Tuesday, October 11, 2011

July 10, 2011

Sweetpea and I went to church afterwards we  rushed down to Monroe's for lunch with Uncle Mark and friend.  We spent a great afternoon at the aquarium  watching all the fish and visiting the gift shop.

Sweetpea has had my phone and keeps in constant contact with all her friends in New Bern.

July 12 we spent the morning at the mall and the afternoon at tumbling.

July 15 Sweetpea, Shari, Candy and I took the early morning Rail Runner to Santa Fe.  We visited the Cathedral, the chapel with the magic stairs.  We had lunch at the La Fonda and spent the afternoon shopping.  The afternoon Rail Runner full of noisy kids was a long trip home.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sunday June 26th

Continuing with the summer. 

I found another great buy at Good Will.  A Singer sewing machine a dress maker head model.   I bought it.  Sweetpea was excited and wanted to learn so sew.  I got excited that someone wanted me to teach them.  We went shopping and bought all kinds of fabric and a pattern for Sweetpea to make for Abby.

Monday 27th of June was spent cutting out fabric and sewing

29th Sweetpea at Uncle Pat's I had a MRI and a Retiree's meeting.  Sweetpea loved to play with Abby.  She acts like she has a real live doll to play with.

30th  we had lunch with my friend Candy and I took Sweetpea across town to tumbling.

4th of July we drove all over far west mesa trying to find a place to watch the fireworks.  We finally settled for the grass in front of Restaurant on Nine Mile Hill.  Watched fireworks and had a late night dinner.

5th of July Sweetpea and I both left street address and phone number at home.  We drove for hours looking for tumbling.  I was sure I could find it but I didn't.  Come to find out we drove by it several times. We couldn't see it from the main road.  Sweetpea missed tumbling and was not a happy camper.

7th of July we took directions address and phone number and found the place for Stunt Class.  We raced across town to Shari's belly dancing class.  We had permission to watch and Sweetpea was fascinated.  I fell on the way in and Sweetpea and Shari took off and didn't look back to see me fall.  I was miserable all during  class.  Everyone was disappointed that I couldn't go on to dinner.  I had to come home and collapse.

9th of July took Sweetpea to a Stamp it up class across town.  She was the youngest in a table of 6 women.  The instructor sat her next to her so the instructor could help her with a rather complicated card project.  It didn't take the instruction 10 minutes to find out Sweetpea's abilities and have her helping the rest of us to make our cards.  The ladies speculated after class at how old Sweetpea was. The youngest they guessed was high school.  Crafts are and will be a breeze for her and should be encouraged.

More log at a later date.

Suprising Sunday

I had a couple of things happen today that were most unexpected.

While I was reading before I got up this morning.  Hubby laid this arm around my shoulders.  Hubby never does anything but touch me, once in awhile. I went off to 8:00AM  service with the sky full of balloons( that Hubby loved) with a very warm feeling.  I had just stepped in the kitchen door ( with my salad for the pot luck today) when there on the floor was a penny.   My Penni sends them to me in the most unexpected places and times.  I don't know why them both chose today to send me messages of love, but the messages were received and very much appreciated.  

Saturday, October 08, 2011

catching up on Summer

I have been unable to publish anything on my blog until recently.  I am going to try and catch up on what I would have been publishing.

June 21, 2011

Hot and humid day in Albuquerque, but a special day I had all my December 30th birthdayer's together.

A Birthday picnic was planned including a cake will all the names Bruce  will be 60 (son) Eddie  will be 30 (gran son) and Michelle (gran daughter)  will be 12.  It was such a rare treat to have all of them together.  We had two tables at the neighborhood park, with 2 great grans  in attendance they got to play on the slides and money bars.  Michelle helped and even get Abby to crawl through the tunnel on top of the slide.

We stayed drinking lemonade and melting until the clown on the cake melted, that was too much.  Most of us when down the street to my little house to cool off.

I think hubby would  have been very pleased and happy for our family to have expanded to include the 12 that were present.