Thursday, April 30, 2009


I realized that the newest greatgran was named James William which could have been for his grandfather or his greatgrandfather. But I read closer my sons blog with pictures and realized that his name was James William Rex, which could leave no doubt that he was named for his greatgrandfather. My hubby would have been so thrilled to have a little one named for him. He missed just a few days from being born on his birthday.

All of the new babies have given me a new interest in the genealogy of the family. My friend Rich has helped me download a program and retrieve the information from a very old cCD of my nephews. It is a starting place anyway. I just need to enter hubby and my information and go from there. Number one son found a link to his grandfather on his fathers side. I still have the internet link but I haven't been able to find the link. I just need to keep trying.

It is wonderful to have the computer to keep all of this information for the future generations. They won't have to do the digging that this will require.

I am still trying to get someone to do my patio, so far the estimates are more than I can manage at this time. My friend Joe and family came for all the big rocks. It was two truck loads and one trailer. I just have a few more rocks and lots of weeds. I need two small trees removed (too close to the wall) and about 6 pamas grass. Melissa was over for a couple of days sleeping on the love seat and helping me pickup all the weeds and grass that had been pulled. I have 4 big bags full of the trash.

Melissa wanted to come back to live with me but I don't have the room, she really needs out of that house. I need to keep a closer eye on her and her problems.

Lots of political and social things this weekend.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Travel Section

Travel section of today's paper sparked so many memories I had to blog about them.
Taos Inn, hubby and I spent a much needed weekend there. Penni was about 18 months old. Aunt Mildred spent the weekend with the boys and Penni. We spent the weekend in Taos lovely meals in the restaurant and even a dip in the swimming pool.

Other places mentioned in this section La Fonda in Santa Fe, we had lunch there when the Penni and family were here last summer. The day was very warm and the National Cemetery took a lot out of all of us. The cool dinning room and a large round table served as a blessed re spit.

Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas was a favorite of hubby's as mine after all the kids were gone and we could spend a weekend at the Wild Flower Festival. The dinning room had terrific food.

Cimarron was mentioned. Hubby and I and Penni, borrowed a friends travel trailer and spent a weekend camped in the cannon in Cimarron. Penni and I went to find a bush to us as a outdoor potty and got scarred by a snake.

The travel section had me in tears this morning so many memories.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Next Greatgran

Just got a call that my other grandgran for this month was born today.

James William Clark 7 lbs 11 oz and 21 inches long. This was a big baby. His moma is not a very big girl, but I understand she is alright.

Will post more when I know more.

Pictures of B & B Trip

Now that I can get pictures into the blog I want you to see a picture of the B & B and the group that spent the day.
The investment club has booked a night in July. I am hoping to get my family there when they come for our trip to Glorieta. The B&B is just a few miles from Glorieta. I am sure Michelle would love the dog and Steven the couples son they haven't seen each other since they were very small.
Anyway you get the idea of what a great time we had.

New Greatgran

Hurray, I did it I posted a picture Abigail was born Friday April 17, 7lbs 2 oz. 19 inches long.
That is two kids for E the rest of the grandkids are working hard at catching up with him. I have another greatgran due this month any day now, and another one due in July.

This little one has lots of dark blond hair and or course blue, blue eyes. All of the stuff animals I have given her are bigger than she is. I hear she is a good baby and sleeps a lot and is very quiet. I missed her when I took her teddy bear to her yesterday, I will have to try again today.
First little girl and if all the pictures are reliable the only girl in the three this year. I am glad she is here so I can spoil her. None of the grandgran will be close enough to spoil. After all that is what grans are for.

I was thinking about hubby today and how proud he would be that his family line is continuing. This little one carries his last name and one of the other ones due this year will carry his name as well. E's 6 year old carries his last name as well.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Change in My Life

I have been invited out to lunch twice in the last week.

It is hard to wait for someone to open a the door of the car for me.

The gentleman is a member of my church. I met him in the once a month dinner group. He goes to the late Sunday morning service. I usually go to the early service. One of the things I have missed the most is a male to discuss things with. I guess I just miss the male point of view. So far we have spent a lot of time talking about his deceased wife and my deceased hubby. He has a military background so that is familiar.

The lunches have been a pleasant time.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I had a beautiful experience this morning. Our little Methodist Church uses a large building which is really a gym. One wall has small windows in the shape of a cross this is used as the front of the church. A lady of the church has made gorgeous hangings that are hung along the side in the front and in the front on either side of the window. The hangings today have a bunch of grapes, a sheaf of wheat, a cross and etc.

The sermon was on the open tomb. That moment became a frozen moment in time for the women who were there. We were ask to think of a frozen moment in time that we have had. When I close my eyes I see Penni the last time I saw her. I held her hand a little while right after she died. When I opened my eyes I looked up to try and keep from crying. In the little round window, above the windows that made up the cross, there a was beautiful gold butterfly.

As anyone that knows anything about my daughter they know she loved butterflies.

This may be just a one of those things but it lifted my spirits and made me know I shouldn't keep thinking of her as dead abut alive and tranformed like that butterfly.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Beautiful Day

It took two weeks of planing to get everyone off for April 7. I borrowed my son's van to take a group of friends up to the bed and breakfast. Arrowsridge is about 10 to 15 miles north of Glorieta. The road which is private gets better each time I go. Joe works on it all the time, it bumpy but easily passable. The beautiful house made of adobies sits on the top of a little mesa and looks out over the valley to the north. Joe and Annie with help made all of the adobies and build this beautiful house doing all the electrical, plumbing and laying of tiles, plastering, decorating and creating this amazing house. Don Imus lives below Arrowridge you can see the tops of his house from the rim of the bluff. It is so still and quiet the birds flit from tree top to tree top with nothing to scare them off. We were met by the guard dog of the household his name is Piper and he loves a pet or two in his time. He has beautiful markings, the story goes he found his way to Arrowsridge and decided to stay. He is very protective of the Joe and Annie and their son Steven.

It was a gorgeous day 70 degrees with little wind. We were almost an hour late getting out of town but we were on our way with 5 instead of the 7 we planned on taking.

We arrived in time for lunch, tables were set with formal dinnerware awaiting our arrival. Annie is the most terrific chef. She had to shoo all of out of her kitchen to serve lunch. Lunch was carrot soup with crab on top. Salad greens with strawberries and nuts in a sweet salad dressing. Main course with grilled asparagus, chicken breast stuffed with a yummy filling, on a bed of pasta. Dessert was light coconut cake, lay ed with lemon curd, icing was real whipped cream.

Afternoon was spent in investing the house, walking around looking at the great scenery, and just talking with each and every person there.

We didn't start home until 7:00 so it was a long day but great good friends, good food, beautiful scenery. We need to plan more days like this one.