Monday, July 26, 2010

Greetings from theHospital

Last Thursday I felt very weak, when I first got up. I called son and we went to urgent care. That was a waste of time. We wound up at the ER in the hospital that I really despise. They ran tests and were ready to release me when I compained of chest pains. That was one of the original complains. They read another blood test and said I had a blood clot in the lung. So they admitted me and I have had first one thing or another and I am still here. They have started me on blood thiners and that lowers my blood presure and because I have low blood presure anyway. Well you can guess it makes my blood presure down to the high eightys. I can't even walk around when it is that low. I am trying to keep it up today so I can go home tomorrtow.

Will keep you posted.

I don't have my speller with me.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I am having so much trouble with this lesson for Sunday. The 12th chapter of Hebrews.
I can't seem to separate the word discipline with punishment. Believe it or not my friend that knows the lest about the Bible has the best answer. She say discipline is guidance and punishment can be corporal punishments.

I had a little fender bender this week. The way the policeman wrote up the report I won't be able to collect from her insurance. Policeman says cause was in attention on both our parts. My car has a good size dent and her big suv has a scratch on the bumper.
I dropped the collision on my car some time ago and the dent is probably below the deductible anyway.

I used the last of hubbies life insurance to pay off the credit cards the interest was eating me up. The plan is to take what I was paying on the credit cards and put in the savings account. But, thing like this stupid accident keeps coming up.

I was turning right on a green light she was turning left on a green light and she hit me. She pushed me down the street and then continued chasing me trying to hit me again. It took a half a block before I could stop. She said I hit her and when I replied she hit me she started screaming liar, liar, liar, I tried to call son and he couldn't hear me for her screaming. When I was doing claims the person turning left was always in the wrong, but the way the policeman wrote it up she will probably get away with it.

I went to meditation class that night and it helped to calm me down. I felt worse the next day so I went to Urgent Care and my blood pressure was higher than it has ever been before. I think I am calmed down now but it still upsets me to think about it.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Pleasant Surprise

My oldest grandson moving from coast to coast per request of Uncle Sam stopped by to see me.

I was so surprise to get a phone call from my oldest grandson. The family here was excited to see him also. I don't think he expected so many relatives to descend on him at once.

I took him to my favorite New Mexican restaurant. He enjoyed the food very much or else he was very hungry. I took him for a tour of the volcanoes and the petroglyh park. When we arrived back home my grandson here and family visited for awhile. He got to play with the little great grand daughter. We spent a lot of time visiting and catching up. I don't remember the last time we had such a good visit.

I loved hearing about his time in Hebrew school and the birth of his little one. He carries on the family name and the traditional first name to go with the family name. His little on has the middle name of Joseph so they call him Jose. He has a little bit of the Hispanic feature and with Jose. It is so funny to me that he carries on the family name. My hubby would have loved it. I would so like to see the little guy.

I have been invited to visit when they have moved and are settled, but I am hesitate to commit to traveling any more.

Doctors now think my on going tummy problems is my arthritis medication that I have been taking for 4 years. In talking to my counselor this week it made since that I have had this problem for 4 years and I have been taking this medication that long. Why has it taken so long to figure that out. I am as slow as my doc's at realizing this. The week long bout of staying on the pot is so draining.

I managed to help at church yesterday for the big picnic. I had a good time visiting. My Sunday School Class has ask me to teach the next one or two lessons in the book on Hebrews. Our regular teacher which is great is going to to be out of town. I am honoured that they think I can do it, I just hope I can live up to their expectations.