Monday, March 19, 2007


I went to the doctor this afternoon. I had a pain in my side for about three days and Nights. I thought I had a tummy problem. I also developed a rash on my back and side where the pain has been. The doc patiently listened to my theory about my pain. Then when I showed her my rash. She jumped at the answer. I have shingles. Oh, why oh why didn't I get the shot to prevent this when it first came out. Aunt Dena has been suffering with shingles for the last three years. I am hoping we caught this early enough for the medication to work.

Just trying to lower my stress level now so that I can deal with this latest development.

New Info

Well, the book review went well today. They seemed to be very interested in the book. I donated a copy for the church library. They were fighting over who would get to read it first.

One of the ladies had said that money had been donated to the Canton Public Library in her name for a book. She got to choose what book she wanted in the library she was going to ask for P book to be put in the library. I told her she could order it from She is going to get Canton Public Library to order the book for the library.

She may get a book ordered by amazon yet.

The mission group wants P to talk to them when you are in town. But of course it won't be at one of there regular meetings.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Still Problems

Google won't let me start another blog. So I may not be able to give comments on any of your blogs.

Strange but proud moment this morning. Melissa was in a choir robe sitting in the front row of the choir in church. I do believe she is the first one of my grands that has sung in a church choir.

Many years ago I sat in the front row of a choir with Melissa's mother sitting next to me. I'm not sure how long we sat, side by side in the choir but it was a while. When number two son came home from the singles weekend in Glorieta he told me about the great girl he met there. After some more questions I discovered he was talking about my partner from the choir. To make a long story short. They were married within the year.

The preacher this morning told me he was very pleased that Melissa was singing in the choir. One of the older ladies in the choir also stopped me after church and told me how please she was the Melissa wanted to sing in the choir. All my kids sang in the youth choir and adult choirs. But Melissa as far as I know is the first one of the grands.

Well tomorrow I give a book review of P book. I'm not sure I'm up to it but I am going to try.

I was so glad to see the picture of Cottonwood Mall and the poster about P booksigning. I'm so sorry we won't be there to be a part of the booksigning. Melissa and I were thrilled.

It's time to sign another lease for the house. I don't want to move, I am pleased with the house but it is so scary to sign up for another year. It always makes me so anxious to try and see a whole year down the road. We have been here over 18 months but trying to out quess what will happen even 6 months down the road is scary. I quess I will just have to close my eyes and sign it.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


This changing blogs from blogspot to google has messed everything up. I can't post to anybody elses blog and I can't get into my blog very often. They say my password is wrong but they won't give me another one. I keep e-mailing them and they ignore me. If I am forced to start over again. When I start a new blog it will be under the name anothercaregiver. Can't we find some bloging spot that we can really use?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm Blogging

It is difficult to blog when every few days we have a melt down every few days.

The last two weeks have been very difficult. Melissa came home from her last TAS test with the news that a boy she had been talking with died. This shook her up and I'm concerned that she blew her test. She wrote her essay by reviewing a TV show instead of writting from personal experience. So its anybodys quess if they will accept that as a writting assignment or if they will just not accept it. If she doesn't pass this writting test she doesn't graduate. We have been butting heads at every turn.

I remember having a few screaming matches with the kids when they were at home but with Melissa this last weeks its been at least two or three a week. I'm really too old for these melt downs. my emotions won't handle it. I have played my last card by calling her mom and dad and having her talk with them.

Hubby has not been doing too well. He is sleeping almost all day, he is eating very little. He is down to about 170 lbs for someone that use to weight 225 that is a lot. I am hoping this is just temporary.

It is time to sign another lease for the house I am afraid to sign one for a year but I can't move.
I don't have the strength, money or a place to go. I'm very comfortable here but if hubby has to go into a nursing home I can't afford it.

Pray for us that we get through these next two and half months.