Saturday, April 21, 2007

On my Blog

Well, I finally got on my blog, but I still can't comment on anyone elses blog.

I still have shingles it has been over a month now. I have had so many different prescriptions, but nothing has helped. They have given me lot of pain pills and I keep having to take more and more of it just to keep on my feet. I still have to feed hubby and put dishes in the dish washer. I still have to get Melissa up and off to school in the mornings. The pain in my left side and back is un-describable. It burns and tingles and is always there, if I sit still long enough it goes away but then moments later its back again in full force. I have stopped my life and just stay in a nighty that doesn't touch me I go from bed to couch and back to bed. If I have to go somewhere I just double up on pain pills and tough the pain out.

I am sitting here waiting for Melissa to come home from the Prom. I can't believe she insisted on going to the Prom stage. She turned down a couple of boys asking her, she looked beautiful in her dark blue and silver slinky dress. She spent the day getting ready she had her finger nails and her toe nails done this morning and her hair in a french twist this afternoon. P showed her how to do her makeup yesterday so she was able to do that herself. She put her dress on last night and we went through all of my jewelry trying all of it. My rhinestones with the red stones looked the best. The ear rings were so old( hubby bought that set for me shortly after we were married) they had screw backs. I wired the old earrings to a loop of rhinestones for pierced ears that Melissa had they really look good. P bought Melissa a beautiful corsage of white baby rose buds. Melissa was in such a rush to go that I didn't get any pictures. I am hoping to get some when she gets home. We took a dry run last week to see where this place was for the Prom. It is about 30 miles from here out in the deep country. I feel strange letting her go by herself. The dance is over early so she should be home soon.

This was one of the big things that Melissa wanted to do this year. She wanted to go to another Prom and she wants to graduate from high school. We are closing in on completing these things for her. I am not sure I can help her anymore than this. She still needs so much support to go on and make something of her life. It is not fair for her to be tied down to helping take care of us. If I get some pictures of her in her slinky dress I will post them.