Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Off Again to Texas

I got a phone call from Texas this morning so i am off again to Texas. Oldest son meeting me in Dallas.

If you want more info see Penni's blog,

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Scarry, Scarry weather

I spent Friday night watching the hurracane it hurt. I was watching the wind first and then watching the news today Sunday Watching all the places that Jean, Hubby and I spent the summer roaming through and around. They are reporting from some of the little cities that we roamed through there little antingue shops. It really hurts to see them totally distroyed.

I am in the sign the papers and wait. Sellers out of town we have to wait for them to sign papers.
I am looking for someone to do yard work. I want that Hugh bush in front of the house removed. The old house on 67Th had a Hugh rose bush in the front hubby couldn't get that cut back. I notice its a little bigger now but still well and blooming away. This thing is just an overgrown juniper and I'm allergies to juniper I'm thinking about a lilac there.

I think I have solved the problem of not seeing who is at the front gate. There is a little camera that will let me see on the TV who is out there. Pat says he still has the one I gave him. If he can't find it I will have to chase one down.

Gloria and I are going shopping in Santa Fe tomorrow I am looking fore ward to that. I'll let you know how that goes.

Monday, September 08, 2008

New Computer

I finally have my new computer up and running. Pat and Linda were over Friday night and helped me get all of my Quicken moved over and in the program and running. Mark spent most of Sunday with me helping me get every thing up and running like my old one. We cleaned off the old computer so that I can give it to my friend that has been my main stay since I have been back to New Mexico. She has helped my transition to my apartment and helped with my search for a new house. My new house is just down the street from her it will save a lot in gas running back and forth.

I got a strange phone call from a friend from Union days. I called her awhile ago to let her know I was back in town. She has put me on the mailing list for Retiree Union Group. I planned to join again as I have missed that connection. I call was asking me to be sure and be at the next meeting, a couple of weeks away. I was planning on going anyway. But the catch on why they want me there. They want me to take the Vice President place on the Board. That is really getting in with both feet. I am not sure I am healthy enough or do I want that much responsibility.

I have some X-rays on Wednesday and I am suppose to sign papers on Friday. But still no time just a date. I called PB at ask about what time so that I could move my hair appointment. PB said no time has been given us so they can sign on our time not on there's.

I am putting off doing my paper work so I need to jump in.

Melissa has a new boy friend it is so nice to see her happy again. The boy Alex is so polite it is scary. But really is very nice and very very polite.

I got a very sweet card from Texas and Michelle.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day

Very quiet I guess I'll stay at home all day. I spent most of the day with Pat and family yesterday. I'm not sure about them very one sits around listening to Pat, Linda and I to talk. It is very good to just talk and visit with all of them.

I'm just waiting for the signing of the papers so that I can begin to move.

B fussed about the mattress that I was sleeping on in Texas so I sold the one had been sleeping on. I brought the one hubby was sleeping on. That one was the new pillow top that we bought when we first moved to Texas. So. . . as mattress goes that wasn't too old. Mattress and box springs are very high. I have to use a step stool to get into the bed. I was sleeping on the right side and I feel that it was slopping. I moved to the left side and that is more comfortable. I still don't like the step stool. I have been wondering about a twin bed size that would give me more room in the bedroom. Pat is pushing for a number mattress but that is very expensive.

I guess it is time to work on the pillows for the sofa. I will need to buy a new mattress for the sofa. Pat's family is enjoying sitting and laying on the sofa it seems to be extremely comfortable.

Less than 2 weeks before we sign the papers. I am still waiting for some papers for the mortgage company.