Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15, 1963

I have tried several times to post and have been unsuccessful.

50 years ago today was a sunshining day after a winter storm in Pueblo, Colorado.  Temperature below  0 at nights and most of the days.

Hubby and I were very excited after two  sons and 10 years we finally had a girl.  She was little just barely over 5 pounds.  So pettite and dainty.  She was like playing with dolls.  the boys were excited too.

She was a light in our life for almost 45 years.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Armarillo, Texas 1932

Dust Pneumonia was this a cause of death or what my family used as the cause of death.  My paternal grandmother died in 1934 of this diagnoises.

Sunday night PBS had a documentary about the dust bowl.  They had actual moving pictures of the dust clouds that blocked out the day light, so that people turned their electric lights on or lite a lamp.I was surprised by a moving pictures of a hugh cloud outside of Amarillo, Texas in 1932.

This is proof positive what the climate was like when and where I was born.  I was borm about 40 miles from Amarillo in the year 1932.  If my grandmother died two years after that of dust pneumonia, how many years did my family live in those conditions.

My family moved to Manitou Springs, Colorado when I was two.  I always thought this was an economical move but maybe it was to get out of the dust as well.  My mother always wanted to go back to her brick house.

My father ran a route of slot machines.  They were owned by someone else but he found locations for them, serviced and repaired them.  At a very early age I learned to feed nickles into them and pull the handle,  I thought this was great fun.  They had to be tested to make sure they worked proper.  I am not sure they were legal in Colorado at that time.

My experience in Las Vegas was very different to what I remembered.  I was playing the penny machine, but the smallest bet was 50 cents.  That machine could eat up $10.00 in a hurry.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Back to PostingI

The last 4 days in Las Vegas were super.  I spent the time with hubbys family.  They really listened to family stories.  I have deceided to post all of my family stories, so that they won't be lost to the future.  The family might want to have them.

Carter was 18 months old when number one son was born.  On the way hom from Denver to Pueblo we stopped to visit Uncle Chuck and family, my parents were with us and we showed the new born off. Carter sat in the middle of the floor and was happy to just check us all out.

Meeting her 59 years later was amazing.  We traded family stories and filled her in on where her father came from.

We visited with hubbys sister, grandaughters and the two great gran boys.  Loud and busy in a small hotel room.  So so good to at least see the coming generation.

I am concerned about the finances of that line of the family, as well as the finances of some of my grand kids and there little ones.  I know my mom was so concerned about the economy at the time I was born.  Now is my time to worry about the same thing.  The grand kids generation is not secure enough in there ability to support themselves.

Hubby was 39 before he had his education to enable him to teach.  He was happy had a stable income to make us feel stettled.  My grandson has another 7 years to get his life in order.  I pray it doesn't take that long.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Blocked Out

I have been trying to get into posting. Blogspot has had me blocked out.  Number two son helped me get into it again yesterday from his computer.  I'm not sure if I can get in again or not.

I've been so busy since I was elected president of the AFTNM retirees.  I have been to Santa Fe 5 times lobbying against a bill that would have taken part of our cola away from us. We succeeded in getting it stopped for this year.

  I have been trying to get our newsletter out but it has been like pulling teeth.  Number two son and I have been getting it a ready to print.  I have been having trouble getting labels and having it printed.

I am trying to get back to my weekly routine of before the first.  I have missed going to Mexican Train and the Tai Chi class.   I went back to work at the church today, I'm not sure why I am there I didn't answer the phones once today.

I understand pay pal is now censoring what can be published on e-books.  I am shocked I didn't believe the US would ever censor publishing of our literature. Some of  the literature they are trying to censor is called romance.  I can't believe there is anything dangerous about romance literature, it is mind numbing .  If you are interested in the details look at Number two sons blog.  Captain's Log@blogspot.com.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 15, 1963

Pueblo, Colorado it had snowed a couple of days ago.  So the roads were still icy with piles of snow on other side.  Weather still below zero.

Of course that would be the time for my little girl to be born.  After two boys well into school, a new addition was a surprise.  I was so please to have a little girl after the boys.  See was like dressing a little  doll. She had a aunt and grandmother that felt the same way so she was well supplied.

She learn to sew at a very early age and loved every minute of it.  We shared making home coming dresses and all of her school clothes.

  She developed a love of music early on and wanted a violin.  She was too little for a full size so she started on a 3/4 one.  Mom put the violin on a payment plan and she love it dearly.  She wanted a piano so Mom sold piano's out of the living room for a year for a piano.  That piano was her 16th Birthday present.

She became a Christian early in life and loved going to Church the youth group and choir.  She served one summer as a youth camper worker, cleaning toilets and mopping floors.

Her education was just a fun place for her she was in the flag core.  Her first two years of college were just more fun time.  Altho she always had a partime job.  She was a office receptionists and cleaned offices after hours.

She worked  in an offices and  one of her bosses offered to send her to school but she wasn't interested. She spent some time in a home health office and found an interest in respiratory therapy.
Our junior college offered a course and she was accepted.  She found her love in new born ICU's and worked until her illness forced her to stop.

She found time to develop a keen interest in crafts and was a natural.  Rubber stamp clubs were fun, she belonged to two .  Her cards were beautiful.

She left us after a battle with ovarian cancer on December 17, 2008.

My daughter my closes friend  Happy almost 49 Birthday.

Friday, January 06, 2012

New Year 2012

I never thought I would live this long, but here I am
I will try to  post more often this year.

I just returned from Oklahoma.  Pretty land and cities.  Norman is very pretty.

I am convinced that 4 generations should not live in one house.  Number one sons house is a large one by standards but 4 generations really filled it up.  I had so much fun watching the 2 year olds play.  We now buy cardboard boxes that look like space ships.  The boys ate it up.  They were so active during the day.  That when bed time came again it was good to see them go. 

We then played Scrabble until midnight.  That was fun but the 5:30 arise of hedgehog and tails was a but hard to take.

I loved the 4 generations.  The trip over was awful to have to go to Houston to go to OKC is stupid.  The trip home was very  uneventful.  Son was troubled that my change of ticket didn't go through but everything was fine.

I am now gearing up for the legislative session.  Our education retirement and insurance is on the chopping block.  I am behind in getting the other organizations behind me but I am surging ahead.  I just hope I have the strength to carry the good fight.old's

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Summer 2011

I have prayed and thought long and hard about how to finish blogging about my summer with Sweet pea.

She felt like her Father was punishing her making her to stay away from her friends for the summer.I aloud ed her my cell phone so she was in constant, I mean every moment in touch with them.  To the extent that some of her friends parents complained about the constant, calling or texting.

Melissa was so exited about her coming she was sure they would be best friends while she was here.
Sweetpea immediately pushed her away and was rude and hurtful to her.

She didn't want me to say any thing, like do you remember living in the apartments here and going swimming.  I tried very hard not to mention things then that would remind her of her Mother.
But I guess I was the biggest reminder of all.  She tried to put someone between the two of us all the time.  Unfortunately I had a friend who was mooching off of me, because she had lost her job.  This friend was only to glad to be around all the time and do this so she could get most of her meals and any fun things I had planned for Sweetpea with her included.

Things at my son's house were escalating to the boiling point and unfortunately I got in the middle of them. ( I am too protective of my grandson that I have been so close to).  Sweetpea was a spectator at the melt down and took the side of what she preseved as the underdog.

Sweetpea wanted to separate herself from everything in her past that was hurtful to the inclusive of wanting to change her name.  She thought this would make all the hurtful past go away. 

Unfortunately I got my feelings hurt because I was expecting the sweet little girl.  I helped raise for most of her life.  Just my presence reminded her of her Mother and the past.  She responded by shutting me out and we were at a stand still. Every time I would get close to her she would run to either my supposedly friend or the underdog at my son's house.

My supposedly friend was only to willing to stand between us.