Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Summer 2011

I have prayed and thought long and hard about how to finish blogging about my summer with Sweet pea.

She felt like her Father was punishing her making her to stay away from her friends for the summer.I aloud ed her my cell phone so she was in constant, I mean every moment in touch with them.  To the extent that some of her friends parents complained about the constant, calling or texting.

Melissa was so exited about her coming she was sure they would be best friends while she was here.
Sweetpea immediately pushed her away and was rude and hurtful to her.

She didn't want me to say any thing, like do you remember living in the apartments here and going swimming.  I tried very hard not to mention things then that would remind her of her Mother.
But I guess I was the biggest reminder of all.  She tried to put someone between the two of us all the time.  Unfortunately I had a friend who was mooching off of me, because she had lost her job.  This friend was only to glad to be around all the time and do this so she could get most of her meals and any fun things I had planned for Sweetpea with her included.

Things at my son's house were escalating to the boiling point and unfortunately I got in the middle of them. ( I am too protective of my grandson that I have been so close to).  Sweetpea was a spectator at the melt down and took the side of what she preseved as the underdog.

Sweetpea wanted to separate herself from everything in her past that was hurtful to the inclusive of wanting to change her name.  She thought this would make all the hurtful past go away. 

Unfortunately I got my feelings hurt because I was expecting the sweet little girl.  I helped raise for most of her life.  Just my presence reminded her of her Mother and the past.  She responded by shutting me out and we were at a stand still. Every time I would get close to her she would run to either my supposedly friend or the underdog at my son's house.

My supposedly friend was only to willing to stand between us. 

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