Sunday, December 28, 2008

Home again home again hopity hop

I wish it was that easy to fly anywhere these days. Southwest is limited by something called the Wright amendment. That keeps them from flying directly to some cities. I don't know if that was the reason but you can't fly from Oklahoma City to Albuquerque without going through Dallas. Dallas? If you look at a map you see that Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Albuquerque make a triangle. The shortest distance from one point to another is a straight line not a triangle. Any way to make a long story short. I am home again after a 2 1/2 hour delay in Dallas due to our plane being late from back east.

Christmas was good in Oklahoma and spening time with my grandkids there. Military life does not allow for holidays with families across the country. I am now going to try and be great grandma to a 6 year old for the next few days.

No longer a caregiver I will have to try to restructure my life in another direction. I started calling while out of town to make Doctors appointments. My next problem is a church service so early that it mess's up my entire day. I am going to try the other church services before I give up on the church. They have been so good to me all this year.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas's Past

My granddaughter and her military hubby are with us for the holiday, this led to the memory of a past Christmas.

I was very much PG, as my granddaughter is, I had been with hubby in Quantico, Virginia. The plan was that I would fly from VA to Colorado, before Christmas as hubby was finishing school and I was close to my due date. We had saved, at great hardship, on a corporal's pay, my airfare and hubby's busfare. Hubby's cousin and her hubby we stationed with us. We loaned part of our careful stash to them for an emergency. Time came for me to leave and the loan could not be repaid. My airfare was covered but not hubbys busfare. I flew home and hubby was to hitchhike across country.

Marines during Korean War could get a ride anywhere. Hubby made it as far as Ohio and was left at the side of the road in a snow storm. Hubby walked a ways and found a stranded motorist. A young mother with a little girl, she had a flat tire, She was struggling to change it herself. Hubby changed her tire. She took him home to her brothers, a couple of hundred miles down the road. The lady was a recent widow. Her hubby had been killed in Korea. Her brother was so greatful, he purchased hubby a bus ticket on to Colorado.

Marines today would be taking there life in there hands to hitchhike anywhere. I am so grateful to that family for there help in our time of need. Hubby made buck sargent right after our first was born. Military life has its ups and downs and is very different than ours half a century ago.

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 19, 2008


I am traveling again, Bruce and I are back in Oklahoma, he had things he needed to take care of and I came along. I haven't been to Oklahoma in a long time and there are grandkids here with great grans on the way.

Bruce took me shopping today, I had nothing to wear to the funeral. Sears and I have become good friends since I opened that account. I just wanted the 15% off the pair of shoes I bought. Michelle and I did all of our shopping at Sears in Tyler. Today I was lucky enough to find things that fit and didn't make me look too frumpy. Skirts are out of the question they all looked frumpy. Pants are way too long so I will have to hem them up. I am just hoping this daughter in law has needle and threat. I don't know how I managed to get two daughter in laws that have nothing to do with sewing.

We will be on our way back to Texas Sunday to spend Sunday night and Monday with David, Michelle and Gloria. The funeral is Monday afternoon and a dinner afterwards in the fellowship hall. Pat, Linda and Melissa will meet us in Texas Sunday afternoon. I am not sure where I will be spending Christmas. It doesn't seem like Christmas.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No longer a Caregiver

255 posts, I started this when I had a new mission in life caring for my hubby and sick daughter. My hubby died last year and now Penni today. I quess I ceased being a caregiver when my daughter sent me back to Albuquerque in April but I still felt that way. I can't imagin my life without her. Michelle ask her Daddy today how do we make a new life without Mommie, now I am asking the same thing. Bruce is coming down later today. I am waiting until it is at least 6:oo am before I start calling New Mexico.

Penni was asleep or so drugged we couldn't wake her all day yesterday and last night. We held her hand and talked to her. One of her favorite deacons came and prayed with us last night. I was up and held her hand about 3:30 AM she died about 4:30 AM. She knew we were all here and loved her, even the kitties have been upset.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What a Diffiferent a few hours make

Penni was almost pain free yesterday afternoon. We spent some time cleaning up her craft room. Things were out of place from her last scrapbook day. We spent several hours putting them away.

When we went to bed last night her pain started and has continued all day today. We have had to give her so many drugs that she has been sleeping all day. The nurse says she won't last until Christmas. Penni has proved them wrong before. Please just pray that she is not in pain.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Celebrate for a Daughter

A Dallas Morning News reporter has been following Penni for the last year and the results of her tapeing can now be seen at: .

I met one of grandaughters friend's mother in the supermarket today and found out who my fruitvale reader is, I wish more people who read would identify themselves. I feel like I am posting to the wind sometimes and sometimes you wish I was posting to the wind.

Do watch Penni's video I am so proud of all my kids but I think you will have to admit this one is special.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Off to Texas

If you have been reading Penni's posts you know she has been struggling with a eye. After all she has been through with it she has lost the sight in her eye. This has been very hard for her. I am flying down for awhile. I don't know how long but as long as she needs me.

I have put everything on hold here and I am going. I have had to pack my suit case 3 times. I too my robe off and packed it. Without realizing my cell phone was in the pocket. I had Pat put my suitcase in the car and then I couldn't find my cell phone. I was outside in the garage slippers an all, calling my cellphone , sure enough my suitcase was ringing. I had to drag it back into the house and dig my robe out. I hope that was the last time I have to pack it today. I don't know how I got this on itailits. More from Texas.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Another Post

I spend weeks without any thing to blog about and then everything comes at once.

I love the section in my newspaper called Today in History. I can connect so much of my and hubby's life with what they print. Today's provoked so many emotional memories. The little statement that in 1969, the US govermenet held its first draft lottery since World War II.

My oldest son was a senior in High School about to graduate and go on to college. He has several track schollarships but not the one he wanted. So my hard headed son deceided to go to school by the Police Aides Program, but I am getting ahead of the story. He had surrendered to preach and I believe he had been licensed. His draft number was a very low number and I was panicked that he would be called. I had married a Marine at the beginning of the Korean War. I was too young to really think that through that I could be a widow at a very young age. The thought of my oldest son (that I depended on for so very much) could be cannon founder, was more than I could bear. I pleaded with him to get a deferment for his clergy connection but he would have none of it.

To made a long story short he was never called and my worry was for nothing like most worrys are. He did graduate and go on to college living at home while in college. It wasn't until he was in college that I discovered what a brillant mind he had. I just thought all kids were like that. He didn't show that side of his mind until he deceided he wanted to get married. I insistented that he finish college first so he did. He finished college in 2 1/2 years and with top honors. I finally realized that he could do anything he wanted to.

Because he has lived away from his father and I all of his adult life I have not had the opportunity to help him as much as the rest. But that doesn't matter that I still think of him and read his blog daily. When I was in Texas he made the long drive helped when needed. He is continuing to see his sister when ever he can and for that I am so greatful. He is being there when I can't.

Sorry but that little statment released so many memeories today.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 1950

I was a newlywed at this Thanksgiving, we had only been married about a month.

Hubby was a Marine at Barstow Marine Base in California. He had many friends among the other Marines his best friend was a Marine by the name of Homer Wittwer. (Strange I can't remember what my telephone number in Texas was, but I remember his name.) He was engaged to a local girl and we spent a lot of time with her family. Hubby and Homer had entered a turkey shoot and won a turkey. Homer's girls mother volunteered to cook the turkey. I had no idea how to cook a turkey. We had Thanksgiving dinner at their home and spent the evening on the dessert

Homer had a dunebuggy that we spent a lot of time driving all over the Mojav Dessert. The stars were so bright and close it looked like you could reach up and pick them. The weather was great a light jacket was all you needed. We played hide and seek , hidding behind some bushes that dared to grow in the sand.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Loma Linda, California

Watching Ophra yesterday, a city from my past was highlighted as the one place in the US that people live to an extended life some over 100 years of age.

When hubby first left the service and started to California Baptist College at Riverside, California. The boys were little and Pat had suffered with one ear ache after another all the time hubby had been home from Japan. The Doc suggested that he have his tonsiles out. The closest hospital was in Loma Linda. Loma Linda was the neighboring city to Riverside and Pat had his tonsils out there.

Hubby's great aunt and uncle had retired and moved to Loma Linda because it had a large Seventh Day Adventist settlement. Hubby's grandmother had become a Seventh Day Adventist later in life along with her brother George and wife Vashiti. We were invited to stay during the day that we couldn't get in the hospital with them. We partook of several meals with them. This was greatly appreciated as we were a young stuggling family with hubby in school. We were served tofu hamburgers and hotdogs. Hubby was a big meat and potatoes man and of course tofu was very new and different. He called it ersatz meat and it became a joke of the family that nothing was as bad as ersatz hamburgers.

The life style of the Seventh Day Adventist has been paying off for them as the proof of the advanced age of their members. We have been in the midst of Thanksgiving so all I could think of was a tofu turkey. Hubby would have veto that in a hurry

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Settling in

I'm still trying to get pictures up and all the little things that I like to suround myself with. All my wall space is up so high that I would have to use a ladder and I am not sure I trust myself on one. I keep grandson busy on Saturdays but I always have more for him to do.

Mixed blessing that I am going to be great gramdma again. These things never happen at a time that is working for us. We will g et to have number one great grand for Christmas. If every thing works out he will be staying with me. My son's house is full and overflowing.

I am having such strang Sunday's church is at 8:00 AM then Sunday School. I am coming home to a empty house at 10:30. Shari is working and son's house is busy on their Sunday schedule. I am going up at 3:00 to have lunch with Shari it gets her out of the store for 30 minutes. I need to pickup a perscription anyway.

I called and talked to Penni she was having a good day. Last week was bad for her, but her tummy is open and flat for the time being. She is continuing to lose weight. We all feel so helpless that nothing can be done. I marvel at her cheerful attitude in spite of everything. Her goats have new playmates it is not just a sleepover. They have a young male in the mix so more babies are in the picture. Jingle bells was protecting floppy. I am so happy that they are accepting floppy finely. Floppy thought Penni was her mommie for a very long time.

I'm so disappointed to read that Georgia has some racial problems. The election of a our new president has brought out children chanting for the assassination of Obama. This is not something they thought up by themselves. I have lived though the terror of a president being assassinated before that I should never do that again. Poor losers, all of us have lived with losing out on our choice for the last 8 years. Can't they live with our choice for the next 4 hopefuly 8 years. I have such high hope Obama, God protect him and let him try to clean up this mess. I have grandkids and now grandgrands that need a good econmy.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Just a update on moving. I finished planting my bulbs I bought a couple of months ago. It is hard work pouring potting soil into containers potting soil is heavy and trying to lift it up to pour is hard work.

Number two son helped me post some pictures on my web site. But darling daughter tells me she can't get to my site to see them. I hope she gets her computer fixed soon.

The day lillies that I planted some months ago are coming up that isn't suppose to happen until next fall. I hope the winter doesn't kill them I am so looking foreward to day lillies.

I have decieded that I need a dog. I have been looking on line to fine a dog to adopt but nothing has clicked. I quess I will have to keep looking at the ones for adoption in the paper.

Today is Melissa's Birthday. We are having dinner at her mom's so that boy friend can be there. He is a really nice guy, he has a strong back and he was a big help in moving. Poor guy he came home from school two weekends in a row to help move and put up with this screwy family. Moving is not easy at the best but this move was so unorganized and hecktic that I don't know how we did it.

I am still unpacking boxes and my be for the next six months.

Well Happy Birthday to Granddaughter Melissa.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Penni when she was five years old

Last Halloween

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still Moving

I may be moving for the rest of my life, anyway that's the way I feel today. Most of the heavy stuff is in the house. The little bedroom is still just piled full of boxes. I have been working on the kitchen and bedroom. I finally have someone here to install my TV today. I hope it doesn't cost too much my handyman hit me up for his bill. I have been sailing along for a month and not paying him so it was a big bill. He does so much for me. I called him in a hurry yesterday. They came to install my washer and dryer. The cold water fauscet wouldn't stop leaking. I had to have new fauscets for both of them and long water hoses. The space for the washer and dryer is just a small closet. When you hook up the mchine there is no room to get out from behind it. I is really tricky to get it hooked up and have the room to get out too.

I don't have any wall space no place to hang my paintings. I may have to hang some up above the bookcases, with the ceiling so high I may have to get use to seeeing my paintings at sky level instead of eye level.

I am hoping to finish up this weekend. My lease doesn't end until the 31st but I can't wait to see the end of the parking problems.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Terriffic Repose

My great massage therapist and I, went to a Bed and Breafast for a couple of days. This is a new BandB that they can't advertise yet. But if you want to see what is in the future go to and see for yourself. My hubby and I were lucky to have them work on our house when the plastic pipe broke. They have sence then made their own adobe's and built this beatiful B and B. Hubby and I were up there several times while they were building. Hubby loved walking over to the edge of the cliff and taking pictures of the huge valley that the B and B overlooks. These few days were the beginning of fall and the sharp drop in tempature.

They kept a fire in the great room and it was nice and toasty. The food was out of this world and so much of it. Our waiter at the table was their 10 year old son and he would put most of the waiters in Alb to shame.

I came back ready to tackle the rest of my move. Grandkids are set to finish it Saturday. My new bed is still on backorder so I am canceling that order. I have spent an hour on the phone trying to get the credit card company to cancel the payment. Tomorrow I will tackle the furniture company to cancel the order.

I still need to buy a washer and dryer. I had better get on that I hope I won't have to order that. I will need to wash clothes when I get over there.

I try to talk to P every day. It is so hard not to rush out there and be with her. But I know I would just be in the way. It hurts so hard to hear that she is planning the music and pictures for her furneal. It is so hard not to cry every time.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Moving Again

I'm trying to move again, it just seems like yesterday that I moved from Texas. I was so much more organized. I'm still trying to pack. Matt that has been helping with all the little things at the house he has moved a truck load today. I have help coming Saturday and Eddie is suppose to help. He has trouble getting away from his girl friend to help me move. I'm going to move into the kitchen and start in there tomorrow. My new bed doesn't get here until next week.

I had a ultra sound this morning it show nothing amiss. So I've had lots of tests for nothing except every thing is pretty good. I quess it was good that nothing came of it they don't do surgery in people over 75.

I've discovered Jon Stewart for my nightly chuckle before I go to bed I recommend that highly.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Friends , Friends and more Friends

What would I do without wonderful friends in both Texas and New Mexico. My transportation friends in Texas came through and took me to Love Field when I needed to go. My number one son was johnny on the spot to pick me up when I flew into Texas.

Number two son picked me up when I flew in this week. Time is going by so fast that I am looking at a move that is picking up quickly. It has taken me a couple of days to get back on my feet and start to organize this move. Two friends one each day said I needed a massaage. So I called my dear friend and massuse and she was right here last night. I was having trouble parking my car in the horrible city side of my apartment and she even parked it for me. We had made plans to go to her son and daughter-in-laws Bed in Breakfast. It is in the mountains bewteen Santa Fe and Las Vegas in New Mexico. My original plan was to be moved by then it doesn't seem possible now it is only one week away. But moved or not I want to spend a night up there while the weather is still pretty.

I am off to buy my new bed this morning while my grandson is tackling the roots of that giant juniper.

While I am on the idea number two son fixted my computer so that I can see that people are reading my blog. I wish the Santa Fe reader would leave a answer to one of my posts so I could get an idea of who it is. Oklahoma and Mississppi I can quess even if they don't leave a comment. Those out side of the US is really a mystery. I was ready to quit blogging until Pat showed me that I did have a readership. I say THANK YOU to all of you who take your time to read my thoughts. The journey of the last seven years yes even before I began blogging have been a very trying time and my blogging has been a great help.

I am really having to use friends and some family to help me move.

We had a family and friends gathering to listen to the VP debate it was such a great time I will have to tell you about that later.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Home Again

If you have been reading Penni's blog you know what a heaven sent recovery she has been making. I have been torn between staying with my daughter and coming home to move.
I left in such a rush that I had moved one load of boxes from the office. The rest of the packed up office is still sitting there. I have decided to move one room at a time beginning with the office.

Eddie tried to move the couch into my new office and they couldn't get through the door from the living room. I have to see what is going on with that. He also got all the tree limbs out of the patio from the tree he cut down. He got rid of the terrible big juniper in the front yard you can really see the house now. It was so hard to leave Penni but she is doing so much better and I really need to get this move over.

My church in Texas found out I was there and why and they covered us up with food. Penni's church brought more so even there was a lot of us we had more than enough to eat.

More on the move later.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Off Again to Texas

I got a phone call from Texas this morning so i am off again to Texas. Oldest son meeting me in Dallas.

If you want more info see Penni's blog,

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Scarry, Scarry weather

I spent Friday night watching the hurracane it hurt. I was watching the wind first and then watching the news today Sunday Watching all the places that Jean, Hubby and I spent the summer roaming through and around. They are reporting from some of the little cities that we roamed through there little antingue shops. It really hurts to see them totally distroyed.

I am in the sign the papers and wait. Sellers out of town we have to wait for them to sign papers.
I am looking for someone to do yard work. I want that Hugh bush in front of the house removed. The old house on 67Th had a Hugh rose bush in the front hubby couldn't get that cut back. I notice its a little bigger now but still well and blooming away. This thing is just an overgrown juniper and I'm allergies to juniper I'm thinking about a lilac there.

I think I have solved the problem of not seeing who is at the front gate. There is a little camera that will let me see on the TV who is out there. Pat says he still has the one I gave him. If he can't find it I will have to chase one down.

Gloria and I are going shopping in Santa Fe tomorrow I am looking fore ward to that. I'll let you know how that goes.

Monday, September 08, 2008

New Computer

I finally have my new computer up and running. Pat and Linda were over Friday night and helped me get all of my Quicken moved over and in the program and running. Mark spent most of Sunday with me helping me get every thing up and running like my old one. We cleaned off the old computer so that I can give it to my friend that has been my main stay since I have been back to New Mexico. She has helped my transition to my apartment and helped with my search for a new house. My new house is just down the street from her it will save a lot in gas running back and forth.

I got a strange phone call from a friend from Union days. I called her awhile ago to let her know I was back in town. She has put me on the mailing list for Retiree Union Group. I planned to join again as I have missed that connection. I call was asking me to be sure and be at the next meeting, a couple of weeks away. I was planning on going anyway. But the catch on why they want me there. They want me to take the Vice President place on the Board. That is really getting in with both feet. I am not sure I am healthy enough or do I want that much responsibility.

I have some X-rays on Wednesday and I am suppose to sign papers on Friday. But still no time just a date. I called PB at ask about what time so that I could move my hair appointment. PB said no time has been given us so they can sign on our time not on there's.

I am putting off doing my paper work so I need to jump in.

Melissa has a new boy friend it is so nice to see her happy again. The boy Alex is so polite it is scary. But really is very nice and very very polite.

I got a very sweet card from Texas and Michelle.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day

Very quiet I guess I'll stay at home all day. I spent most of the day with Pat and family yesterday. I'm not sure about them very one sits around listening to Pat, Linda and I to talk. It is very good to just talk and visit with all of them.

I'm just waiting for the signing of the papers so that I can begin to move.

B fussed about the mattress that I was sleeping on in Texas so I sold the one had been sleeping on. I brought the one hubby was sleeping on. That one was the new pillow top that we bought when we first moved to Texas. So. . . as mattress goes that wasn't too old. Mattress and box springs are very high. I have to use a step stool to get into the bed. I was sleeping on the right side and I feel that it was slopping. I moved to the left side and that is more comfortable. I still don't like the step stool. I have been wondering about a twin bed size that would give me more room in the bedroom. Pat is pushing for a number mattress but that is very expensive.

I guess it is time to work on the pillows for the sofa. I will need to buy a new mattress for the sofa. Pat's family is enjoying sitting and laying on the sofa it seems to be extremely comfortable.

Less than 2 weeks before we sign the papers. I am still waiting for some papers for the mortgage company.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

At Home at last

I flew home on Monday the 11th leaving Penni in a lot of pain. Gloria was with her and the hospic nurse was on her way. I had already purchased the ticket and all the arrangements were made. I am so glad they increased her pain med so she doesn't hurt.

Sunday night I had to do a scary thing. I bought a house sight unseen. Two good friends had been looking for a house for two weeks. On of my friends is a real estate agent the other just a good friend. I had made a bid on the house on there recomendation with a item that I had to see the house on Monday. The seller agreed to sell to me if I bought it sight unseen. Two or three other bids were on the house. I removed the item and bought the house sight unseen. I guess he thought if I was stuipd enought to do that I deserved to have the house. The good thing is that I really like the house. A two bedroom patio home in my old neighborhood. The address is on 67th street again. it is just on the other side of St. Joseph from my old house. The only problem is the size it is only 785 square feet. I bearly got everything in this 1000 square feet apartment.

The crazy thing is I bought a couch yesterday. It is a hide a bed covered with the fabric of the drapes I have been carrying around for 10 years. The hide a bed needs new covers on the seat pillows. I have plenty of fabric to cover them again. It really needs to be shampooed. In the mean while poor son had to rearrange his living room to store the new couch.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Comfort Zone

M was wanting to be in a comfort zone last night, she wanted to sleep with me. When I lived here she slept with me a lot, at that time we were sleeping on a queen size bed. Last night we both slept on a single bed, it was crowed but she wanted to do that. This morning she ask me to pick out a outfit for her to wear to Bible school. She had about 6 different outfits laid out on her bed, any of them were good matches. It is very srange that people on What Not to Weat can't pick out one matching outfit and a 8 year old could already pick out very good outfits.

Mom and Dad come home today and Dad goes to work this weekend. I have a few little things I want to do before I go home. I need to visit the good will and the dollar store one of them has to have a picture frame the right size.

The house I wanted to see in Albuquerque sold yesterday so I may have to look in a diffferent direction. Everybody is afraid I'm going to choose a house right away and be sorry I didn't look a little longer. Yes, I am anxious to get settled but they fail to remember how well I like to look at houses. Hubby use to think I wore the tires out on the car looking at houses. I remember bubba being unhappy with me because I wanted to look at houses after I picked him up from school. Maybe bubba can help me find a house again.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ticket Home

I have purchased my ticket to go home on Monday 11th. I need to let P and her family have some time alone. Vacation Bible School is next week and I'm staying to take M every day. I have made plans with Deanne to have lunch on tuesday. Wednesday I go back to the foot doc. He wants to take my whole nail off and I'm afraid to have it new and painful while I'm trying to go through security and get all the way through airports. Gloria says it will be painful to sit in the plane for two hours. I'm not sure I'll let him to that.

We are going to get M hair trimed not cut we have to stress that today and then we are off to First Monday. I'll not sure how long that will last as P seems pretty tired today.

Looking at listings for houses on line has been a great way of spending time but I'm going to have to see them in person. I know that losing the other patio home was the best thing but I'm not sure how the financial thing is going to work out for buying one that is ready to live in.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mini Family Reunion

So good to have P and L here. They were only here for two days, but they were quality days. The days were spent just sitting around and talking. Both evenings we spent at the motel with our fish in the pool. Aunt L was in with her both days and Uncle P the last night. M is just learning to swim and she doesn't have a lot of confidence without her little orange entertube. Uncle P took some movies of her swimming. Terrific to have part of my family together. Uncle B and Aunt K will be here tomorrow. P doesn't get to spend a lot of time with P and L so these last couple of days have been extra special. Too bad the grandkids weren't here but P saw them when she was in New Mexico.

I called the beauty shop that I was using before I left. They remembered and and I didn't have any trouble getting in. I was introduced to some ladies from First Methodist that I hadn't met before, I haven't got in touch with anyone from the church. I need to do that this coming week. Daryl that does my hair is interested in coming to New Mexico he wants to go to Red River he knows someone that has vacation cabins there he enjoys talking about New Mexico. He usually goes to Nevada.

We are looking foreward to B and K being here Sunday and Monday. Too bad I couldn't get both of the boys together.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Texas Again

Here I am again, it is just like I never left.

Plane trip was fine, M slept most of the way. P and D picked us up and we have a trip to Denny's on the way home. P was tired when we got home but seemed fine. We went to "Mama Mia" on Saturday. What fun it was a girls trip to the big city of Athens an afternoon movie and a late lunch. Sunday I was a little under the weather so I laid low. Today Terri took me to Terrell to the foot doctor. He cut my ingrown toenail out again I hope it is going to work this time.

I got a call from Shari and Rich last night. The house has mold and it is black, but the good news is that its only on the wallboard which can be replaced. Rich is finding out how much it is going to take to get this problem taken care of. I called the owners with the news and ask them to go and check out the problem for themselves. They are not interested and looking at it. They are going to take our word for the problem and how much to repair it. As soon as I get this last piece of info I can start neotiations again.

P tired after her trip to Dallas today but it is 100 degrees and the heat got to her. She rested and is up working on her blog. Stop by and leave her a message she is really enjoying them.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Other Shoe

The other shoe has finally dropped today. P Doctor has finally given up he has been so slow to give up Bless him he has tried every thing he could.

Michelle's other grandfather is going to drive her here to ABQ. Michelle and I are scheduled to fly to big D on Thursday. I guess D will meet us at the airport. I am so anxious to see P but the conditions are terrible.

I started negotations this week. Started out with tea and packets here at the house. Bev has given me a counter offer over the phone at the same time that they ask me to go to Texas. I was pretty emotional at the time she gave the same counter that she was throwing out without any input from the rest of the partners. She lied again that they had spent some time discussing this and they came up with the same she was throwing out at the table. She lied about showing athe house several times. We have proved that go one has been in the house but me and the people with me. After discussing it with Pat he was thinking more clearly than I am. I called back an gave another counter.

I have been cancelling doc appointments and rescheduleing some of them. Help me think of what I can do or say for P. I want to be with her but I'm not sure I can do it.

Friday, July 04, 2008

New Statement to Live by

Found this on the internet i like it.

Life is to short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the ones who don't. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.

I like this!

Happy Fourth of July

Strange 4th I have spent the day by myself. Gloria came and did a massage other than that I have been by myself. Shari called this morning she is working today and doing a cookout for everybody working there. I spent the day writting letters to the docs and hosptials to get hubby's medical records sent to me. I mailed off the information to have the VA requesting the records be sent to them so they can check on the reason for his death If we can show a military connection it means several more hundreds of dollars a month for me.

Penni and I decided we needed statement attached to the back of the prayer in the picture frame in Michelle's bedroom. I've been working on one. I'm going to post it here also deleting some of the names.

This sampler was made in 1953 by Grandma C she was Grandma Bs mother. Grandma B was Grand Tena's mother. Your mother use to go to Colorado to spend part of the summer with her. Grandma C's husband was in the Civil War this is documented with the Daughters of the Confederacy. You are entitled to belong to the Daughters of the Confederacy.

The sampler was made for Uncle P before he was born 1953. The sampler is a prayer that was hung in Uncle P's room until he grew up. The prayer was hung again in your mother's room until she grew up. The prayer was hung again in Cousin M's room until she grew up Mommy ask for the prayer so M could have it in her room. The prayer was located, restored and sealed in the picture frame for you. Please take care of it for your little girl or boy.

Grandma C taught Grandma Tena to embroidery when Grandma Tena was 5 years old. Grandma Tena embodied the pillows for you mommy.

I hope this hides enough for the internet. I also hope it is enough information so a little girl won't forget the importance of the picture.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

PENNI was just here

Penni and family were just here for only 3 days. Penni ate at Dions twice one of the things she wanted to do. We all went to Santa Fe to the National Cementary. There was a head stone for her fathers grave. I have been so spacey for all the the things about his death. I have just shoved all of that stuff away and I haven't been able to look at it. We went on to Glorieta to the Prayer Garden it was beautiful. The flowers left a lot to be desired. The plantings up there were so great in the past years. Hubby would have been disappointed. The shopping in Santa Fe was great my only second time in Coldwatercreek. I found a beautiful blouse for Penni just her style and on sale too. Problemly my only purchase in that expense store. We all had lunch at La Fonta a large round table so good to have that much of my family together. We were only missing B and family. We had some pictures taken I hope they come out good. I am anxious to see them. I was worried that the day would be too emotional but we all did pretty well. in spite of all the high emotions. We all hurt so deep in spite of our trying to hold it all in. David just carried it off well he loves Penni so much to be able to do this for her. They are off on the airplane home this morning. I couldn't get up to see them off. The walking yesterday just finished off my knees and I am having trouble walking. Also, I was so short of breath up in Glorieta that my chest hurt from the panting I was doing.

I have an appointment for a head MRI today I hope I can do it without panicking. I am trying to tell myself that I have to try and take care of myself now but that is hard to do. I just know I can't take care of Penni any more and boy does that hurt. They found a knot on my thyroid I don't know what that means yet. Shari has offered to go to the MRI with me today.

Patio home is on hold until I get some figures from the contractors.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life is moving fast

I have been seeing a counselor I am hoping it will keep me from having anymore meltdowns. I am hoping that will satisfy my primarly care doc. I don't want to take any anti-depression pills.

A for sale sprouted up a few doors from Shari. It turned out to be the same floor plan as hers but it has been rented for the last 5 years and needs some TLC. I am trying to get some idea if I can qualify to buy it. I may not have enough money to buy it and fix it up too. I thought I had a VA loan coming but I found out that I don't. If hubby had died of a disability I could have the loan but because he didn't the paper for the VA loan is worthless.

You spend almost 57 years thinking of both of us as one individual and it is hard to seperate yourself after hubby leaves.

I have these grand plans of how I could buy the house and finish my 3 months on this lease and have the house fixed up while I am waiting out my lease. I would like to move into a freshly fixed up house so that I don't have to do anything. Shari has been throwing cold water on all my plans saying that it should be a fixer upper and that I should wait to do the repairs until after I move in. Otherwise the buyers would want more money for the house after it was fixed up. I now am having second thoughts about buying it. I don't want them tearing up the tiles in the bathroom, and painting after I move in. No, the more I think about it the more I don't want to live in the house while it is being repaired. Oh well it was a good idea anyway.

Yesterday was my Birthday and I had tummy problems all the night before so my lunch out and dinner out was very unsatifactory. Penni and Michelle called and sang Happy Birthday to me I am so anxious to see them next week. We are planning a outing to Santa Fe and Glorieta. Pat and family took me to dinner. Melissa and I had lunch and shopped a little I bought a dress but I think I will take it back. Bruce called while we were looking at the house and of course he doesn't want me to buy anything for 4 years as the housing market will be going down that long. I may not be alive in 4 years.

Well like I say life is moving on and am I moving with it or standing still?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Doctors Appointment

I had a terrible docors appointment. I went without taking my shingles and pain medication. I am so addicted to the pain medication. I had a melt down at the doctors office. She over reacted and wanted me to see a psychiatrist. She was holding me hostage. I had to call Pat to come an rescue me. I thought I had messed up a blood test that I took a couple of weeks ago. I went without taking my medication, so I could take another blood test. I have tried to tell her how addicted I am to that pain medication. I have to be able to get off of it some how.

Now I have to see some one to please this doctor. I still think I am entitled to a metle down once in a while. My apartment is getting to me, I can't seem to get it sorted out. I spent all yesterday afternoon trying to get my bath room put together. I am still throwing away old drugs of hubbys, also I had several bottles that my arthritis doctor had me get. I don't remember taking any of them I was in the hospital in Dallas or the rehabe. They have me taking anti depresents again. I don't know how that is going to work. I tried it once before about a year ago and it didn't work then I don't know if it will again.

Melissa, Richie and I went to early services again. Richie is so good when he is with only us. When we are with Daniel he has to compete. Shari and I went shopping for a coffee table today the one I really want is 12 inches too long. There is a round one that is a possiblity. I have to make up my mind by 6:oo pm tommorrow night. The sale goes off then. I hate to have pressure put on me. I still haven't come up with a price for the wall unit I put in the living room . I need to pay for it first.

Today's paper has come classes from the senior centers. There is one in June to be able to put ditgal pictures on the computer send them on e-mail. I think I will try to get in that one.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Unpacking still going on

I am still unpacking. My friend Shari has taken up a goodbit of my time. That is good I'm not worring about what is going on in Texas. P seems to be doing good inspite of the chemo.

My wicker furniture arrived yesterday. I love it. Some problems but I hope they will go away soon.

Last night was my first investment club meeting everyone was there it was great. I'm back in officially the buy in wasn't too great. No meetings for the summer but we start again in September and are planing a trip either late October or the first of November. It is so great to be with them again. Most of them came to Texas to visit me last October. Billie spent alittle while with me today. I didn't realize how worried they were about me while I was in Texas. I know I was really low but Billie could hear it in my voice.

I got a traffic ticket Sunday night there was no place to park on either side of the street except on the yellow line and I parked there and of course it was a $20.00 fine.

Shari is off tomorrow I don't know where we will go. Maybe she will help me here I still need to do a picture wall in the living room. I put pictures up in the bedroom with Billie's help.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Finally I have an Internet connection

Grandson Eddie flew out to Canton on 4/19 Steven was a no show, that meant we had to pull my car behind the U-haul. Numbe one son came down to help me pack the truck and get me out of Texas. We started packing on Saturday night, we could never have got everything packed without number one son. Sunday and I had some more help my terrific massage therapist and her husband. They came and volunteered to be the muscle to carry everything to the truck. Number one son was in the truck packing everything. So far I have only found a couple of some small things that was damaged. One of my small bamboo shelves was dropped and some of the main posts are split very heavily. Hubbies foot locker that I had painted is sporting a big foot print. I wonder who that belongs to, another coat of paint will fix that.

I was panic stricken when I was directed to my new apartment one way was up 6 steep cement steps without a rail. Then along a sidewalk to the north a short way and west several feet to the apartment. That was really out of the question. I was having trouble breathing at sea level the mile high city was worse. There is a city street behind the apartments offering parking but the only way to the apartment was down a steep parking a city sidewalk and gravel , grass slope. I was fantic they couldn't find another apartment for me. I ask that stepping stones be added to the slope. They agreed but the landscaping people would have to do the work. I had volunteered to pay for the stepping stones. It has taken 2 weeks for them to get them installed but they work well. I am not afraid of falling like I was on the gravel.

The apartment is great the two bedrooms is working out a lot better than one. I have so much stuff to put in an offiice. While I was packing the roll top desk, I was wondering where I was going to put all of it if, I sold the desk. So the simple idea was just to take it with me.

The only thing that son was upset about was the patio table I use as a kitchen table. It is wrought iron and the legs don't come off. I just told every one that number one son was in charge and just do it his way and everything would go well and, it did. I'm giving number one son a hard time but really if he hadn't come down my time schedule would never have worked. He was wonderful to take his weekend to help momie pack and get out of Texas.

I am so set on doing a white wicker bedroom but I can't find any white wicker. I have been trying to buy some on line. It is out of New York they are suppose to pay the shipping I hope they do that is a long way.

My friend Shari from the neighborhood association has been a great friend, she has run around with me looking at furniture and she has sold me some of the furniture she hauled back from California. Shari's aunt passed away and she brought some of the really nice pieces back. I got a great leather chair and foot stool the chair reclines without being a recliner per say. The next piece is really a wall unit. Two book cases with a piece that includes a drop down desk. I am trying to fit it into my living room. Annie has been great to take me out and cheer me up when I am blue about leaving P in Texas.

Pat and family have just been living with me helping in everything Pat and wife put my kitchen hutch together. Don't ever buy furniture that has to be put together what a nightmare a jillen little pieces and all those screws. Melissa has been here emptying boxes and lugging books around grandma can't decide where she wants them.

Mother's day was great we all went to church together and finished that off with bar que from Powdell's. I received telephone calls from P and from number one son.

I think that catches my life up to the present. I promise it won't be that long before I post again.

Friday, April 04, 2008

internet problems

There is something wrong with the Wildblue equipment at my house. For the less than 20 days I am going to be there, I'm not going to pay for the service call. I am at p house using her wildblue connectiion to pay bills and hopefully finish my income tax.

I am living in a sea of boxes and things for our estate sale. They start moving them out on Tuesday. I have all my clothes in a suitcase so we can sell the desser and chest of drawers. The bedside tables were the hardest to clear out.

I'm going to be living here with an empty house for a week before the boys get here to drive me back to Albuquerque.

When I get back to Albuquerque I'll have more to say and a new e-mail address.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I am always leary of people who go around saying how Blessed they are but I have felt that way so much lately. The people at church are going to move everything for my estate sale to a house in the middle of Canton on the main highway. It couldn't be a more perfect place to hold the sale. The moving of everything is going to be a huge huge job, but I have been assured that they will take care of all of it.

Talking with my friend that lost her husband a month before mine, I have felt Blessed that hubby was concerned enough about me to give me his retirement income when he died. When we retired we could have retired 9 different ways. We worked out how much each of us would have if the other one died. We equaled that out, so that each of us had the same amount of money if the other one died. We took less money while hubby was alive so that I could recieve his retirement after he was gone. Neither of us had a lot of life insurance but my income is enough that I can live comfortably on it. I do feel Blessed that hubby was concerned about how I could live monetarially without him.

Two other super friends have been apartment shopping for me all day Friday and found me what sounds like a perfect apartment. The apartment is just up the hill from Coors and Montano, behind the pizza place. We have been faxing the first forms to get the process started today. Two bedrooms in over 1,000 square feet, and in my price range if I sign a 6 months lease. Heaven forbid one move is enough I don't plan on moving again any time soon. I guess I shouldn't even thing that. Now I have to line up my grandsons to pack me and drive me to Albuquerque.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The title of my blog is in caps because my friends that just left are just that capitol people. Two of my good friends from New Mexico have been here for almost a week. They came to pack me up so I could move. Now that is friends that are SUPER. It has taken me several days to get over there being here. Trying to keep up with them just about did me in.

I drove to Dallas yesterday P was along to keep me awake but we did just fine. I am going to be able to drive again. This having to have people take me to Dallas is for the birds.

My patio home in Albuquerque didn't work out so. A couple of friends are looking at apartments for me. It is so upseting not to know where I am going to land. I think I will be more settled once I know where I am going.

Well, I have just been told I can't hold an estate sale here. I have just read my lease and it does not say anything about an estate sale. Now do I go ahead and hold one and make a enemy of the mangers that have been friends or do I try to do something else. At this point I don't know what the something else would be. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

Going through drawers and baskets under the bathroom sinks. I have a large bag to go to the good will. I have a large box of things for P and her m inlaw. I still have a lot of things to be mailed to Melissa( I can't find a box the right size to mail her things in).

A good friend in Albuquerque is chasing down a patio home in my old neighborhood. I have been waiting almost a week to hear about that one. I am waiting for an apartment magzine from P. I can't seem to be content to wait on a place to movein to. I would be a lot more at peace if I knew where I would be living in Albuquerque.

I'm waiting to hear if I can hold an estate sale here at the lakeside village. It will be a huge problem to move every thing somewhere else to sell. I'm still thinking of maybe taking only a u-haul trailer behind my car rather than a u-haul truck. Do I want to take a bed, table and chairs, and the two recliners. That would be the bare minimal to start over again with, or do I really want to really start over again and buy everything new.

I start rehab next week. I hope to have more strength so I can do more things.

My son tells me I don't have to rename my blog, so I'll leave it alone for now.

Monday, February 25, 2008


I became a caregiver with a doctors diagnose for my hubby. When he was diagnosed with Alzhemhiers. I spent 6 years as his caregiver and added my daughter and grandaughter with the cancer diagnose 3 1/2 years ago. As fast as I became a caregiver my duties were over first hubby died and then my heath hit rock bottom. First came shingles the biggest warning sign that could have hit me. Next the vertebras in my back began to crumble. Since Thanksgiving three of my vertebras have crumbled and I have had to have surgery. I can no longer take care of someone else and most of the time I can't take care of myself

My oldest son told me that caregivers only last 18months before their health begins to fail. I guess I outlasted that by a few years. The decisons that my health has forced on me have been so painful that I have been trying to avoid them. My oldest son has been forceing them.

I can no longer stay in Texas, I have become a liabilty to my daughter rather than a help. It has been a very unsetting to me to be a liability rather than the caregiver. I am going back to Albuquerque the end of April when my lease is up. I now have the big big task of clearing out my house and moving.

I have spent the last 10 days of getting rid of paper, paper and more paper. I am going to try and sell everything I can so that I don't have to move so much. I have friends trying to find me a place to live in Alb. It will make things so much more settleing to have a place to movein in Alb.

I need a new name for my blog as I can't be a caregiver anymore.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

4 visits to hospitals

Starting with last Thanksgiving, all the month of December I was in either Kaufman Pres hospital , Baylor hospital or Baylor Rehab. I had back surgery December 13th kphoplasty for vertebral compression fractures. The first fracture was up high where my bra strap goes across.
Second vertbra was low in my back. Second surgery was January 28. Third vertbra was low on my back about the same place as the second one. I was in pain with the third vertbra a very long time. We couldn't get the third surgery scheduled soon enough. Third surgery was February 14.

I spent another weekend in hospital in Tyler while they checked out my heart and lungs. Heart docs want me not to drink too much as I am water logged. No salt at all. The minute you go into the hospital or parimeds they plugg you into a IV. Three times Baylor has done x-rays, ekg's, lots of blood work and P tests. Never once have I been told to stop drinking water and they have hooked me up to IV's the whole time, it makes sence to restrick salt.

B was down from Okla for the first surgery, but I have had to arrange for rides to and from Dallas. P and David were with me for the second surgery, they were also with me for the weekend Tyler hosptal stay. P from Albuquerque flew into for the couple of days after surgery. P flew back to Albuquerque this morning. I am going to have to beg another ride to Dallas for my next check with back suregon.

My Sunday School class and the mission circles at church has been so terribly teriffic. It takes about 6 hours to drive to Dallas see doctors and drive home. You need to understand this is more than a 15 minute drive across town and an hour in a doctors office. This is a full day committment to take me to the doctor in Dallas.

My primary care doctor has given me some new medicine it is call Foreteo. I give myself a shot in the tummy every night at 10:00. Literature with this new med says " after you have had the first vertebra compression fracture you are 5 times as likely to have a second one, after you have had the second one you are as 12 times as likely to have a third." They didn't go on from there I am afraid to ask about the 4th or 5th. B ask if they could just fill them all up they have to be fractured to fil them up but medicare only lets them do 3 at one time. So far my MRI's only show the one at the time.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

20 degrees below 0

45 years ago Colorado was in the deep freeze. It was 20 degrees below 0 and my water had just broke. It was about 10:00 at night, the boys were in bed ready for school the next day. My next door neighbor was alerted to get the boys off the school the next day. Hubby was at a young chamber of commerce meeting. This was a long long time before the days of cell phones. I called around trying to find out where the meeting was held. By the time I found out it where it was they were long time gone. Hubby finally came home and we started to the hospital on the icy and snowy streets of Pueblo, Colorado.

My labor wasn't very long and we had a beautiful little girl. She was a very very little girl 5 pounds and 5 ounces. They made me stay in the hospital almost a week. She lost weight and they were trying to get her to gain more weight before she went home. Once I got her at home and off the supplement bottle they had her on she gained weight and just did great.

I've missed seeing her today she had chemo and I had an appointment with the rehab people. I took her gifts over and left them, I also baked one of the applesauce cakes for her. I know she can't eat much of the cake but maybe a taste of it will help.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Pain is taking up most of my time. I am going from one pain pill to another. I have tried to up my pain pills but that just puts me to sleep. I can live on just the one pain pill but I can't seem to do much else. I am having trouble getting rides to Dallas for my appointments. They did a
M RI on Friday. I had a very delightful day. One of my Sunday School mates drove my car to Dallas. We stopped at Hobby Lobby on the way back and had lunch at Salt Grass. Hobby Lobby doesn't have anymore embroidery kits. I am reduced to stamping my own. I did do a set of pilllow cases in cats. I quess I will give them to Michelle or Melissa they both like cats. The other stamp pictures are of hummingbirds and morning glories.

I have to go back to the Doctor on Wednesday if Steven can't take me I will have to try they Sunday School class again.

Tuesday is P birthday she has chemo on that day. I have several gifts for her I'm going to give them to her on Monday instead. They are gone to South Texas for the weekend. I am hoping it hasn't been too much for her.

I am going to tackle Melissa's room Monday she has left so many clothes. It is going to cost me a fortune to mail it all to her.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008