Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Better today

July 19 I had oral surgery the doc was so rough deading my jaw that I almost died. They had me upside down and forced the needle in so hard and fast that I was really tensed up. Of course that didn't help the deading progress. He then pulled the root out in three pieces. He said I was a good patient sat me up and escored me out to pay for his punishment. I was just so glad to get out of there that I paid up and ran out of the place. I was so shaky that I could hardly stand up. P managed to get me to the other dentist and they put in the partical. It was 12:30 before we got to cracker barrel to have lunch. I hadn't had anyting not even water for 12 hours.

Friday I started having pains in my right ear and behind my ear. I thought it would go away, I graduated from tyndol to hydrocodone all weekend. Monday I started about 1:30 am with diarhia that lasted unti 7:30 am after about 5 pills and sitting on the pot for 6 hours. I gave up and called P she took me to the GP. She gave me a prescrip for some pills. They made me so drunk I was afraid to take any more. My friend and massage gal. Came over Tuesday morning and worked some of the kniks out of my neck and back. That helped until about 10 last night so more pills until I got ahold of the doc about noon today. I'm back to taking the drunk pills today I slept for about 3 hours. I'm feeling a little rocky but the pain has slowed down considerabily. I quess the GP doc was right the oral surgeon damaged some nerves when he deaded my mouth. Next question do I have a case to sue the idiot for the damage and pain and suffering I am having?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Another Week

Where has this last week gone. Tuesday we went to Athens clothes shopping for M. P and I went to weight watchers, the family here for a week has played hob with our diet. We promised we were going to be good this week, well, a couple of days I was. Wednesday D took P to Dallas for chemo, we had Michelle all day. M and Michelle can get along for about 5 hours and thing deteriate. Thursday M went to work for the first time, we went to Gun Barrel in the afternoon for hair cuts. M was great and looks so cute, it should be it was 50 bucks. I had hair color and a cut. My cut is for the birds. Friday M worked all day. Saturday M went to Michelles for the day and gave hubby and I a break. Today we moved a mattress for M so she isn't sleeping on a blow up anymore. We took two cars to Mesquite today we ate at Outbacks and did some shopping. When we came home M and I went to wally world the shelves were bare again. I got the last diet tea and we couldn't find the water that we usually get. M goes to work again tomorrow and I may go to Mesquite again with G and P.

We will go to Edgewood Tuesday and see about school for M. I am still trying to find out about the Alpha program in Mabank. We may have to go over there and see if we can chase that down. Next Thursday we go back to Athens to see about the community college and the possiblity of a GED. M will have to decide what she wants to do when we get all the info on what is possible. M, papa will have to come up with some money if it is going to cost. We still need to get a MV book so she can get started on learning to drive. I finally go to the oral surgeon on Wednesday P is going to take me and leave Michelle home with hubby and M. We have been so busy sence M has been here there is always something to do.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Still tired

Number two son and family wore me out while they were here. M stayed to help out with Michelle and hubby. I have found a job for her no pay but some experience, as a receptionist in our massage therapy office.

Enjoyed my family so much I knew I missed them but didn't know how much until they were here. We did keep a busy schedule while they were here.

I need a commission on the wooden trash bins, all three of my kids have one now. I really enjoy mine and I'm use they are enjoying theirs too.

We have an invasion of tiny ants, I put ant powder all around the outside of the house. I wanted to put some under the house but couldn't get under there. I have sprayed all around the inside of the house I hope it doesn't bother Sadie.

I bought some Bitter Apple the other day. I have sprayed some things, I also sprayed Sadies's mouth a couple of times. Sadies didn't like it but didn't throw and big fit. I hope it is going to work on the telephone cords and the house. She has been chewing on the side supports of the front door.

Monday, July 03, 2006

A few minutes

I have a few minutes. Number two son and wife are playing golf. Middle grandaughter is on computer in her room. Michelle is with momie. Hubby is snozzing. I'm trying to catch up on reading blogs. We have done First Monday for three days, boy was it hot and I am tired. Going to Dallas today P has appointment with her cancer doc at Baylor. We are hoping for a good report. We are going to Joe's Crab shack afterwards and maybe do Garden Ridge. We have been doing nothing but buy buy buy since the kids have been here. Sadie the hyper active dog has been super hyper active so many people to play with. Michelle has been having a great time with middle grandaughter here to play with her. They are teaching me how to play UNO I even won a game from Michelle yesterday. Michelle is becoming a super UNO player. P worked all weekend so we haven't spent anytime with her but we still have the next two days. Number one son is in deep trouble with the main bath in Okla. he won't be able to come down. Keep you posted later.