Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15, 1930

A baby boy was born today to a young couple he had been recently discharged from the Army. While in the army he boxed a little. He was having trouble providing for his new family so he boxed some as a civilian. Under the name of Soldier P------. He wanted his son named William. After all his name was William and he knew that his fathers name was William. He was orphaned at the age of 7. To keep the family's name carried on all the first born males should be William. This little family lived in Denver, Colorado. The depression and the search for finical security would take them to Arkansas and back to Colorado.

When this baby grew up he wanted so to be just like Dad so he joined the military but some of his friends were joining the Marines so the Marines it was for 6 years. He even joined the boxing squad, but that was cut short when the Sgt in charge found out he had just got married.

The baby born April 15, 1930 was my hubby. Our first born a boy was named William. Hubby now has a great gran son whose name is also William.

My hubby William now has 3 generation named William after him. So today would have been his 80th Birthday. He would have been so pleased that the name William has been carried out for him. Some people think, this is tax day but it is just hubby's birthday and for the generations of William's to remember him.

I am disappointed in one of Penni's friends she is into this teabag thing. Sorry I got in this facebook with her. I can't understand their way of thinking. My President is my President and deserves some respect. This President needs some time to prove himself. I can't believe people who profess to be Christians acting the way they are. Everyone deserves health care. If my daughter had had health care for a year before they found her cancer she would be alive today. No one can convince be differently.

I haven't been feeling too well today. My blood pressure must have been really low. I have just been vegging out on the couch.

I saw in the paper that my distant cousins wife died. He was the pastor of a local Baptist Church for a long time. He was a mainstream baptist before there was such a thing. He preached my Mothers funeral. I am going to the viewing with the family, just to let there daughter know I cared and recognize the relationship.

Son is working for a lawyer and loving it. He made the transition very smoothly. My retirement was more difficult.

I came back and rewrote some of this today. I felt so bad yesterday I didn't do the story of hubby justice.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Answer to Prayer?

God answers prayers in mysterious ways. I was fretting about no one to call and say let's have lunch today. Lets run away and do something silly. Go for a long drive,have lunch in a crazy place. Do something crazy and different.

I use to have a dear friend that was always up for just that kind of thing. She died before hubby. I couldn't think of anybody to call.

I was reading my morning e-mails and blogs. I was e-mailing with son-in-laws brother about something in the news. We had talked about lunch in a e-mail a week or so ago. He responded when would you like to go. I responded today so he decided the cell phone was better then e-mails. To make a long story short. We are going to lunch today.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter Season

I don't remember an Easter Season with so many new programs at church. They did the last supper re-enactment last year nor nearly as good as this year. Tonight was something called the Tenebrae Service of Lights and Darkness very effective. I had never seen that one before.

This new pastor has a lot going for him. He keeps things moving all the time. I guess that's what the church needed.

I haven't heard anything out of NC. I sent sweetpea a card for Easter, but I haven't heard anything.

I got birthday presents off today for my kids. I don't think I can manage anything for greatgrans but birthday cards.

I got my fed income tax back so I mailed off the state a check and that was half. So it left me trying to find enough money to pay for car repairs. I won't be caught that way next year I intend to have state tax removed ahead of time.

I have found John Grisham's books. I have found a bunch of them at the good will so I am reading about 3 a week. I am enjoying them but I'm not getting much done but read.

Happy Easter everybody.