Sunday, October 30, 2005


After looking for a month I have found a headboard for my bed. We went to every yard sale and garage sale I could find today . I found a headboard early but it was a double bed in lousy shape. Canton, Fruitvale, Grand Saline, and Van. After driving through Van we turned around expecting to drive back through Van have lunch and return home without a headboard. I past a ratty little building advertising used tires. I glanced as we went by they had some furniture too. It was a pain to turn around again and see if they had any thing I needed. I left hubby in the care I was so sure that it was a waste of time. An overweight young man laying on a couch ask me if he could help. It seemed too much of an effort to get up. I ask for a headboard a queen size one. He said he thought he had one. We went into a back room with about 25 bedframes leaning against a wall. He ask me to move so that he could toss about half of them down. That brought some guy a running. After I crawled back and peaked at the headboard I measured it somewhat it was big enough. I ask the guy how much when he said $l5.00 I was surprised. They dug it out for me and we finally got it into the trunk of the car. Holding down he trunk lid with a bunji cord. I drove all the way home at 40 miles an hour. It was a bear to carry into the house. Now I just need to get it cleaned up and attached. It is too dark and scratched but I think I can make it work.

I finally think I am getting the house together. I wonder why I have been so positive I had to get every thing together. This is a rented house and I am spending as much time as if it was mine. I don't know why it has just seems important. At least we are comfortable and maybe we can stay put for awhile.

Beautiful day today, I think they were eagles we were watching flying and soaring over the lake this morning. They were way too big for anything else. This is such a pretty place to live you can sit and watch the wild life all day.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

October 27, 2005

Things are coming together ahead of time. Ironed all day yesterday got all the table clothes and bed skirt ironed. I have a week until the girls get here.

We went to a steak house for dinner on Tuesday with P and Michelle. The food was the best we have found in Canton.

P is working today so we have to pick up Michelle. I know how much fun she is this afternoon.

Monday, October 24, 2005

October 24, 1950

3:00 pm with the sun shinning brightly. Hubby and I walked out of the church as newly weds. My mother, father, and new mother-in-law were with us. San Bernadino, California in a Baptist Church our wedding day.

We started married life in a 18 foot trailer in the Moave Dessert. Our wedding gift a 1936 coupe as our only wedding gift. 55 years later we are in what is called a modular home 2,000 square foot home. Lots more room and lots more stuff. Where does 55 years of stuff come from and how do we get rid of it. It is a gray day about 60 degrees, crazy weather we have gone from hot summer to winter.

Need to think of something to do tomorrow that is different. We have to pickup Michelle and have a massage everything else is open.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

55 years ago

October 23, 1950, I was in the Moave desert for the first time, sleeping in a small trailer with my father, mother and soon to be mother-in-law. The next day with hubby we drove toward Los Angeles silly us thinking we could go down the pass from the desert and see the ocean. We stopped in San Bernadino at a church to get married. After the brief service we walked out into the bright sunlight of Southern California just as school was getting out. We drove on to Los Angeles to spend the night. Ambasdor hotel for our wedding night. I don't remember much more about the trip. We went back to Barstor where we began our married life. My father bought us a 1936 ford coupe as a wedding present.

October 23, 1005 we are in Canton, Texas in what is called a modular house but considerable bigger than the little travel trailer in California. Gray day today wind blowing and only about 60 degrees. Spent the morning at Wally World shopping. D and P and Michelle came over for awhile after they took G to the airport. We spent a pleasant afternoon.

55 years later 4 children, 6 grandchildern, and 1 great gran. Putting pictures up yesterday of kids, grandkids and etc at all ages. Fun to see Bruce at 6 months and another when Billy was little sitting in a field of blue bonnets. Several pictures of Steven as he was growing up. A picture of Eddie when he was about 5, hubby took the picture of him looking into Grisoms cardshop window. Eddie is a father now and Grisoms is long gone, replaced by a Walgreens, is that progress.

Tomorrow should be a cool day also. We seem to have gone from hot summer to winter skipping fall altogether.

Long Day

Didn't sleep any last night. I read most of the night. I'll take something tonight so maybe I can sleep.

Yesterday I finally found some drapery rings. Just big wooden ones with little metal rings on the bottom that look like cup hooks. I had to go to 4 places before I found them. They were just unfinished wood. I had to buy some gold paint and paint them. I may never throw any thing away again. The rings were $32.00 and the paint was $4.00, I bought 2 packages of drapery hooks. I don't remeber how much they were. I finally got the drapes up in the bedroom and the ventian blinds down. I also spent most of the day puting up pictures. I just need to get rid of the ventian blinds. I hope just calling the managers they will pick them up.

I still need to try and clean the carpets some. I have another week before the gals get here from Albuquerque. The computer room is still a mess. I did get the utility room cleaned up. I should have all day tomorrow after we go grocery shopping.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Car Problems

The little engine light came on, on my Tarus. I finally found the time to take it in. Not only did I need a new senor but a new drive belt. I looked into how much we had paid to have work done in the last year, $1700.00 in the last year. I hope nothing else goes wrong for a long time.

Monday was chemo day, every time I go with her they really ignore her when we get back into the chemo room. If I go again and it happens I won't be quiet. They make us wait so long and then they leave and go home and we are still stuck because of there fooling around.

I finally have all the shelves and cinderblocks to finish up my bookcase all around the dinning area. Tomorrow is push day to get all the boxes empty and put away.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Beautiful Day

It wasn't too hot today, just pleasant, so we went to Tyler. They had an arts and crafts fair and the famous rose fesival.

P, Michelle, hubby and I, we had lunch at cracker barrel. It took a long time to get in, but it was good.

Arts and crafts fair was about the same, but a guy from europe who made beautiful carved wooden boxes. We bought some cat T-shirts for P and Michelle.

What a rose fesival, so many roses mast together like a blanket. What a beautiful odor. The flower arrangements were tables set with china, silver and a floral arrangements. They were gorgous. We were there after 3:00 on the last day, they had potted roses for sale. Tree roses, and potted roses. They were marked way down so we went over board buying roses. P was going to plant her's today as we have to go to Dallas for chemo tomorrow. Mine will stay in the pot until I get a bigger pot.

Still have boxes to empty, they have to wait until later in the week.

Hubby wanted me to see the big moon coming up in the East. When I went in to wash dishes, the sun was setting over the lake on the west side of the house. If we had time we could just sit and watch the wild life , sun and moon. The local road runner likes to walk along the railing on our deck. P thinks he's after the lizards that live under our house. Looking out of the kitchen window the other day I watched two cats just strolling down the road all by themselves. P says we have a family of ragoons that live down by the lake, she sees them at night when she comes to pickup Michelle. I wish the trees were a little closer, there are lots of birds. The ducks and it looks like cranes are on lake most of the day.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Well, we got through the week, but ended up with a cold. I have felt lousy ever since I got the flue shot last week. Or, it could be the crazy temperature, some times its 60 degree and then its 85 degrees.

Still putting things away, I'm back to bookshelves out of cinder blocks, just having trouble finding cinder blocks. My roman shades came in this week, we got one up yesterday. Still have one to put up over the sink. Had to move drapery rod brackets, they were too far apart. I am slowly getting rid of the ventian blinds that I hate. I have three of them off and replaced with roman shade and drapes. Found some nice drapes at Garden Ridge last Monday, I can't figure out how to put the tie back cords on.

The light on the Tarus that says emissions needs attention came on. I can't figure out how to get it into a dealer to check it out. P works tomorrow so we have Michelle and we have to take P to Dallas on Monday. I'll call Terrell tomorrow and talk to the guy that helps me. I don't know if driving it will hurt. The Ford dealer here is lousy. They don't know anything.

I'm getting panicy that I won't have the house together by the time the gals get here for First Monday. I have the computer room full of stuff I don't know what to do with family pictures, picture frames and desk junk. I can't believe that last Sunday I had every thing put away and the house straightened up. Putting up drapes, roman shades and bringing the rest of the boxes here has made me start over.

D gets home in the next few days, I know Michelle will be glad she has really missed him. I'm still concerned about how the situation with G is going to work out. I'll just keep my distance while she is here. That presents a problem as our 55 wedding aniversary is during that time and we won't have anyone to celebrate with.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Calm before the full week

I'm lazy today in view of the busy coming week. Nice that Michelle is back at home. I love her dearly buy 24/7 tires me out.

Tomorrow is P chemo so that is a full day in Dallas. Michelle is going with us as there is no one to pick her up after school. Tuesday I have a truck coming to move all the rest of the boxes out of the shed. I have cleared up the dinning area so that we can hopely get all the boxes there. Wednesday, I have a doctors appointment in Tyler, I am due for shots in my knee again. I am looking foreward to that my knee has been killing me. Thursday is dental cleanings and massages. We don't have another free day until next Friday. P wants to work some this week, it depends on how hard the chemo is on her this time

My hair is doing better maybe the expensive hair treatment is going to work.

P and I were talking about P, L and family coming for Christmas this year. P figure out how much it would cost to drive out. I can't think of a better Christmas present than to have Ps family here for christmas.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hair Care

Once again I have tried to find someone to solve my hair problems. My hair and this climate do not mix. My heart surgery a few years ago changed my hair completely. After taking care of my own hair for 60 some odd years, I am at a loss. Dumb me I have put my trust in too many well meaing beauty operators who don't have a clue either. I had a hair cut shortly after I moved down here and she just chopped it all off no style just short. Then I tried again in Terrell what a mess. That gal bleached my hair so bad that it wouldn't take color. I just kept putting more color on it trying to get something I could wear to my grandaughters wedding. I have just been asking people for references. I wound up with a little girl that made the mistake of putting a dark color on my hair. Then we couldn't do anything about it because my hair was so badly burned it was frizzing. None of these people charged very much for there work. I didn't make price my determination, I quess I should have. Looking at yellow pages for 4 different counties, it was just like throwing darts at map. This time I choose an add that said they fixed bad dye jobs. Just looking at the add I quessed that she was expensive. Well she was at least knowledgeable about what to do with my problem. She put two different conditioners and cut my hair and sold me conditioner. Over 50 bucks but oh, if it only works. But the hair cut is about the same as usual. P is going to be disappointed, and I didn't tell her how to style it.

When to meet our new doctor today. I think his is going to be alright. They were giving flu shots so we got ours today. How much easier than last year but they say we are going to be short of flu vaccines again this year. I had a thought for you, is the government trying to solve their aging population and medicare increases by killing off as many of us as possible with a flu epidemic?

Monday, October 03, 2005

Almost late to school

Oh, to wake up being almost late to school. I took a sleeping pill last night and didn't wake up until 7:10 this morning. Michelle has to be at school at 7:55 and it takes 20 minutes to drive her there. I really had to get Michelle going fast. She wouldn't eat or drink anything before she left. She has a water bottle in her back pack.

Yesterday Michelle finally made contact with the little boys next door. We had about 3 hours of runing and yelling. They had fun but it was hard to Michelle settled down to go to bed last night. She cried because I told her there wasn't time to watch cartoons.

We went to Tyler Saturday I brought quiet a bit of fabric. I hope P likes some of it when she gets home. I know we brought my notebook with all the paint samples in it back with us. I can't find it any place. I'm still looking for it. I even called Hancocks to see if I left it in Tyler and I didn't. Now I have to find more paint samples and start over again looking for drapes and etc.

P comes home late tomorrow night, Michelle won't get to see her until Wednesday. Michelle is faithly marking off each day on our callendar. She didn't seem to miss them too much until this weekend and then it got to her. Playing with the boys last evening helped.

We sprayed inside and outside today. We had a lot of little ants in the master bathroom last night and this morning. I hope this at least slows down the ants they are wickly little critters. I know living in the country means lots of critters. But, it just brings back memories of Corrales and our problems there. When P was a baby we moved to Corrales and woke up with ants big red ones in bed with hubby and I. They were coming up the cord to the electric blanket. P was still in a baby bed so we put the posts of her bed into coffee cans of water to keep them out of her bed. The beautiful adobe house had brick floor that they had laid in sand without a cement pad. It was early spring and when the level of water in the irragtion canels came up so did the ants come out of the ground. We didn't liev there but a couple of months. When the hurricane was coming through here a few days ago. I had ants in my bed. I sprayed inside the house last week. The ants were back again today so we sprayed inside and outside this time.

Oh, well so much for the past.