Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas from cold damp North Carolina. We had Christmas or the opening of the presents last night. David has to work today. The house is small for 9 people most of the adults or almost.

Sweetpea has grown, she is almost as tall as I am. She is almost square like Steven was at her age. She and Steve keep a good house they work together well. They seem to be adjusting well. Michelle likes her school and has a good counselor. We spent one day in Jacksonville shopping. That girl can shop me into the ground. We found jeans and some underwear. I found some shoes and we had seafood for lunch in a grownup place.

David said he would go with us to Morehead City an Beaufort on Sunday.

David's new girlfriend comes with a large family. A grown daughter married to a Sailor and with a darling little boy almost two. They had to leave before Christmas to go to another base. They have a 14year old boy that is hyper big time. We all keeping trying to give him some coffee but he doesn't like it. This kid is bright, bright and likeable but the hyper is getting to me. A 16yearold girl complete with a boy friend. She plays guitar and will help Michelle with her's she got for Christmas. She has a crush on Steven and the two of them keep things lively. Momma is very likeable and so--- good to Michelle and Michelle likes her and hangs all over her if we let her. Michelle feels like they are part of her family already, if things don't work out it could be bad. This is all happening very quickly and we hope they will slow down and take it easy.

I need to go see about Michelle more later.

Friday, December 11, 2009

What is News

I haven't been watching the news very often it is depressing. Here is why.

CBS with Katie ran a section on "Climate-gate" about the e-mails that would lead people to think there is not any climate warming.
NBC with Brian ran a section the same night Dec. 9th about Kenya and showed pictures of water holes, and rivers drying up. It showed pictures of women and children dipping dirty water out of the water hole. How can people believe that we don't have a problem of climate warming after seeing those pictures. I am so discussed with news programs trying to control the news.

Our news paper is continuing to print everything possible how climate warming is a hoax. I can't believe how stupid people are today.

Saturday, December 05, 2009


I was pleasantly surprised this morning my grandkids and girl friend arrived to help clean house. I just have to finish putting things away. It's so difficult to keep things put away. The house looks so cluttered if anything is out of place. I took everyone to lunch and that was more expensive than if I had hired someone to clean for me. E and I worked on the garage I am so pleased to see every thing put away and swept clean.

Billie is coming for the night. ASCA is having their Christmas Party and we are looking forward to going. I have several Christmas Parties before I go to NC. David and I e-mailed back and forth a few minutes ago. It is really nice to do that.

Still trying to get things together to pack.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


If it isn't spelled correct forget it. I looked in 5 different spelling books and had a friend check her medical books and nobody came up with the correct spelling. Anyway I wanted to talk about that metal tube called a MRI.

A long time ago I read about taking snap shots in time in your life. When you find yourself in a place that is peaceful and calm, you take a snapshot for a future time. I have found myself in a few places like that. I have met God in some beautiful surroundings. I call these my snapshots in time. When I find myself somewhere I am having trouble with the present, I retreat to one of my snapshots in time.

Today when I was being pushed into that metal tube I looked for my usual snapshots. One is a meadow in the San Isabel National Forest up my San Isabel Lake. The other one is a rock I sat on over looking a northern New Mexico lake. Hubby and I had the travel trailer parked not far away and I had spent some time with my Bible on that rock. I couldn't get either one of them to stay long enough to drown out the banging of the MRI today. Another snapshot came to mind the cabin at Glorieta. Hubby use to drive the bus and I had dinner ready for the crew. We took the youth sking between Christmas and New Years. Pat was in college on a track scholarship. He went along to run in the high air of Glorieta. Pat kept the fire going all day long. He ran in the morning and again in the afternoon the rest of the time. We spent in front of the fire. One day it snowed all day and we watched it snow in front of the fire. I spent almost and hour in the MRI tube today watching it snow. It was great!

Scare Tactics

Oklahoma Senator Coburn is playing the scare tactics card. He wants the seniors to believe if we allow the medical bill to pass we will die sooner. Maybe by his scaring us to death. If we have to give up a little of our coverage so what. We have to get all of the uninsured people covered by medical care. I'm having trouble getting my ambulance ride from the hospital to rehab covered. I didn't know I had a choice they called the ambulance I didn't. If the hospital thought it was necessary why are they dining it. Bruce is into the fight for medical care.

Pat is in a dark funk. He just needs to get past today.

I'm trying to get ready to go to NC it takes forever to get clothes ready. I had my MRI today maybe I can get the shots to my back so that the plan trip won't be so bad.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 1955

Thanksgiving 1955 hubby was overs seas, I was in Pueblo, Colorado with my parents. The boys were 3 and 2. Our Thanksgivings always included my Great Aunt Lilly and my fathers cousin Frank. We called Frank, Uncle Frank so that we wouldn't confuse my boys. Uncle Frank spent a lot of time with the boys and me, while hubby was away. He took us places we couldn't have gone without him. He went to Church with boys and me.

This particular Thanksgiving the weather was beautiful so we went for a ride out to Canon City about 40 miles away. I think gas was about 25 cents a gallon but Uncle Frank didn't have the money or forgot to check the gas gauge. We ran out of gas outside of town coming back. Uncle Frank walked to get gas (no cell phones in 1955). He came back with gas and we were off only to run out again before we reached the outskirts of town. We both pooled our money (not much) and we purchased gas again. I'm sure when we reached my father's house Frank had to ask for money and received a lecture from my Dad about the entire escapade.

I don't know if the boys remember the day but I do fondly. I really appreciated a old man taking the time to be kind to me and two little boys.

Proud Mama

My last post was to read my son's Family and Friends post. Now I have to direct you to for my other son's blog.

We keep hearing the arguments about abortion and when and how the fetus becomes a soul or has the breath of God inside. My son has it narrowed down and explains it so easily.

Why does this side of the argument appear instead of the one that the soul begins at inception. This explanation makes more sence.

A mama has to be proud of her boys.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Son has his bloodpressure up

If you haven't read my son's blog please do so. I couldn't agree with him more.

"family and"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Follow up Post

I didn't think to identify Cora Allie and Thomas. They were my grandparents. My grandmother lived with me all of my life. She died when Pat was almost two. She died of heart problems. Both Hubby and I were privileged enough to have grandmothers in residence. I suppose this was also a sign of the depression. Families lived together then. Hubbies grandmother lived alone when she could. My grandmother never lived alone. No surprise that my mother couldn't do it and that I am having trouble learning how.

I slept with my grandmother, she had time to read to me. It was my greatest pleasure when I could read myself. She taught me to embroidery when I was five, I still find this a pleasant past time. She had time to teach me the Lord's Prayer. She never went to church that I remember. She didn't go places alone and my parents didn't attend church. I was faithfully sent to SS every Sunday. When Hubby ask me to marry him that was one of the conditions I wanted us to take our kids to church. One of thing I cherish the most is a little sign that says "Prayer Changes Things" . This sign always set on her dresser alone with a square cut glass bowl. I have both of these and they always remind me of her.

She never told stories you had to ask about things so my memories of her stories are limited. She told me about seeing them bleed her mother. He father taking a box that had a still born baby and burying it. She never talked about her father. Her baby sister Aunt Lilly was always a part of the family. Aunt Lilly didn't talk about him either. She did tell me that he vowed never to speak to Allie again and he didn't.

If I think about more I may post about her again. She was a guiding light in my life.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Changing role of women

Cora Allie 1883-1954 Allie was the oldest child in her family. There were 2 brothers and a little sister when her mother died. Allie was 9 years old when she was told to quit school and take care of the family. She became an excellent cook. She made biscuits that would melt in you mouth. The stories I heard tell of aunts and uncles coming to visit and expecting her to wait on them also. Another story was that the little brothers couldn't keep a dry bed at night. Allie was washing clothes on a washboard and doing nightly sheets for her brothers.

Allie lived in rural Mississippi she became friends with neighbors down the road. A relative came to live with them from Alamba. His name was Thomas and was an older man. He had a story following him that he left Alamba because he had killed a man. This visitor had killed his brother-in-law by shooting him. By crossing the state line he escaped the law. Allie was very attracted to him, he paid attention to her something lacking in her life

Thomas had children as old as Allie. He came on to her and talked her into running away with him. Allie jumped at the chance to get away from her life taking care of her father's family. She was all of 17 years old. She called her husband Mr. all of there married life.

Allie's father was furious and vowed never to speak to her again. He kept this vow until he died.

Allie and Thomas's first child was a boy. He was what was called a blue baby which died after a few months. This was a sign of heart problems.

Allie was under the control of her father and became under the control of her husband. Allie and Thomas were sharecroppers in Mississippi. They lived in a wooden shack that was wall papered with newspapers. Their second child a little girl learned to read by reading the newspapers on the wall. Thomas was a Civil War Veteran and died when their daughter was 13 years old.

Allie was under her father's control and went to the control of her husband. Allie didn't have an education and had never been on her own. She did have a pension as the spouse from the Civil War. Without a husband she couldn't sharecrop anymore.

Allie and her daughter moved to South Texas to live with her oldest brother and his family. Allie was left without means of support. While her daughter was in high school she worked in a local laundry. While she lived in her brother's house she was under his control.

Allie's daughter married before she finished high school. Allie was welcomed into there home and never had to work another day in her life. Unless you consider sharing the care of there home and helping take care of there two children.

All of Allie's life she was under someone else's control and dependent upon someone else for her support.

Now I understand the fundamental movement is trying to reduce women to this kind of lifestyle again.

This was a mere two generations ago, please don't let women be reduced to this lifestyle again.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall 1948

Football season in Pueblo sunshine was bright on that Saturday afternoon. Central/Centennial football game . Central won and my friend Margie and I were silly with the winning and up to doing any crazy thing. The crazy thing was a snake dance going down Broadway Avenue all the way from the stadium to the junction. Margie and I were in the middle going around cars that we had stopped on Broadway. One of the stopped cars belonged to my boyfriend Marv. Marv wanted me to go to the Central/Centennial victory dance that night. Margie had broke up with her long time boyfriend and didn't have a date. I told Marv I would go if he could get Marge a blind date.

Bill was the blind date for Marge. She spent the whole night dragging me into the restroom telling me that Bill couldn't dance and she wanted to go home. I spent a lot of the time changing dances with Bill and Marv so that Marge would stay at the dance. I really liked Bill (boy could he dance). Bill ask me to go to the ROTC ball with him. I had to break up with Marv so that my conscience would let me do that. Marv's Mormon Mom was very happy she didn't approve of this little Baptist girl. For the rest of the year Marge and I both dated Bill. Marge finally went back to her old boyfriend and married him.

Bill joined the Marines that summer and left town. I dated Bill when he was in town the next two years. We wrote tons of letters during that time. During the summer of 1950 Bill was home his little sister had surgery and they gave him leave. We decided to get married that summer. I have already posted that. My parents and Bill's mother drove to California and were there for our wedding. I am the only one still alive that was at that wedding.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 26, 1962

I had good intentions of writing about my married life, but today's paper listed the importance of this date. President Kennedy went on TV to tell about the missiles in Cuba.

There are snapshots of life frozen in time. This date is one of them, I was PG with Penni and had been to the Doctor and told to walk more. Bill and I were standing middle of afternoon, in Daddy's music store, watching President Kennedy on TV explain the crisis of missiles in Cuba.

Another beautiful sunny fall day outside but scary news about Cuba, which seemed so close at that time. We knew that missiles had a long range and Colorado would be a target.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

October 24, 1950

Beautiful sunny fall day in Southern California. My parents, Bill's mother and I had traveled by auto to Barstow Marine Corp base. Bill in is marine uniform (good looking guy) with the urgency of the Korean War. We had traveled to Barstow so that Bill and I could be married. My parents wanted to see the Pacific Ocean. We traveled to San Bernadino to be married. We called several Baptist Church's asking for someone to marry us, no one was interested. Finally one minister ask us to come talk to him. We spent several minutes talking to him and were getting no where. We mentioned that we had parents with us and he changed his tone. Everyone was invited in and a wedding was planned. We went into the sanctuary and were married.

As we walked out into the bright sun light school was getting out at the elementary school across the street. We drove on to Los Angeles to spend the night, still not seeing the ocean. We spent the night at the Admiral Hotel, parents on one floor and Bill and I on another. We spent the next day trying to find the ocean. I don't think we ever found the ocean before we had to go back to Barstow.

I spent the first several months of married life in the Mojave Dessert.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21st

I tried driving and it didn't work too well. So I am waiting for a little while. It is just very confining as I have to ask other people to drive me places. Annie is taking me to the doctor Friday morning and my real estate friend Pat is taking me to my hair dresser in the afternoon.

Mat is getting married Sunday afternoon, they brought the boys over last night and I altered their tux. The oldest boy is skinny, skinny like Pat use to be. I am anxious for the wedding to be over. Mat has been so busy we can't get him to finish anything.

Shari is having surgery shortly I have to drive when she comes home from surgery or rehab.

24th is my wedding anniversary, I can't help but feeling something about our 59th anniversary.
My friend Helen is celebrating her 50th so that keeps in the fore front of my thinking.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pain, Pain and more Pain

I am walking up to 20 minutes at a time for the last three days. I am trying to get stronger but I am doing it in pain. I am taking oxycodone/APAP 5mg-325 mg every 4 hours and I am still in pain most of the day and some of the night. I am using heat sometimes and cold sometimes this seems to help.

I have been going to Unity on Sundays Shari will take me. I finally have her going regularly. I'm not sure she would go if they were meeting any place else. I managed to go to the covenant group this morning and out to lunch with them. I need to try and go back to church there, now that Shari is going to Unity by herself. I will need to get someone to pick me up but I would have to go back to SS and I really dislike that. Maybe I just have to wait until I can drive myself.

I have been hurt that Pat and family have not been more interested in how I am doing. I don't hear from them at all. Linda did call this week but I will admit when I need something they are there. I know that house is a zoo so it is difficult for them to think of any thing else.

I have been thinking of writ ting the story of my marriage here, I haven't decided yet. Pat gave me this award and I was suppose to pass it on but trying to find 15 blogs to pass it on became a chore that I didn't want to do. Maybe the pain I'm living with makes me crabby.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

My First Outing

Shari and I went to Unity this morning. The church went out to lunch afterward. I managed both church and lunch.

I sat across from a couple that I just said hello to when I saw them. I really got to know them. They were very interesting to talk to. I just took my pain pills and got through everything alright. That little church has been very kind and friendly to Shari and I both.

Matt was over yesterday finished making my shower handicapped friendly. Kayla cleaned my fish tank out you can tell there is a fish in there now. Gloria came over later and helped me take a shower. The way Matt has it fixed I can take a shower by myself. Gloria just wants to be here just in case.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

One Day at a Time

Time is passing swiftly. One day melts into another. I have great friends that keep up with me. Some daily, some every few days.

Gloria was great she came Tuesday and helped me take a shower and wash my hair. I can't get my hair to do anything but stand straight up on end. Annie was down and spent a couple of hours. Folding clothes. I came home to piles of laundry. I'm so picky about my laundry I wouldn't let anyone do that. Shari has been doing my shopping. Gloria came another day and took the meat off of a chicken. Now I can have sandwiches easily. Pat has picked up my prescriptions and had them filled. Melissa came over today and went grocery shopping for me, she took my trash out. Tomorrow is the pickup day.

My new prescription has Tylenol in it. After two doses I seem to be thinking clearer. I have also had the strength to start walking in the house. I hope my night exercises go better.

I called to have the paper started tomorrow. Maybe I can join the living again.

Jimmy Carter was 85 today, I hope I look as good as he does at that age and have half the energy he does. Do I really want to live to 85? Not with the kind of pain I have been having. You know the last two doses of pain killer has worked better. Can this be turning around?

My home PT comes tomorrow we will see how that goes. She is suppose to help me get around without the walker. I seem to manage that during the day. I am a little less certain at night.

Time to take my 9 pm meds.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Questionable Blog

While I was in rehab they blocked my blog saying it had questionable content. I didn't know my musings about my life present and past could be considered unacceptable for people to read. Well, if you are looking for something X rated you are out of luck.

Always before I had Penni to look out for me while I was in the hospital. This time Pat didn't have any understanding how to keep things even for me. I have inherited low blood pressure. I passed this on to my kids as well. The boys have never been hospitalized so they have never faced this problem. If my blood pressure was low according to them. The nursing staff overrode all medical order for pain medication. The had just used a saw to cut off my leg in two places to put in the new knee. No pain meds because they decided I had low blood pressure. By the time I had screamed and yelled because of no pain meds. They took my blood pressure and of course it was up by then, so they gave me my pain meds. Why is it necessary to throw a fit to get pain meds that are prescribed for me.

While I was in rehab I fought the same battle every time I got a new nurse first thing in the morning. By the time I was ready to leave I found out how to get my blood pressure up in the morning. I would get up and walk down the hall and some time get cleaned up and dressed. That would raise my blood pressure enough to please the nursing staff.

I have just used the oxycontin today I haven't had to use the muscle relaxant. The muscle stuff makes me goofy. Melissa spent the night last night but I'm on my own tonight. I've been by myself today just had people popping in off and on.

I'm home and working on taking care of myself, I'm going to try and get my pain level down so that I can go to sleep.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My profession of Faith

My boys are blogging about ancient history my story is really ancient. For some reason my Mother went to church with my friend Margie and I. This was very unusual. I was always taken to SS and picked up afterwards. I was asking questions about joining Church but no one really explained how to be saved to me. ( My grandmother helped me memorize the Lord's Prayer. I think about her every Sunday when we say it.) Anyway it was Easter Sunday and when the invitation was given my Mother ask me if I wanted to go down. So my friend Margie and I went down. I was just joining the church and I had no idea what it was really about. So and I baptized at the age of 11.

When I was about 15 or 16 I went to a church camp. I talked another girl at church in going with me. No one in the church was very interested in us going. One of the other mothers took us to camp but we didn't have a ride home. I had to call and get my folks to come after us. Mother fussed the whole way. Sunday was the only day they had off from the shop and I had interferred with it. I think I really understood what being saved ment at that camp. Where the camp was located was beautiful. I don't remember what the name of it was or where it was located. Somewhere around Denver in the mountains and the dirt single lane road through the pine was beautiful. Too bad Mother couldn't see the scenery.

When Hubby ask me to marry him I told him I definate ideas about how a family should be. We should say grace before meals and we would take kids to church not send them. Hubby told me that was find with him, he liked those ideas. He was sent to church too, on a church bus.

Hubby went off the base and joined the closest Baptist church because I was a Baptist. Well, I was baptized in a American Baptist Church and Hubby joined a Southern Baptist Church. We didn't understand the difference in those days. Hubby and I took a lot of Sunday night courses in what it means to be a Baptist. Some of the books that I used in teaching my boys came from those classes. Including the little red book "The Trail of Blood" that Bruce referrs to alot. That was in California.

Fast forward to Colorado when the boys were little we went to Denver to some kind of meeting. It was held in a Jewish Synagogue or a building that had been one. They played "I Surrender All" and I think that Hubby and I both surrendered all, at that time. I can't sing that hymn without seeing that church and crying a little. I really feel like that was when I was saved.

But as you can see God was working in my life for a lot of years before that time. I just had to understand and really surrender and surrender is a hard thing for me to do.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Scenes from the Past

Shopping in the Rio Rancho Target I ran into the youngest daughter of Minister at Mt Zion. Hubby and I were helping with this church when he came down with ALZ. Our lives have been combined with them for years.

The summer Penni was about 12 she was too old for a baby sister and too young to leave alone. I hired the Cates oldest daughter to stay with her. Maria started out making doll clothes with Penni. They moved on the clothes for Penni. Maria needed to help teach in Vacation Bible school in various churches around town. Penni went to school with them. I think we went to 4 graduation nights for the schools. It was fun to see that little blond in the middle of all those black little faces. Penni spent a lot of time with Annie, she is a couple of years older than Penni. She didn't know that Penni had passed away. Annie lost her mother to breast cancer the winter before Penni got sick. Annie's mother was so talented she could make the piano sing. Jo and I were very good friends. She called me from the hospital before she died I wasn't at home. Her phone didn't get disconnected, I could hear the family talking to her. I have always been unhappy that I didn't get to talk to her that last time. I don't know what she wanted to tell me.
Pastor Cates died a little while before Hubby did. Annie has two more littles ones that I didn't know about. I want to spend some time with Annie but when I see one of Penni's friends all I can do is cry. Annie has had a lot of death in her family too. I would like to try to be some comfort to her.

The summer Pat was the youth leader at one of our local churchs he gathered up some of the Cates girls. Queenie could play the piano like her mother. Just younger were the twin that were the life of any party. Pat gathered the girls up to help him with the youth group. He needed someone to play the piano for him. From the reports of the time they spent together it was fun. He still talks about it.

Cates had 6 girls and Annie was the youngest and had a terrific voice. She said she hasn't sang sence her mother died. Just as soon as I get home from having this knee done I'm going to call and see if we can get together.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 26, 1953

56 years ago I remember this day but I can't remember the 25th. Hubby and I had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night. Labor always starts at that time.

My second son was born this day 56 years ago. This child started the tradition of the name Milton for my father. My father was the last of his line, no one carried his name on. We now have the third generation of Milton's as there middle name. My newest greatgran is the fourth generation that I know of with the first name of William. Hubby would be thrilled at the expansion of our offspring.

They had a virus in breast feeding women in the base hospital. No one was suppose to nurse their babies. I complained loudly and said I would go home immediately if not allowed to breast feed. I had to stay in my room and Pat was brought to me. I got to leave early because I wouldn't back down.

My father and mother were there for the event. My father took my oldest son on his first fishing trip, while I was in the hospital. He was the only one to catch a fish that day.

We had graduated Bruce to a twin bed so that the baby could have the crib. Bruce was use to sleeping in his own room. We put the crib in our room for the baby. Every morning when we woke up Bruce was under the crib asleep. Thank heavens it was summer in the south, he didn't get cold. We solved this problem by putting the crib and the baby in Bruce's room. He was perfectly happy to sleep in his bed after that.

I was the mother of two the summer I was 21. Hubby brought me the gardenia off of the bush under own bedroom window. I received my first gardenia when I was 9 and went to something with my parents. This was my second and last one, beautiful flowers but the scent is overwhelming. I am now the greatgran of 4 the summer I am 77.

I way off the subject of 56 years ago but I do remember alot of that summer.

Friday, August 21, 2009

End of Life Counseling

How great it would have been if a doctor had provided this information. After hearing about a Living Will at a Senior Center. I spent about $200. getting the information from a senior attorney. While in Texas I tried to get the same information about Texas laws. I was told the going rate was $2,000.

Hubby and I did our Living Wills in 1996 that is when they were notarized. Mother had one and it worked very well, her hos pics left a lot to be desired. Hubby had a young oriental female doctor in Baylor. When she talked to Penni and I about his cancer. She explained our two options letting the cancer take control. We could have hospice and his pain would be controlled. The other option was chemo, Penni had just finished another round of chemo. She didn't want her father to have to go through that. The chemo would extend his life about 2 months. We oped for hospice and found a great one. Pat spent the 6 weeks with me while hubby was on hospice and Penni was close by and spent as much time as her cancer would allow her.

Penni went down hill after her father died. She never went back to work. She oped for palliative care which was great. Her hubby being a paramedic and her mother-in-law a nurse she had great care. She lived almost a year in palliative care in which Dallas Morning News recorded the time. We had a photographer which became part of the family. The Dallas Morning news has a great series of articles about palliative care. Other patients besides Penni. Penni was the corner stone and made the articles real and showed how palliative care can help in the last days.

I am in the process of up dating my Living Will and Will. I still feel the same way I did in 1996. I saw it work for hubby and for Penni. There are worse things in life than death.

I know Obama has taken the counseling out of the healthcare bill and I am disappointed. How much nicer for our doctor to explain the options like the doctor in Baylor did than to have to pay an attorney for the same information.

Teacher Union Retiree's group called and ask me to work for them to help get the healthcare bill passed. Because I am having surgery I couldn't but I agreed to volunteer. I have been volunteering 3 days a week 4 to 6 PM phone banking. I don't know if I am doing any good but I am trying. Most of the people I have talked to are in favor of the government option. Why is the media giving so much attention to the crazies at the townhall meetings. I am going to try to get into our townhall meeting Saturday.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reach Our and Touch

Reach out and touch was a slogan for a commercial. I couldn't help but feel that way when I got to talk to M today. She is almost all the way across the country. We had a good chat about her new home. Her room is blue but she would prefer pink. All her pretty white furniture looks good in her new bedroom. They took her piano the (one I sold piano's to buy.) I hope she learns to play it. They took Tigger but not Ginger, her cats. I hope they found a good home for Ginger. Grandma G took her dog and cat.

She is enrolled in school and has homework already. She has met some new friends, sounds like most of them are boys. She knows their names and their dogs name. She ask me about my dog and my fish . She named the fish and I had forgot his name. His name is Red. She thinks he needs company. I explained he would eat any other fish I put in there. He is a beta fighting fish.
When you receive a letter it is like getting a piece of that person, that you can hold. Hearing and carrying on a conversation is like seeing the person face to face. I know they have that ability today. I need to investigate the video cams that let you get on line. You can talk and see the person at the same time. I have a friend who has invested in one to talk to her grans.

I have to mention the fact that I have a new greatgran. His name is William Joseph. He is the 5th generation that I know of whose first name is William. We have 4 generations with the name Milton. I am thinking of a scrape book showing these generations in our family. I have a lot of projects lined up for the time I am laid up with surgery.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Former President Jimmy Carter

My trip to Oklahoma was fantastic the highlight, of course, was lunch with former President Jimmy Carter.

I flew to Oklahoma City Wednesday, Bruce picked me up at the airport. I had a relaxing time watching TV, exploring the hotel, and reading. I had a early night and spent Thursday morning with K at her hospital. She needed a ekg and I went with her. When we returned to the hotel Pat and family were just arriving. We got them settled and registered, attending the first session of Building Bridges of New Baptist Covenant. We ate dinner at a local Sonic. Tried to go the evening session the music was loud drums and guitars. That wouldn't have been so bad but the sound system was so loud that my head was throbbing with a headache and that turned to nausea. The speakers were great and I really missed hearing some of them. I had to retire to my room with more pain pills.

Friday morning started off with breakfast with Texas Baptist Committed and Mainstream Baptists. Great speakers. Morning session was on race relations a terrific video followed by a panel discussion which was exultant. I started back to the room to change clothes for the luncheon. I was met in the hall by several men in suits that wasn't unusual but the dog was. No one looked blind so why the dog. Finally it dawn on me that it was the secret service checking out the hotel. Lunch was great, I sat at a table with the Indian American Baptist preachers and spouses of Oklahoma. What a great discussion with them. I learned so much about a woman preacher not only struggling with the prejudice of Baptist but also Kiowa's against woman in that role. They were all great fans of Tony Hillerman so we had a lot in common.

When President Carter entered the room he had to shake hands with every one. When I told him my name his responds was "that's a famous name". He had been in correspondence with Bruce about the meeting for months, so of course he was familiar with the name. (Hubby would had been trilled.) After lunch and his speaking we all had our picture taken with him. Bruce is suppose to send it to me.

The afternoon meeting was terrific with President Carter speaking and the place was packed. I understand some people left after he spoke, but the rest of the program was great. We had dinner at a Arby's and returned for the last evening session. The St. John's Baptist Church's black choir was great there preacher, preached and that took me back to the days of Mt. Zion here in Albuquerque. After the meeting I spoke to the minister and he was a friend of our pastor at Mt Zion Rev. Dr. Frank Cates which is now deceased. I also meet some friends with the western CBF that hubby and use to attend regularly.

We managed to have breakfast with Bruce and K early Saturday morning before everybody had to rush off in all directions. We loaded up and left early and had a pleasant drive toward NM. The old windstar was loaded to the gills but purred down the highway like it was new.

We spend the night in Tumucari, I thought we were stopping to early but when I got out of the van I couldn't stand up. I was glad for the evening and night of just resting before we drove on in to Albuquerque. We stopped at a truck stop on the way and ran into our Lt Governor. I have known her for years, I didn't hesitate to chat with her a few minutes. She, her hubby and grandaughter had been to Tumucari. I did get a chance to introduce her to my grandaughter.

The early day home was a treat to get settled and check up on the e-mails, phone calls and mail.
Now I have to get serious about getting ready for this surgery.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009



Richie was here for a whole month. Most of the time he slept at my house. It was strange to be woke up by his hitting me with the newspaper. He was always in a hurry to go to VBS or have breakfast. He really like the pastry popups I have been eating lately. He really enjoyed eating his breakfast out on the patio to watch the balloons. We become so use to seeing the balloon we forget to be in awe of them. Aunt Melissa watched the full moon come up with us. He wanted that experience every night. It was really great to see life through his eyes.

We worry about what his life is going to be after he goes back. We don't know what his family life will be like. He was very anxious to go back to see his stepdad and his little brother.

Richie wanted picture to take home with him. I took picture on my digital camera. I'm not a great photographer. Hubby took all the picture in the family. I down loaded them on the computer and printed them out on my printer. Richies stepmom helped me put a scrapbook together for him to take back.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Life is not fair

I have been sick off and on for the past week. I have had diarrhea off and on. This has left me so weak that I am having trouble. I manage to get my self something to eat and keep myself. Clean and comfortable but sitting on the couch watching TV is for the birds.

I tried to run a couple of errands today but my ability to walk very far is limited. The shopping cart at Walgreen's helped for awhile but that even wasn't enough of a help.

I had to turn sweetpea from coming for a week tomorrow. I just couldn't take care of her as well as myself.

Richie went to VBS today for the first time he seemed to have a good time. He was a little scared because he didn't know anyone. He seemed a little hesitate with me leaving him at Daddy's today maybe the fact he had to stay over there for several days while I was so sick. We have fun at night we give the flowers a drink. He has an evening bath he seems to love. The bubbles and he is even getting into the splashing. He has to have a snack before he goes to bed. He seems to have a hollow leg. He is so skinny just like his dad and grandad. I know he is getting enough to eat he just wants something every few hours.

I am so sorry we get to see so little of him. Sweetpea wanted to be here while he was so haven't seen him in so long. I have been so depressed that I had to tell sweetpea she couldn't come. I want to see her so much. Life just isn't fair and the last two years have been just too much.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Now I need to RANT

I set up a nice afternoon, evening, all night and half of the next day at my favorite B and B www. for my investment club. Everything went pretty well in spite of a few members whose hubby's couldn't stay off the phone. Once to tell them when we arrived and when we were leaving was enough, but one guy was on the phone every hour today wanting us to come home. We had gone up in her van of course. So she decided to change the lunch menu and rush us out of the place she had her luggage loaded before we could finish our hurry up lunch. Then we went to Santa Fe and spent and hour looking for a Dollar Tree she had to go to.

All the first day she had to tell us verbatim about her cruise to Alaska she just took. Today all the conversation was about her planned trip to the miles long yard sale she was planning. I am beginning to think she doesn't have a thought in her head accept, what she has done or what she is going to do.

Never again, will I go on a trip with her or subject myself to more than the once a month club meeting in fact I am thinking about leaving that group.

When I left to go to Texas the conversation at the club use to be intelligent. This woman use to own a business has she become so self centered since she retired?

Monday, July 06, 2009

Great Grans

With two new great grans this year and another expected. My descendants are increasing.

I have had the privilege of the oldest one Richie of staying with me. His grandparents house is overflowing with people and the new baby. Richie has been sleeping at my house. He spends the day with his grandparents and his Dad.

His latest job is giving the plants a drink. With the sun and heat we have had, my few pots are suffering in fact some of them have died. Last night Shari was over while we were giving the plants a drink so so. Richie decided it was hot enough for a water fight. We all got soaked his shoes are still not dry. He had so much fun.

Will keep you updated.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Final Resting Place

She is Laid to Rest

There were 10 of us gathered together to spread her ashes. The daisies were just beginning to bloom as we spread her ashes among them at the foot of a cross. It was peaceful with the bench just a little ways away. There is a lovely plague with her name and a nice inspiration on it. Her big brother had a few words to say, they were hard for him.

I feel like this was the only funeral she had but I know she would have liked it. She is where she ask to be just a few steps away from where she was married.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Family reunion

I am looking forward to having the family together. Such a sad time but I am really looking forward to most of the family being there. We will be missing some grandkids and great grans.

I finally finished the slip covers for the breakfast nook. What a job that turned out to be. I also realized that if I tackled another sewing project I would have to invest in a new sewing machine. The machine I am sewing on was purchased when I was expecting my second son, 56 years ago. If my friend Annie had not helped me I would never have finished them. I am trying to think of a gift for her for helping so much. That is true friendship.

Just trying to clean house put everything away so that I can have company.

A dear friend is retiring from APS, her retirement party is June 30. Another friend is coming from Farmington for the party. She will be staying with me. I hope she will stay long enough that Annie and I can spend some time with her.

I will tell you about our trip to Glorieta later.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1Corinthians 12:12-26

Am I trying to be the head and not concerned about the rest of the body? The neighborhood bully has just challenged me. Lead or get out of the way and let him lead?

I didn't know I was trying to lead just get some interest in getting a neighborhood association started again. He is spreading vicious lies about the former head of the association. Lies that would crush her if she heard them. She is my best friend and I know the rumors have just enough truth in them to be destroying to her. The only person who could vouch for the truth is dead.

I want to just step out of the way and let him at it. I could care less, but these lies that he has started are just going to continue to grow. How do you stop rumors they just spread like wildfire. I am sure if I allow him full reign what kind of lies will he spread about me? What kind of lies is he starting?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Home

What a busy 72 hours. My weekend of quiet spiritual retreat turned into a very active, busy 72 hours. It is almost impossible to describe, it would take a book to try to give you all of the details. Needless to say it was not what I expected. They say no one arrives there by accident. The most unlikely group of women from all walks of life, all age groups, all colors and all denominations. I would never have thought you could take 30 women the pilgrims and make them into a spiritual group.

The planing and the logistics were staggering.

We were only about 2 miles from home but what a trip down memory lane. The catholic high school campus use to be a small catholic college. 42 years ago hubby was the night security there while he finished college to become a teacher. Bruce went to college there. Penni and I use to take hubby supper and spend the evenings on the campus. There was nothing but prairie from the college to Cental about 5 miles and nothing the other way either. The campus sits on the edge of a bluff over the river. The little chapel was in the back of the building overlooking the river, city and mountains in the background. Early morning gave us a view of the few balloons up and drifting over the river and city. We saw the run rise over the mountain and the evening lights were spectacular.

All the time I could see us viewing the same landscape 42 years ago.

I'm not sure how these hours changed me but I certainly felt loved and cared for. For the first time in a long time. My family is not great on showing there feeling and emotions. I quess I raised them that way. The last day we were given a packet of letters from people who had been praying for us during the retreat. People from church, my sponser, friends and family. I recieved a letter from Pat that had me in tear from the rest of the afternoon.

I'll tell you more about it later but for now it is enough to say that I left feeling special and very loved.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Old problem rears it ugly head.

I have been trying to get our neighborhood association back up and running.
I was plugging along on it trying to get several of the homeowners association in the area to get involved. I was also trying to get a e-mail address set up and a mail box.

Three of us have met several times and decided to change the name of the association so that non of the baggage from the old association would follow us. We made some progress with the suggestions of another association. We added plastic to our sign so that some dear little one didn't rearrange the letters on the sign. They also suggested how to get a mail box that didn't cost us anything.

A former member ask to be included in any of the future plans. I didn't answer his e-mails as we had not planned any other meetings until of the three returned to the state. This former member had caused trouble before he insisted on his way and would not listen to what the group wanted to do. Because I had not answered his e-mail he contacted one of the persons that had helped us with suggestions in the past. This trouble maker from the pasted deiced to try another way of forcing his way in. He told a pack of lies and was successful in causing trouble.

I would have graciously included him in the next meeting. The fact was on the same day he tried to force the issue. I received information from the doctor they won't do both of my knees at the sametime. One at a time starting in September that will take 4 to 5 weeks recoup and then we would look at the next one. The ties me up for the next 6 to 8 months. I can't take on the heading this project. Someone else will have to take the lead.

I was accused to standing in the way of this individual who wants to head up the project. What I am curious about is why he hadn't started the process in the last two years before I came back. Nobody was standing in his way.

I assume that he only wants someone else to do all the work and then he wants to run it.

Sorry, I had to get this rant off my chest before this weekend.

Road to Emmaus

I have been invited to a weekend retreat called the Road to Emmaus.
I leave tonight and will be gone until Sunday afternoon.

I am really excited to see what this is all about.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Saint Miquel Fiesta

I'm not sure I spelled the name correctly. I spent the day at this little Catholic Church up by Glorieta. We started the morning with a Mariachi Mass, followed by a morning of bingo. I had a Frito Pie the chili was hot but so good. We walked around looking at all the booths, visiting with friends and relatives of my friends the Sandovals.

What a surprise to see a fellow APS secretary a friend of 15 years ago. We enjoyed catching up about all the years in between.

We went up to the bed and breakfast for several more hours of visiting with the family.

I am anxious for all my family to see this beautiful place. Hubby loved it so much he took lots of pictures some of the last ones were panarama of the terrific view from the bluff in front of the B and B. If you want to see for yourself try

Monday, June 01, 2009


Once a Baptist always a Baptist I guess. The front page of our paper shows a picture of large bells to be placed on towers here in Albuquerque. The bells are great they even ring in different keys one is C another in A sharp. I can see the Catholic Bishop blessing them but they went a step too far. They baptists the bells.

I am sorry my Baptist back ground raised the hair on the back of neck. As I understand baptism it is a sign that the person has died to there old self and has been given a new self in likeness to Jesus Christ.

How does a bell died to its old self and be given a new life in Christ?

This is a crazy post but maybe my post gets my point across.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Survived the dreaded Day

Yes, I survived the dreaded day. Doctor said everything looked clear and I didn't need another test for 5 years. Then when she found out how old I was she changed that to I never would need another test. Now I am wondering did she think I wouldn't live another 5 years. I hate it when they talk to you when you are half asleep. I will wonder until I see my other doc tomorrow just what she meant. Maybe I should call and ask what she was referring to. Surely she wasn't predicting how long I would live.

Melissa is over helping me to cook dinner for my Bible study group. Tomorrow is our last night and I volunteered to bring dinner. I am the only one not working. I am just doing a green chili chicken enchilada casserole. Melissa baked a cake and tomorrow I will do the guacamole dip.

I am glad the Bible study is over every Thursday night for about nine months has been a long time. I will miss the people in the group though it has been good getting to know time.

Nothing exciting.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tomorrow is the dreaded Day

Just finishing two days of a liquid diet. Just a few minutes and I start the dreaded drinking of the lousy stuff. I will be sitting on the potty for the rest of the day and into the night.

Tomorrow morning is the colonoscopy.

Saturday I had a pleasant date. We went to the Natural History Museum to the IMAX. We saw the raft trip down the Colorado thru the Grand Canyon. After the movie we had lunch in the lunchroom great Reuben's. I so enjoy dating at this late time of life. Melissa was here with me. It seems strange to be dating at the same time my granddaugther is.

Saturdays and Sundays are different. I am going to the 5:00 PM Saturday's service at the Methodist Church. Then I go to 10:30 AM Sunday service at the Unity Church. I am not finding any difference in the two.

More after I get over tomorrow.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Reading back over my postings I missed posting one of the most exciting times of my life. Obama was in Albuquerque last week to push the Credit Card legislation. The night before he was here a good friend of mine called. She said she had a extra ticket if I wanted to go see Obama and I jumped at the chance. I only had to get up at 5:00 AM and go wait until 10:30AM to see him.

I have been resisting the fact that I need to use a cane for my balance. I did take it to see Obama and it turned out to be a blessing. One of the helpers saw me with it and took Candy and me to the handicapped section. Up front and to the side of the stage. The PA system was lousy we couldn't hear. I got more information from the newspaper and TV than I did being there. I was thrilled to get to see him, He is not so short as thin or wiry. His suit was beautifully tailored. The fabric wasn't flashy but the suit was very well tailored and made him look appropriate for a President.

I have seen two presidents now Bill Clinton a few years ago. Hubby and I stood in the sun three hours to see him and now Obama. I missed seeing Kennedy I was PG with Penni when he was in Pueblo. Hubby was on the committed to help with the crowd. Hubby took both of the boys and put them right down in front so they could see Kennedy. I'm sure that is one of their foundest memories.

The whole thing left me exhausted but it was worth it. I slept all afternoon and all night.

More Grief

Son-in-law planing to come to spread Penni's ashes this summer. This has brought every thing back with a new grief. I have to stop reliving the last few days of her life. David is planning a memorial bench in her honor. He had the Bible verse for the bench mixed up but we got that straightened out. I am anxious to see everybody.

Only one more week for Bible study I am going to miss to the group and our discussions. Every Thursday night for a year. The couple that have been leading the study are struggling their daughter has cancer. She is confined to a hospital for a month. Her name is Randi please pray for her and the family.

I am scheduled for that dreaded rear end scope test next week. Melissa is staying with me I am on a diet of liquid for two days before the test.

Not a lot new in my life.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

THE SHACK by Wm Paul Young

I came home from Bible Study Thursday night to a small package. Early Mother's Day present.

Number one son and wife had sent me a book. "The Shack" by Wm Paul Young.

I started looking at it Friday Morning big mistake. It is one of those you can't put it down until you finish it. Guess what I read all day Friday and finally finished it this morning. It is a great book lots to think about and to digest.

I am going to send one to my sister-in-law for her Birthday.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mothers Day May 1963

All of the advertisements for Mother Day have reminded me of the Albuquerque Journal's Mothers Day advertisements of 1963. Hubby was thinking of taking a job with Gates Rubber Company that would involve us moving to Albuquerque. We purchased a Sunday paper of the Albuquerque Journal to investigate the housing and general feel of the city. We pursued the paper thoughly and really liked what we saw. Needless to say we moved that summer to Albuquerque. Both of the boys were in grade school. We made them learn to spell Albuquerque before we allowed them to move here ( not that we would have left them behind.)

I have been recouping from a spell Sunday. After I came home from early church services about 10:00 I was reading the Sunday papers. I passed out and came to so dizzy and nauseated that I could not sit up or get to the phone. I finally stretched far enough to reach the phone and called my son's house. Only Eddie was home he came over and stayed with me until the rest of the family arrived. My son insisted on the Urgent Care after a EKG and blood tests they couldn't find any thing wrong. So I spent the rest of Sunday and Monday morning with Melissa at my side. I had a Monday morning appointment already with my heart doctor. He looked over the tests and said it wasn't my heart or a stroke . His verdict was a possible vertigo attack, he has ordered some tests for Monday. Melissa stayed with me until last night. I haven't had any other symptoms.

I feel fine now.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Dating Treats

My male friend keeps amazing me. I have lived in this town for the last years and forty something before that. But he keeps finding places to take me that I have never been before. The first time was a restaurant that was new to me not to Albuquerque. We had a good lunch in front of a fire place.

This time we had lunch at the Aquarium in front of the big fish tank, afterwards we took a ride through Tingley Beach. They have improved the beach so much it is hard to recognize it.

My dates may sound like bland things to everybody else but they have been a pleasant change in my life these days. He filled me in on all the gossip from the church and of course we had a good discussion of current events. Neither of us seem to be too concerned about the swine flu flap.

Still getting bids on the patio area they are coming down thank heavens but I am still in shock at how much they want.

The red ants have found me I had three in bed with me a couple of days ago. I keep finding one or two at a time in various places in the house. I think Missy got bit on the ear yesterday she had fits about her ear and still rubs it today. I have a bug guy coming next week it can't be too soon.

The weather has turned so hot that I am going to have to hook up the swamp cooler. It was too hot in here last night. I dug the fan out of storage. I have to close the doors and lock them at night therefore I don't have any outside air. I can't open any of the windows,they are too heavy for me. The only ceiling fan is a big one in the living room so I have to use the little stand up fan in the bedroom.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


I realized that the newest greatgran was named James William which could have been for his grandfather or his greatgrandfather. But I read closer my sons blog with pictures and realized that his name was James William Rex, which could leave no doubt that he was named for his greatgrandfather. My hubby would have been so thrilled to have a little one named for him. He missed just a few days from being born on his birthday.

All of the new babies have given me a new interest in the genealogy of the family. My friend Rich has helped me download a program and retrieve the information from a very old cCD of my nephews. It is a starting place anyway. I just need to enter hubby and my information and go from there. Number one son found a link to his grandfather on his fathers side. I still have the internet link but I haven't been able to find the link. I just need to keep trying.

It is wonderful to have the computer to keep all of this information for the future generations. They won't have to do the digging that this will require.

I am still trying to get someone to do my patio, so far the estimates are more than I can manage at this time. My friend Joe and family came for all the big rocks. It was two truck loads and one trailer. I just have a few more rocks and lots of weeds. I need two small trees removed (too close to the wall) and about 6 pamas grass. Melissa was over for a couple of days sleeping on the love seat and helping me pickup all the weeds and grass that had been pulled. I have 4 big bags full of the trash.

Melissa wanted to come back to live with me but I don't have the room, she really needs out of that house. I need to keep a closer eye on her and her problems.

Lots of political and social things this weekend.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Travel Section

Travel section of today's paper sparked so many memories I had to blog about them.
Taos Inn, hubby and I spent a much needed weekend there. Penni was about 18 months old. Aunt Mildred spent the weekend with the boys and Penni. We spent the weekend in Taos lovely meals in the restaurant and even a dip in the swimming pool.

Other places mentioned in this section La Fonda in Santa Fe, we had lunch there when the Penni and family were here last summer. The day was very warm and the National Cemetery took a lot out of all of us. The cool dinning room and a large round table served as a blessed re spit.

Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas was a favorite of hubby's as mine after all the kids were gone and we could spend a weekend at the Wild Flower Festival. The dinning room had terrific food.

Cimarron was mentioned. Hubby and I and Penni, borrowed a friends travel trailer and spent a weekend camped in the cannon in Cimarron. Penni and I went to find a bush to us as a outdoor potty and got scarred by a snake.

The travel section had me in tears this morning so many memories.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Next Greatgran

Just got a call that my other grandgran for this month was born today.

James William Clark 7 lbs 11 oz and 21 inches long. This was a big baby. His moma is not a very big girl, but I understand she is alright.

Will post more when I know more.

Pictures of B & B Trip

Now that I can get pictures into the blog I want you to see a picture of the B & B and the group that spent the day.
The investment club has booked a night in July. I am hoping to get my family there when they come for our trip to Glorieta. The B&B is just a few miles from Glorieta. I am sure Michelle would love the dog and Steven the couples son they haven't seen each other since they were very small.
Anyway you get the idea of what a great time we had.

New Greatgran

Hurray, I did it I posted a picture Abigail was born Friday April 17, 7lbs 2 oz. 19 inches long.
That is two kids for E the rest of the grandkids are working hard at catching up with him. I have another greatgran due this month any day now, and another one due in July.

This little one has lots of dark blond hair and or course blue, blue eyes. All of the stuff animals I have given her are bigger than she is. I hear she is a good baby and sleeps a lot and is very quiet. I missed her when I took her teddy bear to her yesterday, I will have to try again today.
First little girl and if all the pictures are reliable the only girl in the three this year. I am glad she is here so I can spoil her. None of the grandgran will be close enough to spoil. After all that is what grans are for.

I was thinking about hubby today and how proud he would be that his family line is continuing. This little one carries his last name and one of the other ones due this year will carry his name as well. E's 6 year old carries his last name as well.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Change in My Life

I have been invited out to lunch twice in the last week.

It is hard to wait for someone to open a the door of the car for me.

The gentleman is a member of my church. I met him in the once a month dinner group. He goes to the late Sunday morning service. I usually go to the early service. One of the things I have missed the most is a male to discuss things with. I guess I just miss the male point of view. So far we have spent a lot of time talking about his deceased wife and my deceased hubby. He has a military background so that is familiar.

The lunches have been a pleasant time.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I had a beautiful experience this morning. Our little Methodist Church uses a large building which is really a gym. One wall has small windows in the shape of a cross this is used as the front of the church. A lady of the church has made gorgeous hangings that are hung along the side in the front and in the front on either side of the window. The hangings today have a bunch of grapes, a sheaf of wheat, a cross and etc.

The sermon was on the open tomb. That moment became a frozen moment in time for the women who were there. We were ask to think of a frozen moment in time that we have had. When I close my eyes I see Penni the last time I saw her. I held her hand a little while right after she died. When I opened my eyes I looked up to try and keep from crying. In the little round window, above the windows that made up the cross, there a was beautiful gold butterfly.

As anyone that knows anything about my daughter they know she loved butterflies.

This may be just a one of those things but it lifted my spirits and made me know I shouldn't keep thinking of her as dead abut alive and tranformed like that butterfly.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Beautiful Day

It took two weeks of planing to get everyone off for April 7. I borrowed my son's van to take a group of friends up to the bed and breakfast. Arrowsridge is about 10 to 15 miles north of Glorieta. The road which is private gets better each time I go. Joe works on it all the time, it bumpy but easily passable. The beautiful house made of adobies sits on the top of a little mesa and looks out over the valley to the north. Joe and Annie with help made all of the adobies and build this beautiful house doing all the electrical, plumbing and laying of tiles, plastering, decorating and creating this amazing house. Don Imus lives below Arrowridge you can see the tops of his house from the rim of the bluff. It is so still and quiet the birds flit from tree top to tree top with nothing to scare them off. We were met by the guard dog of the household his name is Piper and he loves a pet or two in his time. He has beautiful markings, the story goes he found his way to Arrowsridge and decided to stay. He is very protective of the Joe and Annie and their son Steven.

It was a gorgeous day 70 degrees with little wind. We were almost an hour late getting out of town but we were on our way with 5 instead of the 7 we planned on taking.

We arrived in time for lunch, tables were set with formal dinnerware awaiting our arrival. Annie is the most terrific chef. She had to shoo all of out of her kitchen to serve lunch. Lunch was carrot soup with crab on top. Salad greens with strawberries and nuts in a sweet salad dressing. Main course with grilled asparagus, chicken breast stuffed with a yummy filling, on a bed of pasta. Dessert was light coconut cake, lay ed with lemon curd, icing was real whipped cream.

Afternoon was spent in investing the house, walking around looking at the great scenery, and just talking with each and every person there.

We didn't start home until 7:00 so it was a long day but great good friends, good food, beautiful scenery. We need to plan more days like this one.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Insurance Companies

My last couple of posts haven't made a lot of sense . I have outlined this one so maybe my thinking is clearer.

Both of my sons think I understand a lot more than I do. I try very hard to keep up with my educated sons. Having worked for 15 years in the education field I understand that degrees do not necessarily mean intelligence. I have worked very hard at self education, reading hubbies required reading in his college classes. Reading the set of encyclopedics we had at home, studying various fields I worked in.

I have been trying to make some sense of the financial mess the world is in today and I am really struggling. Number one son has a lot of information on his blog that is sometimes very difficult for me to understand. Number two son doesn't spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. Maybe I have too much time on my hands is why I am trying to understand it. So here I go at my understanding.

1954 father-in-law (less than a high school education), he reads everything that is printed that he can get his hands on. Prediction corporations (what or who?) will take over the world. It was such of silly idea that we didn't find out why or how he came to that conclusion. I wish now, I had paid more attention.

1961 Homeowners policies new product for insurance companies. I was working for a Savings and Loan and they wanted to persuade all their mortgage holders to change fire policies for homeowners. This began my years of working in the insurance field first fire and casualty and ending up in life insurance in 2000.

Here is some of the things I learned about insurance. Insurance was started to provide coverage for ships and their cargo. Lloyd of London, had a group of men who would underwrite or pledge so much money to cover the ship and cargo that it would arrive at the port intended for the goods. If the ship and cargo was lost they would pay what amount of money they had pledge to the ship owner. If the ship an cargo arrived they had a profit from the premium they had charge for pledging there money. Groups of men pooled money to set up insurance companies to cover not only ships and cargo's but fire insurance, and other types of insurances. Insurance companies were then founded. Laws were enacted to protect public to ensure that they had a big enough pool of funds to pay claims in case of a catastrophe. That money had to be invested to keep the company a float. Claim pools had to be invested very secure investments. Premiums had to be large enough to pay expenses of insurance company and add to the claims pool. Then you understood the law of large numbers that keep that pool of money at a safe level.

Somewhere along about the late 60's or early 70's I became aware that corporations were buying up big insurance companies. Why? Or course they discovered that large claims pool that by law insurance companies were required to keep. If the corporation owned the insurance company it was a small matter to get the laws changed to get there hands on all that money.

2009 Government is having to loan money to insurance companies to keep there doors open?
Corporation (who?) got there hands on the claims monies. Now they were no longer required to keep such a large claims pool, so what were premiums used for (?) obscene salaries and bonus's.

Why working for 48 years off and on in the insurance field did I only make enough money to pay a mortgage and feed a family. Something is wrong with this picture or is something wrong with my thinking?

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Does everything happens for a reason. My little Methodist Church has a month or longer program entitled "What I would do if I had one month to live?" Sorry this is too close to last year I can't live through that again. I told the pastor I would be back after this program is over. By chance I stabled into a Unity church meeting in the local elementary school cafeteria. I found the widow of my hubbys first Principal she is a member of the church. I had been thinking of looking her up.

I have been there for the last three weeks. I was by myself the first time by myself with family members the second week and Shari came today. I have been trying to get Shari anywhere near a church for months. So today was a break through and she really let me talk to her about about Jesus and being saved. She really listened for a change.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Earliest Political Quesion

I don't remember how old I was when I first became aware that the State of Colorado was about to execute a man. I was very concerned that what if he wasn't guilty? How could you give him back his life if you found out he wasn't guilty? I kept asking why the state would do such a thing. No one could give me an answer then and no one can give me an answer now.

I'm glad it is the Governors decision and not mine. I'm also glad that it isn't the deciders decision.
Keep loging on and I will post the Governors decision.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Pictures of my new dog Missy

I have had my new puppy a little over a month now but you can see she has made herself at home. She is so sweet and lovey. She stays at my heels all day, while I am gone she sleeps on the pillow on my bed.

Mark was over and helped me a lot, maybe I can post pictures once in awhile.

When I have a free day to just scan pictures into my computer and put them on CD's. I may be sending a box of family pictures to the boys. After I get them on a CD I need to reduce the amount of storage space. My little office is getting organized little by little.

Enjoy pictures of Missy I am really enjoying her.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Rocking in the Wind

I was offered a balloon ride by the couple that head up the Bible Study. Getting up at 5:00 am didn't stop me from going on this adventure. When I was little I use to dream of swinging in the wind. I was in a porch swing way up in the air swinging in the wind. This hour long balloon ride was as close to that as I will ever get. I went up once before but it was only 15 minutes. It is so peaceful and calm up in the air drifting over the west side.

Hubby was the night security a little college on the river bluff while he finished his degree. During his time there it was the only thing on the bluff above the river. The kids had to walk miles to the bus line on Central. I could see all the roof of that little college among all the houses they have built around it. Hubby took classes there as well as number one son. I think number one sons BA degree is from that college. I quess our lives were very involved with it at one time.

I located my old house it was the only green roof on the west side of the golf course. It was a little more difficult to find my present house but I did I didn't like the looks of my roof. I need to get someone up there to look at it.

We couldn't find a place to land so we kepted sailing along until we were over my sons house. We called to him and he looked up. I called grinnygranny on the phone and they came out and helped take the balloon down.

We went to breakfast after the trip and had a good time just getting to know one another. I spent part of the afternoon with son and family. All and all one of the best Sundays I have had sence I returned . I have been back almost a year. It has been such a busy and eventful year. Maybe the next year will be more peacful and calm.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


If you eat properly you will not get cancer. My mother never ate any other way and as the cook my father didn't either. Penni was never a junky food eater. They all had cancer. I have never eaten the healthy way and so far I haven't had cancer. The lies they are putting out makes me mad.

I am officially out of a church for the next 6 weeks my pastor has a 6 weeks series and entire program on "What if you had 30 days to live". I can't stand the tittle much less the thought of 6 weeks of that theme. My friend Annie is coming by for me Sunday. I am anxious to go to a black Baptist church again. I'm going to continue my Bible Study on Thursdays.

My group grief counseling if over and I'm glad if I can find the money I need to see Kintree again.

I am slowly getting my house in order and decorated. Rich even has me working on the office he is helping me get every thing compacted.

My Bible Study group is fasting on Thursday nights, no more snacks. I'll see how I get through this for the next 6 weeks? I don't know when is Easter?

Now I am ranting like my son.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Work ahead for me

It suddenly dawned on me that I have 3 great grands due this year. I usually make a oversize receiving blanket. The only catch is the time it takes to crochet all the way around them. I looked for the same kind of flannel that I use to make them out of before. I finally found three different one that I think are appropriate. I was looking for the pretty ones but most everything is geared to little kid prints . The ones suitable for PJ's. The only pretty one is a blue one for a boy.

I purchased them now is just to find the time to do the crocheting. That means lots of TV time. I was getting away from so much TV.

I visited the Retired Teachers same old problems they are going to the roundhouse the first of the month. I want to try to go with them.

I missed church this morning the title of the sermon was "What would you do if you had one month to live". Sorry that is too close to the last year to even try to think about it. The SS class was going to discuss homosexually. They didn't want to hear my take on that one. I'm not sure any church or SS class is going to fit anymore. My Bible study class comes closer to my take on things.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Grief Counseling

I have been going to grief counseling a group workshop. Three weeks into this workshop I am still wondering why I am in this one it isn't anything like I thought it would be. To be honest I haven' got much out of it so far. But, I did have a eye opening moment this last week. I have felt so alone in this grief. Yes, I knew that David was grieving alot but another way. But, it suddenly dawned on me, I am not in this alone Bruce and Pat have lost as much as I have. They lost their father and their sister.

I guess I need to apologize to both of them I haven't been as understanding as I should have been

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Missy or Baby

I finally adopted a dog from the animal control shelter. They were calling her curly, CURLY, that's a name for a ginny pig not a dog. She answers to the name Baby and some times to Missy. I'm trying for Missy. She is housebroke but I have trouble getting her to stay out long enough to do anything. She is a house body, she wants to lay on a pillow on the recliner or on the bed and sleep.

Melissa and I picked her up from the shelter, Melissa drove us home and Missy fought me all the way. We dropped her off at the doggy day spa. I took a little blanket with me when I went to pick her up. She saw it and laid down on it and didn't move all the way home. She likes soft blankets or a pillow.

I thought she was a poodle. her hair, ears and part of her nose would led you to believe that. Her legs are very, very short and her back and rear end are almost square. I'm not sure what that makes her except cute as a button. She likes to play and wanted Daniel to play with her when he was here.

I'm going to have some lattice put up in the garage with a gate. I'm afraid that Missy will runout while the car is going in and out. I was unhappy with the mess in garage being in plain view of the patio entrance. The lattice will take care of that problem .\

I'll have something else to write about except my health.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dogs, dogs, and more dogs

I have been visiting the city animal shelters. I found a small poodle at the east side shelter Friday. They won't let me touch the dog until the 28th of the month. The dog is a stray and previous owners have until then to reclaim the dog. We got her to the edge of the cage and she licked our fingers and wagged her tail. A couple of cages down is a 9 year old beagle who keeps calling to me and wants to come home with me in the worse way. Her name is Penny. I saw both of these dogs on Friday briefly and put a $10.00 hold on the poodle.

P and L went with me on Saturday morning. We visited the west side shelter first and found a poodle that was so dirty and overgrown matted hair. We took her into a small shelter just the three of us. She shivered and shook the hold time. We got her to let us pet her she finally stopped shaking and opened her eyes. The hair was so thick and matted that I had a hard time getting it parted so she could see. They wanted us to take her home. I couldn't take her home without a trip to a doggy beauty shop no way on a Saturday.

We went up to the east side shelter and played with the poodle I have a hold on. She seems to be the best bet for the time being. The beagle talked to me again and told me how much she wanted to come home with me. P found a german shepherd that looked almost like Harvey. P could have taken him home in a heartbeat but 2 dogs, a cat, and 6 people make for a house full.

I keep worrying about the matted poodle, do I really need two dogs?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Rant

Last week it was the MVD today it is a place call lap dog rescue. They say they have so many dogs to place and yet I have been unable to get one. They were ready to give me a Bion (sp) but I had to go to Texas so they gave that one away. Now they said I could have a Corgi, but they left a message on my recorder and said they decided the dog was too hyper for me.

Sadie was a rat terrier and they don't come any more hyper. Shari says I need to call they and tell them to forget I even applied.

I'm letting my temper cool abit before I call and tell them I am going to look elsewhere for a dog. I can't believe they are that picky about some one that wants to give a dog a home.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Govement Red Tape

I have spent the last two days trying to get my car registered and a New Mexico drivers license. The office I chose to obtain these was reasonably close to the house. I had to make a second trip because I didn't have proof of address, it seems all you need is a bankstament or a light bill to prove you live at an address. Then they wouldn't issue a new license because I didn't have my SS card. I spent all last night an half of yesterday tearing up my records but I didn't have it. Two moves in less than a year I'm not surprised, the SS office was a long ways across town. Also, I have burned and sheded all kinds of records. I had to get rid of two, two draw filing cabinets, I use to have 4. I keep every piece of paper in the world but evidently not my SS card. I couldn't apply on line for one because my mothers maiden name was not spelled correctly. All my birth certificates have it spelled differently. After a lot of negotiations at the SS office I got them to spell it like my grandmother spelled it and my mother spelled it. The crazy thing about this is that today would have been my mothers birthday.

I bought a large clear vase at a garage sale. I cleaned it up and put it on the floor in the living room. I am making a fish tank out of it. It is the same shape as the little jars you see with fish and a plant. The plant lives in the water and helps feed the fish. Only mine is large enough to sit on the floor by my TV. Pat gave me part of the plant he has in his little fish vase and I had rooted another piece, so I have two pieces for the top. I bought a gravel (blue) for the bottom and added a shell I brought back from the last cruise. I bought a plant for the bottom and a maroon beta fish. Fishy is still in his little container, I filled the big vase with water and it is way to cold for him I am hoping it will warm up by morning.

You can see how exciting my life is I have to blog about a fish tank.

Shari and I did pickup a man at the buffet tonight, had a very lovely dinner with a male companion. That's a blog for another time.