have a cist on my left kidney. My doctors answer to this is to have physical therapy. I have appointments for both of us with a new doctor here in Canton. I hope this works out for us.

We managed to get back in time for Michelle's program. Michelle received an award for Good Citizenship. She was so pleased, I took some pictures I hope they will come out.

P and D called today to talk to Michelle. She is fine with them being gone, she didn't want them to leave. We are taking her to Tyler tomorrow to her favorite Pizza place. I hope to pick up some fabric for the new dresses we want to make. I need fabric for a new robe for her.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

6:30 am is too early

That's what time I have to get Michelle up to go to school. It has been a job getting her out of bed. It is almost as hard as getting her to go to bed. So far everything has been going well for her stay. Hubby and I have had a tummy upset I don't know what it is from. I'm still having some trouble today but not as much as yesterday. Ginger tea has been helping.

We finally had a rain storm last night the lighting and thunder were bad just as I was trying to go to sleep. tempature down to 63 degrees this morning when I took Michelle to school. It is suppose to get to 85 today. Well that is better than the 100 to 105 we have been having. Fog was on the ground yesterday so it was hard to see to drive. We went by the house last night to see about the animals. We left the cats in the house I'm glad we did as the thunderstorm was pretty heavy.

Have to take hubby to Dallas tomorrow to doctor to see about his sinus.

Monday, September 26, 2005


P has been trying to get me to change my blog background for sometime. I just figured out how to do it. I hope this is easier to read.

Spent part of saturday at P. Her lights went out about 3 pm and we couldn't get the little battery TV to work it would only get football or a spanish station. I called back to the village and they never did loose power. P and Michelle came home with us and we watch Phamtom of the Opera. D stayed at home and slept. We had some wind and rain but nothing bad, I have seen worse here. When we started home Michelle couldn't find her flip flops, she tired to turn on her lights to look for her flip flop and of course we didn't have any. She cried because she didn't have any light. We found her some shoes and we came back to grandma's. I don't know if I'm up to a whole week of her. Oh, yes I am looking foreward to us having a lot of time together.

We went through P trunk of fabric and nothing there that is really usable. I still haven't looked through mine. I need to do that today and see if there is anything usable there. Need to grocery shop today have to have lots of things a little girl will eat. Her lunches at school are paid for so I won't have to pack lunches.

Saturday night I had lots of fire ants in my bed. P and I tried to get them out but I slept on the couch in the living room. Yesterday I striped the bed either washed or ran everything through the dryer and sprayed all the room with bug spray . D gave me some new spray to try. I have to get all of those devils out of this house. The ant traps don't seem to work at all.

P sister-in-law seemed to go to Arkansa right into the path of the hurricane. I hope they are alright. It is suppose to cool off later this week, yesterday it was 102 in dallas. I still need to get all of my stuff out of the shed. It is just impossible to work in there when it is so hot.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Gorgous Sunset

I am sitting at the kitchen table blogging and watching the most beautiful sunset over the lake below our house. I have taken several pictures with my ditigal camera if they come out I will try to get D to help me post them.

Today was a day of prepartion. We brought in all the patio furniture, trash barrels, and the storm door we haven't put up yet( boy was it heavy we had to have help with it.)

I have extra food, water , batteries and have packed a small suitcase for P. We will go over there tomorrow.

P worked today so I haven't heard from anyone. D was suppose to be home all day today to get there house ready.

I have paid all the bills on line so that won't slow us down.

Quess what Holiday Inn in Norman just got around to billing us for one of the rooms for June. They show us there in September, but I went back and checked and they had only charged us for 2 rooms so we did owe for the third. I'm just paying it, they had better not charge any more. I knew the front desk was messed up there but not quiet this bad.

I'm trying to catch up on laundry so that we won't have lots of dirty clothes if we don't have lights. When I took dirty clothes out of the hamper they were full of ants. I put one of the ant traps in the bottom of the hamper I hope that works. After this storm I am really going to have to try and get rid of the ants around this place.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rita is really scary

As Rita moves toward Texas it is picking up steam. The model looks like it will land on land just west of Houton. Unfortunately Lake Jackson is in that area. D family from Lake Jackson arrived today. They are worried about there house and belongings. Two kittys made the trip very well and seem to be adjusting to the house cats. Michelle didn't want to go to school today I quess because she knew the girls were coming. It was strange she kept reminding me that it was time to go to school. When we arrived she didn't want to get out of the car. I parked and tried to get her to walk from the gate into school. I didn't go dressed to go into the school. Her teacher came along and took her in thank heavens. That will teach me not to dress before taking her to school. I'm going to have almost a whole month of taking her to school. We have to work this out some how. I wonder if all the talk of the hurricane has scared her. When we got home from school the girls were there and she was very happy.

Hubby and I put up pictures my tole work and some curtains. It took all morning, then took blow up beds to P.

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about my tenant homeowners. I had not changed it from Terrell to Canton. It was too easy just one call to my insurance agent, (which was new not the one I bought the policy from) she took care of my problem. I hope it covers me. With the wind and the rain that the TV says we may receive we may need it.

P and D want us to come over there for the worse of it. They aren't use this house is torrando proof and I'm not sure either.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tempture 100

It is the middle of September and the tempture is still 100 degrees. No one else is looking foreward to Hurricane Rita but me, it has to cool this weather down.

I am runing out of time to empty that shed, it is impossible to work in there. I tried working in there a couple of mornings with tempture at 70's and in 30 minutes I was sweating up a storm.

I am slowly getting things setup here at the new house. I'm going to have several days to just get things put away that I have brought home already. I have been trying to put up the drapes that I have remolded for the fourth time. I can't find enough drapry hooks or rings. I know there must be a big bag of them somewhere in that shed.

D mothers stuff is arriving my the truck load I have to get that stuff out of the shed. I wonder if I need to hire someone to pick it all up and bring it over here. The last move was $600.00 I don't know if I can afford any more.

D was over and fixed my phone lines and installed the two news ones I needed. P thinks I need to complain to Verzion that there serviceman didn't fix my problems. I now wonder why I am paying for service when I'm not getting it.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday on the telephone talking to relatives and friends. I need to do that more often.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Somewhere in time.

'All week I have been living somewhere in time. August 1953 we were in Cherry Point, NC and I was about to give birth to my second son. This was just the time TV was getting started. We only had radio and not much on it. When you are busy with a 18 month old, radio is the last thing you need. Military personel were coming through the housing area, MEMQ and cutting down limbs and removing all kinds of trash and etc. We couldn't understand what was going on someone finally told us a hurricane was coming. I had no idea what a hurricane was, a big wind with water. How could that be, we were 10 or 15 miles from the ocean, rain Oh, I had been in rain storms before. We were waiting for grandma and grandpa F to come for the new birth to help with the first son. I had stocked the refrig and panty with all kind of goodies. I know grandma would like to cook.

Friends living in one of the quonset hut they had turned into housing arrived on our doorstep with there 1 year old. They had been told to evanuate and had no place to go. We were in a wooden duplex and considered safe. When the storm hit the water can though the windows and doors like they weren't there. Crazy me I was saving the floors and window cells from being wet and used every dry towel in the house. Now we had no electricity, no washing machine, no refrigerator, no stove. Just lots of spoiling meat and milk. No way to cook anything. No clean towels no way to wash the dirty ones. Friends went home to see what there house was like. Hubby had to go to work. Grandma and grandpa F arrived in this mess and I don't remember much else about it. We did get electricity, I went to the base hospital and P was born. Grandpa F, hubby and B went fishing and B caught his first fish. I think B has been fishing with grandpa F some after that. I don't think either of the boys are much fishermen.

Anyway Orphila has been causing trouble in the same place again as it did in August 1953. P blew in with a storm and has been a stormy soul ever since. I hope you are reading his bog Captain's Log.

Before we left NC about a year later. A neighbor got the first TV we ever saw, I can't believe we watched the snowest show out of Washington DC. TV has gone a long way in teaching us about hurricanes and other disasters but not in how to be prepared for them. I'm still watching all the problems on the gulf coast the world seems to have forgotten about NC.

We finally had rain on Thursday it didn't last long it did come down pretty hard for awhile.
We woke up to rain Friday and it rains for alittle while. It was cool enough that I went to P to the shed and brought out a car load of boxes. So much we left out there is ruined. The mice have really been into everything. There still must be mice in there Ginger came in and sat looking at a box I couldn't move and he wouldn't move. When I was ready to leave ( after I sweat buckets) I had to pick him up and throw him out, he still wanted back in.

D is suppose to come Sunday and straighten out my telephone mess maybe I can get on line more often. This sitting on the side of the bed and using a TV tray to blog on is for the birds.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Have the Answer

I have now found out why I can't get on the internet. I only have one telephone cord that will allow my computer to contect to the internet. You know its the shortest one I own.

Telephone company was out today and fixed both of the other phone jacks. Now I can use the computer in all the bedrooms. I ask about a phone jack in living room and kitchen. This phone company gets $91.00 per phone jack. We thought gas was highway robbery how about telephone companies. If I can ever get D without an install maybe he can install them for me.

I'm still unpacking boxes. If I ever get the kitchen and dinning room put away maybe I can work on the office. Everything just gets dumped in there.

We had Michelle all day Thursday, I had a ultasound in Dallas and she went with us. When we got home she was on my bed watching TV and went to sleep. She sleep until P came after her. D called awhile ago we get Michelle again tomorrow. I brought some of her toys over today so maybe she won't be too bored. She loves my garden tub, she thinks its her private pool.

P has chemo again Monday, so we will pick Michelle up from school. I hope this chemo doesn't make P as sick as it did last time.

Hubby said it was too hot for hair today so he had me take him to the barber shop and they shaved his head and beard does he ever look funny.

I bought a new TV at Frys it is only a 27 inch. But it was the biggest one that would fit in our entertainment center. D hooked it up for us it has a good picture. I couldn't find the Consumer Report Book I may have thrown it away,or else it still packed somewhere. I used an 6 month to 18 months old consumer report magzine to buy it. But so far I am please with it. Frys didn't have the micro wave I wanted and the people in that department were not interested in helping me. D was in there shortly after I was in the same department and they wouldn't help him either. That is two sales they lost in a half a day. John on of the resident managers carried the TV in for us. These managers are so great nothing like Terrel Senior Terraces. Hubby managed to get the micro wave out of the box in the car and into the house. Oh, yes I bought the micro wave at wally world. They had the one that Frys didn't for 15.00 cheaper. I got my bed back from P so now all I need is a head board. I looked a little this morning but didn't find anything.

Surprise, surprise, I got a letter from Terrel Senior Terraces they are going to refund my deposit. I quess cleaning did pay off, even if I did kill myself doing it. The chek is supose to come from some other office. I'm not going to hold my breath until it comes.

I'm way behind with blogging on Bruces and Pats blogs. Maybe that I know how to get on line now I can do it more often.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Finally back on line

Was it really wednesday the last time I could get on line. I have been working for 2 hours trying to get connected today. I have tried several days and couldn't get on line. I haven't figured out what I did to get on line today. So I may never get on line again. Boy is dial up slow.

Still unpacking boxes. The living room is full of empty boxes. I promised to save them for P and I am waiting for D to come pick them up.

I have spend most of the day looking for the consumer report books. We have to buy a TV and a micro wave. I either threw them away or I have packed them in some stupid place. I may try getting online Do you think they have that information on line?

Well, just to let you know we are still kicking.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Well we are in the new house. Boxes, boxes everywhere, I may never get them put up.

Spent all morning cleaning on the apartment, I doubt if I get the deposit back. The stove and refrig are clean but rug needs shampooing.

I tried to install netzero dial up along with my dsl and quess what it wouldn't and knocked my dsl off. I have so much time talking to those turkeys to get it started again. I just left it. I had to completely uninstall all of the dsl before I could install the dial up. Dial up is slow but it is all I can get at the present.

The manager of Canton Lakeside Village is a doll. Every bathroom had toilet paper. Kitchen had a roll of paper towels and a basket of handtowels candy, duck food, and some jam she had made. What a way to be greeted to our new home. The moving company sent a 65 year old man and a kid to move us. The tempture was 100 degrees. They were surprised that I had everything boxed. It still took them all day. I had to pay for 10 hours of work and boy did they work in this heat. They left 4 boxes on the truck. I kept asking if that was all and was assure that yes it was. Well, the next day the older fellow brought me my 4 boxes. Wasn't that sweet it is a 30 minute drive from the warehouse.

I have the tempture at the new house on 78 or 79 and I'm freezing. I can even breath at night. D said the new house is 2000 sq feet, maybe. I know it is bigger than the house on 67th. I'm trying to wash dishes every night before I quit for the day. This being without a dishwasher is going to be a chanllege.

Moved just in time, gas is going crazy. When I drove into Terrell today gas was 2.54. When I started to leave a couple of hours later the lowest I could find was 2.57. Most of it was 2.68. Boy am I glad not to have that 25 mile drive every day.

It is past bed time.

Friday, August 26, 2005

What a Mess

Because of moving I can't have SBC global anymore they aren't in Canton. In fact there isn't a DSL. I have to go back to a dial up. I tried to connect to People PC on line and that was a mess they took my credit card numer and I had a terrible time canceling it. I conacted NetZero and they were suppose to send me a CD. I got a CD in the mail the other day and didn't pay any attention and of course installed it. It was a PeoplePC not Netzero I promptly deleted it but I can't get rid of the home page. The People PC home page won't recognize any blogspots. I have to go the B and click on the replys to even get to my own page. I haven't been back to Canton to see if Netzero has sent me the CD. I won't have this e-mail after the first of September. My e-mail will be That is if I ever get the CD.

The front end of my Tarus was vibrating really bad it started when P was here last July 4th. It got steadily worse. Yesterday coming from Canton was really bad. I took it to Ford Dealer today. Problem was a seperated tire. I took the car in at 9:00 am they called me about 10:30 am I told them I would call them back. I did about 11:00 they were suppose to bring me my car. I finally got them to return it about 1:30 pm. (Why we changed to italics I don't know this computer is doing crazy things. The B doesn't work half of the time. ) Took the car to Discount tires for 4 new tires. We didn't need that expense right now. When we bought the car they put very cheap new tires on it. We got about 38,000 miles on them so I quess that was pretty good. A lot of people were in there with seperated tires, I wonder if it is the heat.

Finally chased down the maintance guy I have been chasing him all week. He finally took down my shelves and mirrors. It took him about 30 minutes while I was waiting for the car. I rolled up all my area rugs and tied them up. Just two more days until moving day. I can't wait.

Lets see 52 years ago I was in the base hospital at Cherry Point N.C. with a brand new baby boy. I couldn't wait until I could get home with him. One of the corp men was carried him down the hall like he was a football now you could see he then you couldn't. Corp man was a very large black guy I don't know how he wound up in the maternity ward. Babys older brother was thrilled to have someone to play with. Brother would crawl into his crib and share his rasins with him. I don't know how he survived. Lets see that birthday boy should write a book about military life in the early 50's. My friend Annie could give him lots of insights on the Air Force Life and I could add the Marine Corp. Life. Now that would be a story.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Four days before M day

Can't wait until we get moved. I have had to go to Canton every day since Saturday. That's a 50 mile around trip. We have to pick up Michelle today and check our mail at the post office. My computer is running very funny, I think I may have a bug or virus or what ever. I'm going to have to buy a new virus program.

I quess I waited too long to order wedding pictures I hope K can get some for me.

Helped P clean house yesterday it is hard to keep a place to show. If someone will only look at it, of course the minute you don't keep it ready to show. I keep forgetting how a 5 year olds bedroom gets. As I remember I had a 5 and a 3 year old at the same time double trouble to mess up things. P birthday is in a double of days. S birthday is just around the corner. I quess I need to get cards off to them.

Hubby is doing pretty good considering we are living amist all the boxes. Packed most of the closet this morning. I have been chasing the maintance man for 2 days trying to get him to commit to helping this weekend. I give up I found an add in the throw away paper I quess I will call him tonight. I quess I can take most of things down except the mirrors, quilt rack, and front screen. Boy am I not going to try and clean this place up, they are really being Sheety, around here.

While time to go after Michelle.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Lease Day

Today is lease day I'm suppose to go to Canton to sign a lease for the new house today. I woke up at 4:00 am and couldn't go back to sleep, now I'm sleepy. This apartment is not a good place to sleep. I hope the new house is better.

We went to Canton yesterday and stayed with Michelle while her daddy worked. She played with grandpa until he got tired. She really malls tigger around and he just eats it up. He didn't want to be bothered the other day and acted like he was going to scratch her. He didn't break the skin but it stung, she got the idea. She wanted to come home with us to go swimming so we brought her home and we spent about an hour in the pool. She is sure going to miss the pool. P came after her she looks pretty good but she was very tired.

Hubby has been very confused the last few days taking that one medication has helped but he still can't remember things. He has ask me every day for the last few day when P is going to Alaska. P has her doctors blessing in going, I'm glad I hope that will pick up her spirits. If she feels like it we are going to do something fun today or tomorrow.

Well the sun isn't going back to bed so I quess I can't.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

August 20,2005

Still packing, and trying to clean as I go. We bought a big black diamond watermelon. We took it to P so everyone could help eat it. They put it in the car for me when I bought it. I used Michelle wagon to take it into the house. P put it on the counter and cut it the 5 of us didn't eat even half of it. Where I bought it said it came from Tyler. I haven't seen one in a long time. Usually you just get the green stripe ones.

Hubby was a little shakey on his feet before we left to go to P's. After a couple of hours at P he said he was light headed and wanted to come home. When we got home I checked his blood sugar and it was OK. His blood presure was a little low, he has been in bed ever since. I have push water all day, it has been so hot. I have given him a perscription for leg movement. That is the only different medication he has had this week. He has really been out of it most of the week. I hope stopping this medication will make a difference. I knew that the move would be a upset to him but I thought it would work out. Living in all these boxes hasn't been easy for either of us. Just one more week to go.

Talked to P and B both today. B and K are on there way to Hawaii. P and L are having troubles at work. I don't know why the closer you get to retirement the harder they make it for you to do your job. Maybe that is what it is all about you have to be so desperate to get out that you don't think about it changing the rest of your life. I know when I retired I thought I would never miss it but I did. I had to find something else to do a couple of different times before I got weaned away from working. Now I'm having trouble just keeping up with everything around here.

Missed seeing Michelle this week. She has been in school and I have been packing. I'm going to Canton tomorrow and take care of her while every one works.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Health Care or the lack of it

Another trip to Dallas and just as fustrating. The doctor wanted me to pick up a copy of the MRI film and take them to him. After waiting for hour and a half I finally got in to see the doctor and then he wasn't interested. He didn't want to see the film after he had me get them. I tried to read the report and of course it was gooblebly gook. He kinda poopooed my back pain and said I just had a little bit of arthistis. I've had Arthistis for some time this isn't just arthistis. He wants me to take some physical therapy which is just another word for exercise. I have ask twice about a manogram he ignore me about that both times. There was a sentence on the report about my right kidney. It wasn't on his report the fax cut it off. He poopooed that too and wouldn't tell me what it meant. When I got home and found out what some of the words meant it scared me to death. He finally said I could do a ultra sound. I've put that off until after we move. I am certain now I need a new doctor. Where or where is a Dr. Like Dr. Gray that knew I was a intelligent human being and would discuss things with me.

Hubby found a van listed in the paper that he wants to see about. All we need is a vehicle that drinks more gas than this one does. Gas was 2.50 a gallon when I filled up this morning. I am scared to drive to Dallas without a full tank. We didn't get caught in a road construction on the way in just on the way home today.

Still packing there never seems to an end.

Monday, August 15, 2005

August 15, 2005

Well, today was Michelle's first day at school. She was go excited and looked so cute. Her mom and dad took her and then went on to Dallas for P chemo. Hubby and I went to Canton and had lunch and picked her up. I wasn't the only grandma doing that chore.

Well, I packed some more, we can hardly move for the boxes. I am about out of boxes will have to get more. Can't pack tomorrow have to go to Dallas about the MRI.

I have got the phone and cell phone taken care of, electricy is taken care of now if I could decide what to do about the internet. I tried to download peoplepc last night and really screwed it up. There add says 30 day free trial, but I had to give a credit card number. I messed it up and it didn't down load so I called this morning to try and straigthen it out. I couldn't make my self understood to the heavy acent on the other end of line. I was transfer and had to go over it again and of course they again transfered me. I stayed on hold for over 30 minutes they kept telling me that it wouldn't be cancelled until I got a cancellation number. So I kept holding until the very end than someone I could actually understand tried to talk me into keeping the service. I never got downloaded and they are already charged my credit card. I didn't have that much trouble with netzero, I may try try them again. If I go the way D wants me to it will cost $300.00 to just seems like a lot of money. Maybe the speed and the convince is worth it.

Friday, August 12, 2005

August 12, 2005

Second day in a row for a trip to Dallas. Yesterday we sat at road construction for 20 minutes going 2 miles and hour. Today we went to Rockwall and down to Dallas. It takes 30 minutes longer and 10 miles longer but no construction. Yesterday I had an MRI that was very painful laying still on that hard table. It hurt so bad when I got up I could hardly walk. I had a lot of pain all day. Today hubby had an appointment with ear, eyes, throat guy. He has to have a cat scan in September. I put every thing off until after the move.

Went to Canton last evening so that P could go to Michelle's school and meet the teacher. I didn't remember how entertaining watching the goats were. They were standing on their heads trying to drink out of the buckets. I sent hubby out to wash out the buckets and refill them with water. They really spent a lot of time drinking after they got more water.

I have to decide if I am going to try and do DSL in Canton which will cost me $300.00 to install and about $130.00 a month. If I go dial up it will only be $140.00 a month, they both include telephone. When we are only leasing for 6 months I can't see the $300.00 installtion.

Well, I've been on the internet for a long while I'd better pack some more.

Look at Bruce's blog today some good stuff, but oh so scary.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

August 8,2005

Another Michelle day, she was really wound up today. The weather has been raining on and off so the swimming pool was out of the question. She has so much engery that she makes us tired.

P goes to she her doctor tomorrow, we have to keep praying that this chemo is working. She is suppose to have more chemo on the day that Michelle starts to school. We will have to pick her up from school. I know that is disappointing to P.

I've decided not to take the cat with us. Both of us are having lots of alergies. I now need to see if I can find a good home for Miss Puss. Captain Midnight and now Michelle is calling her Katrina. Poor cat has never had a name and now she has three.

Hubby thought that the barbque beef was bacon today. I'm not sure how his thought process is going today.

Didn't get any packing done today maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

August 7,2005

Well I just experiened my first tax free shopping weekend. How wild do you get. Thank goodness P was driving I would have been freaked out with the traffic. We did manage to get some things for Michelle, we found her a winter coat, a light weight jacket, some night gowns, -socks, a denim skirt a couple of t-shirt. The weather was only 96 degrees but the heat index must have been 110. I didn't think we would ever make it we only visited 3 stores. We did have lunch at a steak house it was great. No more tax free days too many people.

Talked to B for awhile this morning he wants me to read a book. Something like the second Pearl Harbor. He said it scared him so bad that he can't sleep. I'm not sure I want to read it. With my state of mind I don't know if I can handle it.

We finished our week of doctors appointments but of course that doesn't do it. Hubby has to go to a Ear, Eyes and Throat doctor. I have to have a MRI.

D unhooked some of our CD players and VCR players so that I can get them packed. Three more weeks to go and still lots of packing to do. I'm sure I am going to run out boxes before everything is packed. Now I just have to see if I can get all the utilities turned on and services switched.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

August 4, 2005

Waiting to take our 1 1/2 hour trip into Dallas. Hubby needs to see Alz doctor today. He has been doing pretty good until lately. I don't know if the move is bottering him or it is just the progress of the disease. He got mad at me because I wanted him to wear something besides, nylon sweats and T-shirts. He is forgetting more and more of things that happened yesterday. He gets things confused about who is doing what.

I managed to pack 4 boxes yesterday. Now the bedroom is getting crowed too.

Have you found Candi's blog yet, it reminds me of 1950 and when I first got married. It is really scarey that my granddaughter is going through the same thing I did almost 55 years ago.

Wendys -- is E finally working, sorry it isn't a better job but he has to start somewhere.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

August 2, 2005

Well, yesterday was another Michelle Day, but she took a 2 hour nap we got along today better. P didn't look as tired last night but it is still hard to see her hair all gone. I know it must be hard for her too. She has a lovely wig but it has been too hot to wear it. She has gone to Dallas for a blood test today. Pray that the new chemo is working. It is hard to see her have to take it but something has to stop this horrible stuff.

Hubby is still fussing for a new car. I did tell him that I was considering a hybrid. I got on line and found one for 17,000 and it gave me two locations. One of them here in Terrell so of course hubby had to go see about it on Saturday. Weather was 100 degrees and the place was packed too the gills. The salesman we were suppose to see had two more people ahead of us. We had been standing so long that my back was killing me. Salesman showed us a picture and said they had one but the price was 30,000. Hubby said he was interested, I know he didn't hear him say it was 30,000. so I told him how much. I told salesman we would see him some time when he wasn't so busy as the discount Ford has doesn't include hybrids. Hubby has come to the conclusion that we can buy a lot of gas for 30,000. When we get moved we won't use as much gas we won't be going 25 miles to Canton everyother day.

Massage gal ask about my breathing. You know I hadn't considered that, if we are getting as much black fuss on fans and vents. What is it doing to our lungs. We can't get out of here soon enough. I turned in our 30 notice yesterday. But I still have a lot of packing to do. But we can't move until the last Monday in the month.

Yesterday was hear from everybody day. Billie called and so did Dena. Good to talk to someone in person. Candi has a blog, and reading her blog reminds me so much of when Hubby and I got married and lived in a tiny trailer in the Movja desert. Barstow, California to be exact, that was a long time ago.

Bruce's blog on Mainstream is under so much attack. I am afraid that people won't want to read his blog because of the horrible things some people are commenting on it. I really feel bad for Bruce because he spends so much time and and engery on it. Everyone needs to appreciate it even if they don't agree with it.

We took the long way home from Canton today we can't stay in the little apartment all the time unfortunately it means spending money for gas. It is too hot to stay outside and you can go the shopping malls only so much as it is still 30 miles away.

Friday, July 29, 2005

July 29,2005

Hallelujah!! They have the utlities in to the new modular house. People can move out of the one we are to get into the new one. That means we can move the end of the month. Now I have to find out how I can negotiate out of the lease. I have done so many improvements that they need to pay me for. Maybe I'll just take them down and take them with me. I'm going to print out a list of everything I have brought. I quess I can't charge them for the cost of the labor I paid to have them put up.

The posting on mainstreambaptist from the Washington Post is very scary. How can our govement do business that way. Oh well the price they pay for hammers and toilet seat should give me some clue. They keep wanting my retirement money and social security money through more taxes that I paid tax on once.

I see Sen Fist is now on board for stem cell research, it is about time. Of course Tom Delay is still backing the president.

Michelle is going on an overnight camping trip with her daycare. I hope she doesn't decide she wants Dad to come after her when it gets dark.

Oh well, just another weekend of packing hubby is getting hemed in with all the boxes. Hubby is really out of it today. I showed him a dinning table and chairs similar to ours that are still in storeage at P. I was trying to show him how much they wanted for it. He thought I was wanting to buy it. He didn't remember that we had one already. We only made it through half of the air conditioneed first money building. Both of us were having problems with our back. Next week is doctor week I hope to get some answers about my back. This moving and hauling boxes around is not helping. I may try to get in the hot tub when the sun goes down its 95 degrees out there and 6:00 pm.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

July 28, 2005

Trying to recoup from a Michelle day yesterday. I love her to pieces but she weares me out. Remember when Billy wanted hats for the pans he was playing with. Well, Michelle did another one yesterday. We went to mail the computer back to P, I stopped to buy KFC for lunch. Michelle wanted to make sure I got potatoe sauce. I didn't know what she meant until I started to fix her plate and discovered she wanted gravy for her potatoes. Make sense to her it was sauce for the potatoes. Grandma was just slow on the uptake.

I seem to be staying ahead of the box problem, I get more empty ones before I have the present ones packed. Only packed two boxes yesterday Michelle wanted to help too much. Try and get some more packed today.

Silly kitty loves rubber bands, I keep finding them all over the floor so I started putting them in a basket on the counter. Now I find she gets up on the counter and helps herself too them. Michelle got in her face yesterday and she hissed at her. I don't know why she doesn't like Michelle. Michelle wants to get her hands on her in the worse way.

Hubby is really losing it he wanted to know why the cat was getting in the kitty litter box the other day. He has an appointment with ALZ doctor next week, in fact next week is doctor week. Massages on Tuesday, Wednesday he has dentist. Thursday ALZ doctor and we both have primary care appointments on Friday. So Monday we have to nail down where we are going to move. Just a million more boxes to pack.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

July 27 2005

Today is a Michelle day. P is working so Michelle arrived at 6:00 am the first I knew was the TV going on full blast. She watched TV until almost 8:00 and then went to sleep for over an hour. We have sure missed her. P enrolled her in kindergarten yesterday. She will be going to Canton public schools which costs 350.00 a semester as she is out of district. All this means I will be running the school bus to and from school some.

I'm still packing the living room is mushrooming boxes. I had to go buy more sealing tape yesterday and of course Home Depot didn't have the kind that doesn't stick to its self, so I did myself a favor and bought masking tape . That worked last time we moved, was it just a year ago that we moved from Albuquerque. It seems like a million years ago, surely we have been in horrible apartment for a million years. I am trying very hard to not call the lakeside people to see if they are really going to have that house ready for us. If they haven't started by the f irst of August we are going to look for something else. Almost all of the dishes are packed and I've started on the pots and pans, all the tupperware and plastic are packed. All the books and knik kacks are packed. Most of the office is packed, just leaving out files and computer and one printer. I packed two large suitcases of winter clothes the other day, still have lots of clothes to go. We may be sitting here with everything packed and no place to go. Everytime I go to look at rentals they all want you to move tomorrow.

Went to Fry's yesterday to return P computer. There is only a 15 day return policy on Fry's products. I had a hard time getting them to agree to exchange the computer have to mail it today. The return guy said he had only heard of two other computers that had our problem and that was some time ago. I can't say I believe him. We were going to buy a TV from them but I'm having second thoughts.

Well up and at them now.

Friday, July 22, 2005

July 22, 2005 h

We looked at houses to buy yesterday. Saw two houses that I really liked. We could afford both of them but the taxes on the expensive one are just outragous. One son says go for it and of course the other one is doom and gloom for the economy. I'm just afraid that if we buy a house in Canton we have it for life. The neighbor in the expensive house has 5 houses for sell in a small area. The White one that would be best has only 2 houses in a wide area for sell. I can't see that the market in Canton is very good, too many people are trying to get out. Something has to be the matter. It remains to be see if P can sell her house. It's been on the market a month and no one has looked at it.

Drove by the house on the lake that we have a deposit on. They have not started putting in the utilities. We have only 30 days before we are suppose to move. I can't see that they are ever going to get it done. We looked a little for another rental but there doesn't seem to be very much. Can't understand that 10 miles north there are lots of rentals and very few for sale. But Canton has loads of houses for sell and very few rentals? What is wrong with this picture?

It is kinda like who has a crystle ball. P doesn't know why I want so big a house. After this little apartment I can really use every single inch of 2,000 square feet. I quess I want too much. I want big closets, a large master bed room and a yard with trees, lots of trees.

One thing for buying is not having to move so many times, I am really tried of moving. I know we have too much stuff but I have got rid of so much and there is still too much, including all the stuff still in storage at P.

D had his surgery yesterdy he seems to be doing well. I can't image they let him come home the same day as his surgery. Michelle comes home tomorrow, we have missed her. We won't get to see her until Monday as D brother and family will be here over the weekend.

Hubby is getting very short on his memory. He didn't seem to remember us putting the deposit on the rental house. His blood sugar is too high not dangerous I quess but not in the ideal range. We did our shopping for the weekend so I quess we stay in and pack this weekend.

Monday, July 18, 2005

July 18, 2005

A very long day. Took P to Dallas for chemo. First we went to the support group, such nice group of women all of them a lot older than P. They are all facing this deadly cancer with various sucess. They all ask about Michelle and of course she is in south Texas with her cousins. D has surgery on Thursday so they thought Michelle would be better off having fun with her cousins. The chemo that P had the last month was not doing any good. They changed her chemo today and she had a terrible reaction, she began short of breath and all of a sudden her face enlarged and turned very red it was very life threating before they got it stopped. They gave her Benryll and some other stuff and just started the chemo again. We didn't get out of there until after 6:00 pm. It was so hard to see them give that horrible stuff again.

We left home at 9:00 this morning and got home tonight about 9:00 pm. Thank heavens she doesn't have to do that again until next month.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

July 16, 2005

Raining again third day in a row. I wonder if we will loose power today. It won't do anygood to reset clocks until it stops power going out. Went to Kaufman this morning to a diabities meeting, hubby is not doing well with his dibities. Another reason to get a new doctor. Walked around Tangers for a little exercise, but boy was it how and humid.

I found this questionner on another blog and thought it was kind of fun try it.

Appetizer: What is your middle name? Would you change any of your names if you could? If so, what would you like to be called?

Salad: If you were a fashion designer, what fabrics, colors, and styles would you probably use the most?

Main Course: What is something that really frightens you, and can you trace it back to an event in your life?

Dessert: Where are you sitting right now? Name three things you can see at this moment.

try this it fun!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

July 14, 2005

What a thunderstrom we had, lights were out for about an hour.

Started packing, I can't believe how many boxes its going to take to get all this stuff ready to move. It can't happen too soon, I'm going to miss some things. Walking to the mailbox is so much easier than going to a mail box. I'm not sure how I will survive washing dishes instead of a dish washer. Walking around this complex will be a lot easier than the ups and down of the hills in the other place. I can't wait to have a bed of my own and hopefully a A/C than works and doesn't get to 80 degrees before it comes on. I'm not sure about taking the cat another 200.00 for just the privilege of having a pet. The cat has some fun playing and jumping around, I really would miss her.

Hubby had trouble remembering where the batteries were, he was so worried about all the flashlights having new batteries. We have been here 6 months and he uses batteries like they were klenex and he couldn't remember where they were. He has been going over to the swimming pool every day by himself. I feel like it is good for him to do somethings on his own. The adult day care didn't work out for him here, he seems more content to just stay in the house with me. When we get moved maybe he will get outside more, I hope we don't have the problem of took much watering again. The yard at the other house looks like it needs some watering but Canton has received more rain than Terrell. I'm worried about the move, I don't know how it is going to effect him.

P and D are taking Michelle to Lake Jackson to spend some time with her cousins. I'm so glad Michelle has cousins her age and they get along so well together. She will be down there for a week while mom has chemo and dad has surgery

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

July 12, 2005

More doctors appointments yesterday , it just took all day with Michelle in tow. P worked yestday and I quess again today as I have not heard from her.

Its time to start packing boxes and I don't look foreward to that. Drove by the new house last night, it needs a back screen door so I may try to take this one. They haven't started any new work on the new house that need to be ready before we can move into the old one. I'm going to move the last few days of August so that we won't run into the Labor Day Weekend. I'm going to move then even if that house isn't available. Michelle needs to start school the middle of August and I need to be there to help see her to and from school. Also I need to be settle before D mother arrives the end of September, I'm not looking foreward to that event. I wonder if the kids are selling the house because of the problem of her and her thinking it is her house.

Hubby is doing fine, I finally got prescriptions for both of us yesterday I hope to have some new doctors before long.

I talked to Bilie the other days and she reminded me that changes like moving event that ALZ hubby has cause probems. I hope because he wants this move as much as I do that it won't bother him that much. He will miss the swimming pool but I understand they will be closing it labor day. I discovered yesterday that another renter is moving out in our same little group. They have moved her husband out of the nursing home and so they both have to relocate.

I'm now certain that my sleepness is related to the air conditioner. It gets so hot before the A/C comes on that I wake up sweating and have trouble going back to sleep before the A/C comes on. I hope the new houses A/C is better than this one.

Time to get in gear and got something done blogging is taking more of my time every day.

Friday, July 08, 2005

July 8,2005

P is off to Dallas again for chemo, Michelle is with us for the day. Oh well another day of cartoons won't hurt.

Now that the kids have come and gone its time to start packing. I have spent the last 6 months trying to pare down and squeeze everything into this small apartment and now I have to pack it all up again. I have just been reading some blogs on faith and I quess I don't have enough. I am scared to death to put in a 30 day notice here and not know when I can get into the house in Canton. It's going to be expensive to buy out of here and move and if we have to stay in a motel a few days it will get more expensive. But how will I handle the storeage of the furniture? If you can't read this it is because Michelle is laying on me.

We took the long way back from Canton yesterday and discovered a state park at the lake to the north of us I'd include the name but I can't spell it.

We stopped at Hamms Orchard and did they beautiful fruit. Lots of peaches, plums, strawberries, blueberries and two kinds of cherries. Sorry, we didn't find them before the kids were here. Frys's had a 4 page flyer on specials today, hubby through it away early glad he did I might have found something to buy. D was here and saw the boxes that P and L had brought computers on the 4th. He was disappointed as I was that we paid twice as much for our computers as P and L did.

Well, its non quess I ought to do something besides blog.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

June 28, 2005

P had her chemo on Friday she was very tired but seems to have gotten over it fairly well. She went to work on Sunday. She is scheduled again on next Friday for chemo.

The boys and wives arrive on Saturday . B and wife will stay with P. We will pickup P and L and they will stay with us. It will seem strange to only have Michelle of all the grandkids.

I understand E and Steven have been together in Albuquerque. I think that is great I know Steven can help E.

We have been looking for a new place to live in Canton. By accident as usual we found a modual home community built around a lake. They will have one available in August so we just have to give our 30 days notice here and buy the buyout fee to move. I dread moving again but a 3 bedroom 2 bath overlooking the lake is too much to pass up. It doesn't have a dishwasher that will be an adjustment. The more room and view will be well worth it. I just need to locate some help in moving.

I know P wants to sell her house as soon as possible but I hope we aren't both moving at the same time. Michelle is very confused with all the talk of moving and we have to keep telling her about what is happening all the time.

We are having trouble with doctors again I need to get us established with Primary and Arthistis doctors may be in Athens or in Kaufman.

I have been reading lots of blogs and inputting some but it can be very time consuming. I am now reading 3 newspapers , Terrel news very small. Dallas Morning News and Albuquerque Journal on line. It is surpriseing the things in Albuquerque Journal that never make the Dallas paper. Albuquerque keeps me up the the engery bill and you never see it mentioned in Dallas. Our course I still keep up with the politics in Albuquerque, I can't see much in Dallas Politics.
I hope Marty gets in again and Cadigan but Miquel really needs to go. See P you should get in politics and that would be a good place for you. I think B is looking at a local run. I think you both should go for it.

Hubby is doing fine, his blood sugar gets high at times but other than that he seems to be doing OK. We drove a lot on Sunday and he did OK in the car. When we were looking for a place in Canton we just drove down a little farm road it was such a pretty drive but nothing with a for rent sign. When we got back to Canton here is a big permante sign advertising this modual home community. The managers have a poodle that looks so much like mimi in the face he has longer legs and more color but he is as sweet as mimi. We are looking foreward to getting moved and settled place gets worse by the day

Monday, June 20, 2005

June 20, 2005

Well D day has arrived P saw the doctor today. He can now feel the tumor, by looking at cat scan a lymph gland maybe involved. She started chemo again on Friday. They will be giving her Taxol(?) but small dose once a week. It maynot make her as sick as the one did before. But she will loose her hair and have trouble with the feeling in her fingers. I can't get any information on breaking my lease, I seem to be at the mercy of the owners of the complex. The lease says I am responable for 85% of the rent until the lease expires, or until the apartment is rented.

Yesterday was Father's day we had a good day. I had bought hubby a massage mat that he is really enjoying. We went to P for a late lunch, very good P And D had picked some blueberries, boy they were good on some vanilla and strawberry icecream. We came back here and went swimming from 7:30 until 9:00 water was great. The time to go swimming is after dark or just before dark no sunburn and few people in the pool.

You need to check out Rita Rudders website on ovarian cancer. She died of ovarian cancer, it is so scary that it is hard to read it.

D finally straightened out my computer. Iquess the SBC DSL disk put all kinds of crazy things on my computer. I won't be downloading anything else from them, what a mess.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

June 16,2005

Another hot day in Texas, yesterday they said stay inside because of the air quality. Today it's the heat 99 degrees? We feel like prisoners in this small apartment. I can at least spend time on the internet, but hubby has sleeping, reading or TV. I can't help searching for ovarian cancer and reading but it scares me to death. Unfortunately P has been doing the same thing and she is scared too. I just don't know how to help her, all I can do is be here. D has gall bladder problems, they should have found it years ago in NM. Surgery will be in the future we just don't know when. Now P thinks she had the cancer years ago in NM. How do you sue a third world medical system, all the good doctors have left that state. I'm torn between moving to get into a bigger place and staying here for the pool. It would be so easy to stay put and not have to move, but can we survive this place. How did Paul ever find the place that he could say he was content with whatever place he was in. Tommow we have Michelle again, she needs to go school because spiderman is going to be there. I'm not sure what we will do all day there its too hot to work in the barn. Maybe we should look at finding a movie, a long time ago we use to spend very hot days at the movies. It may be time to do that again.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

June 14, 2005

M really likes the swimming pool. She wants to stay down here all the time so she can swim.
P is trying to wait out the time to find out what is next. I really don't know how to help her or what to say to her.

We had a resident meeting yesterday. I couldn't believe that the things going on in the second phase are at the same location. The first phase is so quiet and non eventful that it doesn't seem the same location.

Family in albuquerque has been so out of touch that I wonder what is going on. It may mean a telephone call.

The weather has been bad in Oklahoma but everyone there seems ok or at least was the last time I talked to B.

Nothing going on here just hot outside so we are in watching TV. We need to go swimming again tonight.

Friday, June 10, 2005

June 10, 2005

Yesterday was a very good birthday hubby was more withit than most days lately. We had a Birthday party for the all June Bi rthdays as the apartment complex, and I was the youngest. We went shopping in Mesquite and believe it or not they don't make telephones with ditigal clocks that you can read at night. We had a conversation the first one in a long time. Hubby is as unhappy with our apartment as I am. We may try to find something to rent in Canton. We won't have the swimming pool and some of the activities but we are doing much of them anyway.

Hubby wanted a new swimming suit and the one he picked out may keep us awake at night. So we went swimming at 9:00pm last night, pool was great but not deep enough to really swim in.
The hot tub was even better, maybe hubby won't be so reluctant from now on.

Need to go grocery shopping mother hubbards cubboard is bare. Shopping is such a drag it takes all day and the lugging out of the store and into the car and into the house gets more tiring every time.

I don't need to continue trying to fit everything in this impossible apartment if we are going to move. That will be a job but maybe I can hire some help.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

June 8, 2005

One thing about a 5 hour trip with someone that can't 'hear you and doesn't want the radio on.
Lots of time to think, while you are dodging all the 18 wheelers and the road construction. Why are they repairing and re-doing all the major highways in the country. Duh!!! all these big trucks with 2 trailers are tearing up the highways yes they pay lots of taxes to be able to drive on the highways. But, is it really cost effective to keep having to repair the roadways over and over again yes it does keep the road crew employed. Why aren't we using other means of transporting goods across country. Weren't the railroad suppose to do that we have let all the railroads deteriorate. The railroads use to employ a lot of people too. When I was a kid and all the way through my generation I knew a lot of people that worked on railroads do you know anyone now that does. Yes a friend of mines sisters husband has recently retired from the railroad. How many accidents have been caused by the big rigs, most of us hate to drive on the major highways where we have to fight with them to just drive down the road. The price of gas today can't make them cost effective. This picture seems to make as much sense as watering grass to make it grow and then complaining about having to mow it.