Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 1950

I have been told I live too much in the past. Maybe I do but I remember the day the Korean War started.

Beulah, Colorado a little village, Pueblo residence had summer homes located there. I shouldn't call them summer homes more like cabins or dormitories.

My boy friend's mother had one of the larger cabins that you could call a dormitory. Upstairs there was a kitchen with benches all around the room, cushions on them for the girls. Down stairs was the boys quarters with make shift beds, wall to wall.

That June Sunday, there were 2 couples of us with his mama as chaperon. I had just graduated from high school. We were learning to play Canasta, it was the latest card game out. Mama was fixing sandwiches for us. Music was playing on the radio until the announcement of the beginning of the Korean war. I didn't know how that would change my life.

Later after I was married to a Marine and had two little boys my father had a cabin. I do mean a cabin, a room with a kitchen and couch and a bedroom with a bed and dresser. The dresser was an antique with a marble top (too bad it was sold with the cabin.) My boys spent many a summer day playing in the stream that ran beside the cabin and running up and down the mountains around the place. We took them horseback ridding, once a summer. We had to rent the horses and that was all we could afford.

My fathers cousin who we called Uncle Frank lived in a small travel trailer on a lot in the main part of town. He took the boys and I places while hubby was overseas, He had the boys looking for gold in the rocks around the little village. They found lots of fools gold.

Hubby and I went back one of the last times we were in Pueblo and the place had grown up. My fathers cabin was still there but locked up. The outhouse was now considered too close to the stream for anybody to live there.

Lots of memories tied up to Beulah and the date of Korean War brings back lots of it.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Just read my e-mail from son-in-law. My sweetpea grand daughter won't get to come this year. She has summer school and David is getting married. He has a lot on his plate he is trying to work and go to school. Sweetpea has been a handful this year.
She has had so much happen in her life. 2007 hubby her playmate for all of her life died. Eight months later I moved back to New Mexico for reasons I have stated before. I had been a steady presence all of her life. Her momma died in 2008. She moved from the house and school she had known most of her life, last summer. I am not surprised she is having trouble in school. She has had so many disruptions in her life

I understand the financial problems and the time restraints. I feel like I don't have that many more summers. My oldest great gran isn't getting to come this summer and now my sweetpea. I am just devastated.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brag on my Kids

First son is always in the news,radio and now TV (when they show it). I am kinda use to his exposure it just keeps growing. Last Monday night I went to Writer to Writers with second son. His speaker canceled at the last minute and he had to fill in. He couldn't have done better if he had been planning and working on it for weeks. It is good to see other people appreciate him as well. First son gets lots of appreciation and he deserves it, but I don't see second sons appreciation it is not that visible.

I have trouble talking to Penni's friends because they always want to tell me how much they loved and appreciated her. Today I had a conversation with a lady that doesn't know me that well and never met Penni. I was trying to tell, her why I don't like to look like my mother. So, I told her without thinking that because I didn't have a great mother God made up for it with my having a great daughter.

I never understood why my mother couldn't love more than one person in a family. In our family it was my sister. In my family it was second son. With grand kids I guess it was first grandson here, others were away and she didn't see them that much.
She missed so much in getting to know the rest of us that, she couldn't be bothered with and we missed having a mother and grandmother.

With my kids they are all special and have a special place in my heart. They have raised good families. I have tried so hard to see each one as a individual and I appreciate each of them.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 9, 1932

My birthday, some standout in my mind but most of them were just another day.

My 9th birthday my mother was busy getting a formal for my sister for her first formal dance. My birthday was completely forgotten. My grandmother reminded her of the day and she said. " well, I was going to get her some war stamps but I forgot."

My 18th birthday my boyfriend took me to dinner in a Colorado Springs restaurant which had been a old church. I had a special dress orange with white flowers down the side one of my special memories.

My 21st birthday I was pregnant with my second son. We were living in military housing, outside our house was a gardenia bush. Hubby brought me a flower off the bush.

My 75th birthday Penni gave me a garden party for my birthday.

This birthday was quiet and happy I had dinner with second son. First son called and we had a nice chat. I answered phones at the church all afternoon. I walked Missy when I got home before I went to bed.