Friday, February 24, 2006


Yesterday Hubby had his nose surgery. He did alright but we had trouble getting the bleeding to stopped so we could get home. I left him alone while I went to get his medication and he started bleeding very heavily. P had to come and help me get it stopped. It really hemorrhaging from 6 pm to almost 10 pm. He is better today but I can't keep him from blowing his nose. They had told us over and over that it will cause more bleeding. He is now hidding from me so he can blow his nose.

I quess from the anesthetic he is so fuzzy and he will not listen to me. If he starts hemorrhaging again. I am going to take him to an emgergency room and leave him.

They say my computer is ready I hope Hubby is alright to go to Dallas tomorrow to pick it up.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

February 22, 2006

Weather has been terrible, rain, fog, ice and bitter cold.

Fry's called and said my computer is back from California. I can't go pick it up until Saturday. I quess I will have to try it very long time before I am convinced it is fixed. I hope it isn't going to cost any money as I am fresh out this month and checks don't come in until Monday.

Hubby has his out patient surgery tomorrow. I quess he is having it we still don't have a time for his surgery. I supose they will call at 6 in the morning and say be here in 30 minutes. It takes and hour and a half to drive to Dallas. Oh, well I quess I will try calling today to see what is going on.

Weight Watchers is going slow but some weight loss.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Update on Hubby

Things have been so calm with hubby lately that I forgot that this disease is progressing. Last Sunday hubby ask to go to church that was fine. We were ready to go out the door when hubby anounced that he was going to go down to the front of the church during the invitation and tell everybody that he was a minister. He was wanting to join the church he didn't care which one just so he could tell them he was a minister. When I tried to talk him out of joining the church he said he wouldn't go if he couldn't join his way. So we didn't go. I feel guilty keeping him from church but I don't know what he will do. I have been trying to get ahold of the pastor at First Baptist Canton to talk to him about how we can go about this with the littlest hoopaloo. Now I am having second thoughts about how we will be received. The pastor is from the southern part of New Mexico, he knows L and I'm sure B by reputation. He also knows my former boss when I was youth secretary at FBC Albuquerque. The church isn't into the fundy stuff so much they still belong to the Baptist General Convention of Texas so that is a plus. Every time we meet someone and they find out we are baptist they invite us to FBC of Canton. Well, he called and I will see him tomorrow afternoon.

Hubby has also been very bossy with Michelle. They were drawing last week and Michelle wasn't doing it the way hubby wanted her to so he took everything away from her and made her quit. I tried to explain it to Michelle but she doesn't understand. Hubby is in to reading the last month he has read everything we picked up at the second hand book store. He is re-reading the Zane Grey books and today he was out of reading again so he was looking through the books in the office. He has started walking around the lake once or twice a day. That should be helping him. He likes the new dog sometimes and sometimes he thinks she is too much trouble. He has been loosing his most recet memory.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sold House in Sunset Park

When the house sold on Sunset Park it was a few weeks before school was out. We rented a trailer next door to my mom and dad. They were living in a travel trailer on the north side of Pueblo. When school was out hubby arrived from Albuquerque and we moved down. Hubby had found a rental house in a recent subdivision called Princess Jeanne. Three bedroom with attached garage. The front yard was about 45 degree slop down to the street. We were way out at the east edge of town. About 2 blocks east of us was desert sloping up to the Sandia's. The city was busy building a 4 lane street from Central on north. I couldn't figure out way anyone would want such a street out in nowhere. Hubby and my mom and dad moved us in and promptly went off and left the kids and I to cope. I don't remember much about the house we were only there a few months. The people that owned the house moved back to town and wanted there house back and we had to move. We moved down in June and boy was it hot. The air conditioner worked great so we stayed in a lot. B was so bored that he spent a lot of time play with P on the floor. P was 6 months old and the boys had been playing with a cigar box full of color crayons. The boys had colored all over the outside of the box so it had a lot of pretty colors on it and P wanted that box in the worse way. B kept moving it so she couldn't reach it, so P just kept trying until she learned to crawl. I was so lonely while we were there that in the afternoon that I had the boys invite the neighborhood kids in. I served popcorn and koolaide to the neighborhood kids for something to do. I had to go to the real estate office to pay the rent. I looked in the phone book at the map to find the real estate office and how to get there. While the kids and I drove for 3 hours and couldn't find the street. The main street I was suppose to go down to the other street dead ended before I could get to that street. Well, they built a big shopping center across the street I was suppose to go down. But, they didn't change the map in the telephone book. I soon learned to go shopping after dark it was much cooler. One late afternoon I took the kids grocery shopping, when we left the store I could see a big black cloud moving fast across the sky. I knew we were in for a gully washer. We raced home and used the garage opener to get into the garage just as the cloud burst. We stood at the front picture window and watched the street in front of the house ,that ran down the street steeply, turn into a river. I was glad we were up so high the water never go anywhere near us.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


S was here for a few days it was good to see him. I didn't get to talk to him much he was busy working on his other grandmothers little house.

Michelle went with me to Athens to look for a dog. It was so difficult, there was two that we liked. Michelle liked the little puppy that was part chichuawa (?). He was a sweet and mellow puppy and Michelle really liked him. But I found what they called a rat terrier, she looks a lot like our toy fox terriers. She is full of beans and so active, she is a mess to keep up with. She was suppose to be puddle pad trained. Well, she seems to have forgot all about that. We are working on that. She does seem to know what she is suppose to do when we go outside. Now I am introducing her to the deck and see if she would go out there. I was going though pictures yesterday and found pictures of Charlie our toy fox terrier. Sadie looks so much like him. When I get my own computer back I will post some pictures. Michelle almost convinced me to get two of them. Sadie really loves her and kisses her all the time.

I also found pictures of lots of our houses. I really miss the one on 67th I didn't think I would miss it that much. I knew I really missed Hermosa because we were there so long and so much of our history is tied up there.