Wednesday, July 29, 2009



Richie was here for a whole month. Most of the time he slept at my house. It was strange to be woke up by his hitting me with the newspaper. He was always in a hurry to go to VBS or have breakfast. He really like the pastry popups I have been eating lately. He really enjoyed eating his breakfast out on the patio to watch the balloons. We become so use to seeing the balloon we forget to be in awe of them. Aunt Melissa watched the full moon come up with us. He wanted that experience every night. It was really great to see life through his eyes.

We worry about what his life is going to be after he goes back. We don't know what his family life will be like. He was very anxious to go back to see his stepdad and his little brother.

Richie wanted picture to take home with him. I took picture on my digital camera. I'm not a great photographer. Hubby took all the picture in the family. I down loaded them on the computer and printed them out on my printer. Richies stepmom helped me put a scrapbook together for him to take back.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Life is not fair

I have been sick off and on for the past week. I have had diarrhea off and on. This has left me so weak that I am having trouble. I manage to get my self something to eat and keep myself. Clean and comfortable but sitting on the couch watching TV is for the birds.

I tried to run a couple of errands today but my ability to walk very far is limited. The shopping cart at Walgreen's helped for awhile but that even wasn't enough of a help.

I had to turn sweetpea from coming for a week tomorrow. I just couldn't take care of her as well as myself.

Richie went to VBS today for the first time he seemed to have a good time. He was a little scared because he didn't know anyone. He seemed a little hesitate with me leaving him at Daddy's today maybe the fact he had to stay over there for several days while I was so sick. We have fun at night we give the flowers a drink. He has an evening bath he seems to love. The bubbles and he is even getting into the splashing. He has to have a snack before he goes to bed. He seems to have a hollow leg. He is so skinny just like his dad and grandad. I know he is getting enough to eat he just wants something every few hours.

I am so sorry we get to see so little of him. Sweetpea wanted to be here while he was so haven't seen him in so long. I have been so depressed that I had to tell sweetpea she couldn't come. I want to see her so much. Life just isn't fair and the last two years have been just too much.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Now I need to RANT

I set up a nice afternoon, evening, all night and half of the next day at my favorite B and B www. for my investment club. Everything went pretty well in spite of a few members whose hubby's couldn't stay off the phone. Once to tell them when we arrived and when we were leaving was enough, but one guy was on the phone every hour today wanting us to come home. We had gone up in her van of course. So she decided to change the lunch menu and rush us out of the place she had her luggage loaded before we could finish our hurry up lunch. Then we went to Santa Fe and spent and hour looking for a Dollar Tree she had to go to.

All the first day she had to tell us verbatim about her cruise to Alaska she just took. Today all the conversation was about her planned trip to the miles long yard sale she was planning. I am beginning to think she doesn't have a thought in her head accept, what she has done or what she is going to do.

Never again, will I go on a trip with her or subject myself to more than the once a month club meeting in fact I am thinking about leaving that group.

When I left to go to Texas the conversation at the club use to be intelligent. This woman use to own a business has she become so self centered since she retired?

Monday, July 06, 2009

Great Grans

With two new great grans this year and another expected. My descendants are increasing.

I have had the privilege of the oldest one Richie of staying with me. His grandparents house is overflowing with people and the new baby. Richie has been sleeping at my house. He spends the day with his grandparents and his Dad.

His latest job is giving the plants a drink. With the sun and heat we have had, my few pots are suffering in fact some of them have died. Last night Shari was over while we were giving the plants a drink so so. Richie decided it was hot enough for a water fight. We all got soaked his shoes are still not dry. He had so much fun.

Will keep you updated.