Friday, May 28, 2010


Shari, tells me every time we talk about something I make a reference to Penni. I wasn't aware that I thought about her that much, but I guess I do. I have been trying not to do that but. This morning was I pulling weeds or goat heads in the front yard. Some of them had buds of little yellow flowers so it brought to mind.

When Penni first moved in the house they brought she was thinking about landscaping a very large back yard. The far top of the back yard was terraced and it was full of the prettiest little yellow flowers. Penni was so pleased that she didn't have to do something to that area. Until her father pointed out to her that the little yellow flowers were goat heads.

When I left a shop later in the day the radio, in the car, was playing you guessed it "Harper Valley PTA. Penni drove the boys crazy playing that song.

How do I not think of Penni when almost every thing I do is a reminder?

I took Missy and Shari's two dogs to the groomers today. It wasn't far over there but they sat up in the back seat just like I was there chauffeur. I wish I had a picture of that.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I wasn't looking forward to Mother's Day this year. Hubby and Penni took care of that for me. When ever the commercial's on TV were talking about Mother's Day. I kept seeing a little piece of wrapping paper that Penni had used as a greeting card. She said something like thank you Mom and Dad I love you. Mom thank you for everything you do for me. Penni always signed her cards that way for me. Several days later I was half asleep about 3:00 AM I had been reading and was going back to sleep. I saw a ceramic piece in my mind. Hubby when he was working security at U of A had made me this mermaid on the side of a big shell. When he brought it to me the shell had water in it and daises floating in it. I remember how happy I was and how much I loved him. I felt like both hubby and Penni were wishing me a Happy Mother's Day.

P has already blogged about our day, I really loved going to Bosque Farms for Church and spending the day with his family. Oldest son called and we had a long chat I really enjoy talking to him and he has so little time to talk that I appreciate a long chat with him.

All and together this years Mother's Day was a good one.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Abby's First Birthday

Abigail is my only grand gran that's a girl. I love to see her every few days or weeks. She is walking now and is little and just runs around everywhere. We had her birthday at my house. (Grandma and Grandpa were sick so we move the party here.)

I love her little chubby cheeks and fat arms and legs. I can't see anything of myself in her or any of the family traits. She looks like her Mom which is great but I can't see my side of the family in her. Her mom was complaining about a little curl behind her ear that sticks straight out and won't be tamed. I was just as pleased as punch. That is the bane of my life I can't control that stubborn curl behind my ear. Penni had it and Michelle has it, now Abigail has it. I would love to know how far that goes back. I do not know where or which side of the family, I received it from. No one in my family had the curl to my knowledge.

I thought you would enjoy her picture.

I only see pictures of the other two boys that are great grans and were born last year.

James had his first birthday last month also. James carries my hubby's first and middle name's. His pictures look like he is full of fun and will be a handful to take care of, his momma may pay for some of her raising.

Jose carries on the family name and I know my hubby would be proud as punch of that and so am I. I have only seen picture of him and he isn't very old yet but I can't see any family resemblances there, but we couldn't see any in his daddy either. Jose's grandpa looks very much like my hubby.

Richie my 7 year old great gran looks like his dad and his grand dad. There is no mistaking the family resemblances.

It is funny to think of how many people owe there lives to hubby and I. We only had 3 kids and there are 6 grand kids, now we have 4 great grans. Sorry hubby didn't live to see this.

Great Gran


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

May 5,2010

My handyman friend was over today and did some things for me. He is trying to move to Tenessee so I don't get him very often. I fixed lunch and we had a good time. When he was leaving he told me that he was taking another lady in the neighborhood on a cruise. Needless to say I was disappointed. Everyone seems to be going some place but me. Oldest son going to his sons graduation in California. B and G when to San Diego. B called me and ask me to remember some of the places that we had gone together. A is going to another friends daughters graduation in NC. I probably shouldn't travel until I get stronger but I do feel left out.

I have spend another couple of days in the hospital since I last blogged. I guess the antibiotics got to me and with the runs for 12 hours I was very dehydrated. I have been weak since I got home but I am getting stronger each day. I finally finished all my test for my new heart doctor and I see him Monday.

I am anxious for Michelle and Richie to come for visits this summer. The weather has turned hot and I need to do some gardening. We are going after dog food tonight just waiting for Shari to call.

I sent another appeal off for the ambulance bill of last September. I have had two ambulance rides since then I wonder when I will get the bill for them. It seems as if the ambulance attendant put down that I didn't need to use a ambulance so medicare if refusing to pay for it. The doctor has sent two letters stating that I did need to use the ambulance but medicare believes the ambulance attendant, I have appeal it twice lets see what this brings. The bill is $500.00 so that is why I am fighting it.