Friday, October 27, 2006


I need a vacation to recoup from getting ready for this cruise. I can't believe how much work it has been to get ready for this cruise and getting everything packed.

Everything is packed, manicure and pedicure yesterday. Haircut today.

I am anxious about getting to the airport and shuttle too the airport, and getting the shuttle to the hotel. I don't know why I am so anxious I've done all of this several times before and survived it.

Just have to get M packed up and moved to P, oh, yes Sadie has to go too.

Wll post more when we get back.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Good news

The check engine light came on in the car, I tried putting premium gas in to see if it would go out, it didn't. So I took it to a local auto repair, they said I needed a new ignition control motor. They ordered one for Monday, so I took the car back on Monday. They repaired my car in about an hour and a half. How great is that someone that did what they said they would and in such a great length of time.

Today I had 5 telephone calls with bluecross and blueshield in Alb. I send duplicate claims one for hubby for his insurance and one for myself for my insurance. Hubbys came back fine for 112.00 mine came back for $35.00. I spoke with three different people and got a half dozen reason. None of the reasons make any sense. Now the supervisor is taking it higher and will call me back. If it isn't resolved by friday I may have to take drastic action. New Mexico Retiree Health Care Authority, the Insurance Commissioner of new Mexico and maybe even prepaid legal. I am sick of them messing me around.

Hurrah!! I finally got my E-doc from NCL for the cruise. The last time I tried to get them about 5 days ago they told me to wait until closer to the sailing time. When I called complaining today they told me I had waited too long to request them. Nothing has gone right today. So now you see why I started my blog with good news something has been right this week.

M has taken two TAK tests this week she was feeling pretty good about the english on Tuesday. She had to write an essay on someone that made a difference in her life. She chose three a former boy friend, a school friend and her dead cat. She took the math test today and came home saying it was easy. She has two more tests one is science that one may be a problem. I am so pleased she is doing so well. She really inhaled the apples that her mom sent from NM. She did let me know today that she is just visiting and she will go back to NM for college or other schooling. I agreed with her that we just expected to stay for the school year.
Will you please tell me who has 14 pair of panties and 14 bras. I don't want to have to do laundry while we are gone. I'm going to have to go shopping. I couldn't come up with only 9 of each. It is taking a lot of planing and organizing to get everything ready for this cruise. I only have one more week to get everything together and pack. I've never had to pack for two weeks before. When we were gone for a long time before we had the trailer and it was easier. I have to remember that for two whole weeks I won't be a short order cook.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cruise here we come

Aunt D called Saturday she had found a 11 day cruise to the eastern carribean. The both of us spent all day Saturday on the telephone setting up the cruise, airfare, and hotels. I have new respect for travel agents. The hotel in our port city had a gal on the phone with mush in her mouth and I never could understand her. I had to wait until the next day to book the last day at the hotel. Low and behold the price of the same hotel room jumped 75.00 a day from reservations for Oct to Nov and from Sat to Mon. Because we booked the cruise through Travelcity the people at Norwegian won't talk to us. The airfare was done online with Southwest and was a breeze once I figured out there web site. I have my finger crossed that everything is finally worked out.

I spent all day Monday changing appointments not only are they mine and hubbbys. Now I have grandaughter M to change appointments for too. I am still trying to get her bus stop changed. M wil be staying with P while we are gone. I will be so much more at ease that she is with family and not alone. While P and D are gone on there cruise we will have Michelle. M and Michelle are going to have to get along for longer peroid to time.

We had Michelle all day Saturday, I planed a picnic and day at the park. It was so hot and no place to sit we managed two hours. Good thing as Aunt D was keeping he cell phone hot with plans for the cruise. When we got home M and Michelle had to entertain themselves while I spent the rest of the day on the telephone. M practiced driving somemore on Sunday. We have to drive 23 miles away to buy diet coke with lime..

Haven't posted about Sadie in sometime, this morning the weather radio woke me up letting me know Waco had a torrnado watch. I went in to be sure M was up and moving. While I was in M room my alarm when off. Before I could get in to turn it off Sadie raced in and jumped up on the bed and table and nosed the alarm and then looked behind it to try to find out where that noise was coming from. Maybe I can teacher her how to turn it off.

Went to my ALZ support group yesterday, only my second time and already I am feeling so close to these other two ladies and a man. The leaders hubby is in a nursing home sence the last meeting. Mans wife is in nursing home. Only one other lady an I are still taking care at home. Boy have I ever needed this group. I wish I had found it a year ago.

I have been going to a Sunday night study group at the Methodist Church. There whole approach as intellectual. The paster is young, young and says he is also a disinfranchised baptist. I took hubby to the Methodist Church Sunday morning and he did real well. We may try going some more. Pastors wife is ordained and helps with the service as well as communion. They were afraid it would upset us, I thought it was great. Pastors wife about to pop with her third child. LOVELY PEOPLE.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Week for Doctors

I gave up and called my primary care doc for sleeping pills. She sent me the Lunesta perscription they are over 1.00 per pill on my perscription plan. What on earth are they without a perscription plan. First couple of them worked pretty good. I skipped one night and went back and it didn't work so well last night.

M went back to dentist last week for finale cleaning we are going to have to have her teeth cleaned every four months for awhile. She has a small place to be filled we will do that the end of this month.

I decided I could put off seeing a chiropractor any longer. I went Tuesday to one that had been highly recomended to me. He was nice but all the talk, xrays, and xams but no treatment. I still have my headache, I go back to see him today.

Took M to Athens to doc spent two hours in her office. M seems to like her very much. I was impressed. She seems to have diagnosed M to a T. I am still trying to understand what this is and how do we deal with it. I quess it is one of those things you don't fix. You learn how to compensate for it and how to deal with it. I am reading on a website about this

M is going to be in a talent show tomorrow night. P has been working with her and I have been having her practice here at home. Keep your fingers crossed that it goes well. She has to do this as a spoof I know the kids will laugh I hope it doesn't hurt her feelings. P bought her a cowboy hat, P gave her, her old boots, with her demin skirt she should look cute. We would like to video tape it but can't find a camcord and I am not about to buy one. M seems to think the money pit doesn't have a bottom. Everybody is taking a camera so we can get lots of pictures.

P had a good report at her doc appointment her CA125 went down 10 points and the physical exam is the same. So they are still giving her doxil, she won't lose her hair for now. We never know how the chemo will effect her some times you hardly know she had any. The next time she has all kinds of weird systoms. P computer is still down and they have fixed the computer at work so she can't blog.