Friday, September 30, 2005

Busy Day

We drove to Dallas right after taking Michelle to school. The 18 wheelers on 20 and 80 just get thicker. It is really a challenge to drive through the work zones with all those trucks.

Hubby is reaping the rewards of his short boxing career. The middle cartledge in this nose is in the shape of a S instead of the single line. He has some nasal spray to use if that doesn't work it could mean surgery.

I finally got my doctors office to call me back. They only had the old telephone number. I had called two weeks ago and left my new address and telephone number on there answering machine. I quess no one took that information down. They send me a letter to the old address on the 21 of the month. It is now the 30 of the month and it still hasn't arrived. I don't know what these people here think mail is. They don't think it is very important thats for sure. I seem to have a cist on my left kidney. My doctors answer to this is to have physical therapy. I have appointments for both of us with a new doctor here in Canton. I hope this works out for us.

We managed to get back in time for Michelle's program. Michelle received an award for Good Citizenship. She was so pleased, I took some pictures I hope they will come out.

P and D called today to talk to Michelle. She is fine with them being gone, she didn't want them to leave. We are taking her to Tyler tomorrow to her favorite Pizza place. I hope to pick up some fabric for the new dresses we want to make. I need fabric for a new robe for her.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

6:30 am is too early

That's what time I have to get Michelle up to go to school. It has been a job getting her out of bed. It is almost as hard as getting her to go to bed. So far everything has been going well for her stay. Hubby and I have had a tummy upset I don't know what it is from. I'm still having some trouble today but not as much as yesterday. Ginger tea has been helping.

We finally had a rain storm last night the lighting and thunder were bad just as I was trying to go to sleep. tempature down to 63 degrees this morning when I took Michelle to school. It is suppose to get to 85 today. Well that is better than the 100 to 105 we have been having. Fog was on the ground yesterday so it was hard to see to drive. We went by the house last night to see about the animals. We left the cats in the house I'm glad we did as the thunderstorm was pretty heavy.

Have to take hubby to Dallas tomorrow to doctor to see about his sinus.

Monday, September 26, 2005


P has been trying to get me to change my blog background for sometime. I just figured out how to do it. I hope this is easier to read.

Spent part of saturday at P. Her lights went out about 3 pm and we couldn't get the little battery TV to work it would only get football or a spanish station. I called back to the village and they never did loose power. P and Michelle came home with us and we watch Phamtom of the Opera. D stayed at home and slept. We had some wind and rain but nothing bad, I have seen worse here. When we started home Michelle couldn't find her flip flops, she tired to turn on her lights to look for her flip flop and of course we didn't have any. She cried because she didn't have any light. We found her some shoes and we came back to grandma's. I don't know if I'm up to a whole week of her. Oh, yes I am looking foreward to us having a lot of time together.

We went through P trunk of fabric and nothing there that is really usable. I still haven't looked through mine. I need to do that today and see if there is anything usable there. Need to grocery shop today have to have lots of things a little girl will eat. Her lunches at school are paid for so I won't have to pack lunches.

Saturday night I had lots of fire ants in my bed. P and I tried to get them out but I slept on the couch in the living room. Yesterday I striped the bed either washed or ran everything through the dryer and sprayed all the room with bug spray . D gave me some new spray to try. I have to get all of those devils out of this house. The ant traps don't seem to work at all.

P sister-in-law seemed to go to Arkansa right into the path of the hurricane. I hope they are alright. It is suppose to cool off later this week, yesterday it was 102 in dallas. I still need to get all of my stuff out of the shed. It is just impossible to work in there when it is so hot.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Gorgous Sunset

I am sitting at the kitchen table blogging and watching the most beautiful sunset over the lake below our house. I have taken several pictures with my ditigal camera if they come out I will try to get D to help me post them.

Today was a day of prepartion. We brought in all the patio furniture, trash barrels, and the storm door we haven't put up yet( boy was it heavy we had to have help with it.)

I have extra food, water , batteries and have packed a small suitcase for P. We will go over there tomorrow.

P worked today so I haven't heard from anyone. D was suppose to be home all day today to get there house ready.

I have paid all the bills on line so that won't slow us down.

Quess what Holiday Inn in Norman just got around to billing us for one of the rooms for June. They show us there in September, but I went back and checked and they had only charged us for 2 rooms so we did owe for the third. I'm just paying it, they had better not charge any more. I knew the front desk was messed up there but not quiet this bad.

I'm trying to catch up on laundry so that we won't have lots of dirty clothes if we don't have lights. When I took dirty clothes out of the hamper they were full of ants. I put one of the ant traps in the bottom of the hamper I hope that works. After this storm I am really going to have to try and get rid of the ants around this place.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rita is really scary

As Rita moves toward Texas it is picking up steam. The model looks like it will land on land just west of Houton. Unfortunately Lake Jackson is in that area. D family from Lake Jackson arrived today. They are worried about there house and belongings. Two kittys made the trip very well and seem to be adjusting to the house cats. Michelle didn't want to go to school today I quess because she knew the girls were coming. It was strange she kept reminding me that it was time to go to school. When we arrived she didn't want to get out of the car. I parked and tried to get her to walk from the gate into school. I didn't go dressed to go into the school. Her teacher came along and took her in thank heavens. That will teach me not to dress before taking her to school. I'm going to have almost a whole month of taking her to school. We have to work this out some how. I wonder if all the talk of the hurricane has scared her. When we got home from school the girls were there and she was very happy.

Hubby and I put up pictures my tole work and some curtains. It took all morning, then took blow up beds to P.

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about my tenant homeowners. I had not changed it from Terrell to Canton. It was too easy just one call to my insurance agent, (which was new not the one I bought the policy from) she took care of my problem. I hope it covers me. With the wind and the rain that the TV says we may receive we may need it.

P and D want us to come over there for the worse of it. They aren't use this house is torrando proof and I'm not sure either.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tempture 100

It is the middle of September and the tempture is still 100 degrees. No one else is looking foreward to Hurricane Rita but me, it has to cool this weather down.

I am runing out of time to empty that shed, it is impossible to work in there. I tried working in there a couple of mornings with tempture at 70's and in 30 minutes I was sweating up a storm.

I am slowly getting things setup here at the new house. I'm going to have several days to just get things put away that I have brought home already. I have been trying to put up the drapes that I have remolded for the fourth time. I can't find enough drapry hooks or rings. I know there must be a big bag of them somewhere in that shed.

D mothers stuff is arriving my the truck load I have to get that stuff out of the shed. I wonder if I need to hire someone to pick it all up and bring it over here. The last move was $600.00 I don't know if I can afford any more.

D was over and fixed my phone lines and installed the two news ones I needed. P thinks I need to complain to Verzion that there serviceman didn't fix my problems. I now wonder why I am paying for service when I'm not getting it.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday on the telephone talking to relatives and friends. I need to do that more often.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Somewhere in time.

'All week I have been living somewhere in time. August 1953 we were in Cherry Point, NC and I was about to give birth to my second son. This was just the time TV was getting started. We only had radio and not much on it. When you are busy with a 18 month old, radio is the last thing you need. Military personel were coming through the housing area, MEMQ and cutting down limbs and removing all kinds of trash and etc. We couldn't understand what was going on someone finally told us a hurricane was coming. I had no idea what a hurricane was, a big wind with water. How could that be, we were 10 or 15 miles from the ocean, rain Oh, I had been in rain storms before. We were waiting for grandma and grandpa F to come for the new birth to help with the first son. I had stocked the refrig and panty with all kind of goodies. I know grandma would like to cook.

Friends living in one of the quonset hut they had turned into housing arrived on our doorstep with there 1 year old. They had been told to evanuate and had no place to go. We were in a wooden duplex and considered safe. When the storm hit the water can though the windows and doors like they weren't there. Crazy me I was saving the floors and window cells from being wet and used every dry towel in the house. Now we had no electricity, no washing machine, no refrigerator, no stove. Just lots of spoiling meat and milk. No way to cook anything. No clean towels no way to wash the dirty ones. Friends went home to see what there house was like. Hubby had to go to work. Grandma and grandpa F arrived in this mess and I don't remember much else about it. We did get electricity, I went to the base hospital and P was born. Grandpa F, hubby and B went fishing and B caught his first fish. I think B has been fishing with grandpa F some after that. I don't think either of the boys are much fishermen.

Anyway Orphila has been causing trouble in the same place again as it did in August 1953. P blew in with a storm and has been a stormy soul ever since. I hope you are reading his bog Captain's Log.

Before we left NC about a year later. A neighbor got the first TV we ever saw, I can't believe we watched the snowest show out of Washington DC. TV has gone a long way in teaching us about hurricanes and other disasters but not in how to be prepared for them. I'm still watching all the problems on the gulf coast the world seems to have forgotten about NC.

We finally had rain on Thursday it didn't last long it did come down pretty hard for awhile.
We woke up to rain Friday and it rains for alittle while. It was cool enough that I went to P to the shed and brought out a car load of boxes. So much we left out there is ruined. The mice have really been into everything. There still must be mice in there Ginger came in and sat looking at a box I couldn't move and he wouldn't move. When I was ready to leave ( after I sweat buckets) I had to pick him up and throw him out, he still wanted back in.

D is suppose to come Sunday and straighten out my telephone mess maybe I can get on line more often. This sitting on the side of the bed and using a TV tray to blog on is for the birds.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Have the Answer

I have now found out why I can't get on the internet. I only have one telephone cord that will allow my computer to contect to the internet. You know its the shortest one I own.

Telephone company was out today and fixed both of the other phone jacks. Now I can use the computer in all the bedrooms. I ask about a phone jack in living room and kitchen. This phone company gets $91.00 per phone jack. We thought gas was highway robbery how about telephone companies. If I can ever get D without an install maybe he can install them for me.

I'm still unpacking boxes. If I ever get the kitchen and dinning room put away maybe I can work on the office. Everything just gets dumped in there.

We had Michelle all day Thursday, I had a ultasound in Dallas and she went with us. When we got home she was on my bed watching TV and went to sleep. She sleep until P came after her. D called awhile ago we get Michelle again tomorrow. I brought some of her toys over today so maybe she won't be too bored. She loves my garden tub, she thinks its her private pool.

P has chemo again Monday, so we will pick Michelle up from school. I hope this chemo doesn't make P as sick as it did last time.

Hubby said it was too hot for hair today so he had me take him to the barber shop and they shaved his head and beard does he ever look funny.

I bought a new TV at Frys it is only a 27 inch. But it was the biggest one that would fit in our entertainment center. D hooked it up for us it has a good picture. I couldn't find the Consumer Report Book I may have thrown it away,or else it still packed somewhere. I used an 6 month to 18 months old consumer report magzine to buy it. But so far I am please with it. Frys didn't have the micro wave I wanted and the people in that department were not interested in helping me. D was in there shortly after I was in the same department and they wouldn't help him either. That is two sales they lost in a half a day. John on of the resident managers carried the TV in for us. These managers are so great nothing like Terrel Senior Terraces. Hubby managed to get the micro wave out of the box in the car and into the house. Oh, yes I bought the micro wave at wally world. They had the one that Frys didn't for 15.00 cheaper. I got my bed back from P so now all I need is a head board. I looked a little this morning but didn't find anything.

Surprise, surprise, I got a letter from Terrel Senior Terraces they are going to refund my deposit. I quess cleaning did pay off, even if I did kill myself doing it. The chek is supose to come from some other office. I'm not going to hold my breath until it comes.

I'm way behind with blogging on Bruces and Pats blogs. Maybe that I know how to get on line now I can do it more often.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Finally back on line

Was it really wednesday the last time I could get on line. I have been working for 2 hours trying to get connected today. I have tried several days and couldn't get on line. I haven't figured out what I did to get on line today. So I may never get on line again. Boy is dial up slow.

Still unpacking boxes. The living room is full of empty boxes. I promised to save them for P and I am waiting for D to come pick them up.

I have spend most of the day looking for the consumer report books. We have to buy a TV and a micro wave. I either threw them away or I have packed them in some stupid place. I may try getting online Do you think they have that information on line?

Well, just to let you know we are still kicking.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Well we are in the new house. Boxes, boxes everywhere, I may never get them put up.

Spent all morning cleaning on the apartment, I doubt if I get the deposit back. The stove and refrig are clean but rug needs shampooing.

I tried to install netzero dial up along with my dsl and quess what it wouldn't and knocked my dsl off. I have so much time talking to those turkeys to get it started again. I just left it. I had to completely uninstall all of the dsl before I could install the dial up. Dial up is slow but it is all I can get at the present.

The manager of Canton Lakeside Village is a doll. Every bathroom had toilet paper. Kitchen had a roll of paper towels and a basket of handtowels candy, duck food, and some jam she had made. What a way to be greeted to our new home. The moving company sent a 65 year old man and a kid to move us. The tempture was 100 degrees. They were surprised that I had everything boxed. It still took them all day. I had to pay for 10 hours of work and boy did they work in this heat. They left 4 boxes on the truck. I kept asking if that was all and was assure that yes it was. Well, the next day the older fellow brought me my 4 boxes. Wasn't that sweet it is a 30 minute drive from the warehouse.

I have the tempture at the new house on 78 or 79 and I'm freezing. I can even breath at night. D said the new house is 2000 sq feet, maybe. I know it is bigger than the house on 67th. I'm trying to wash dishes every night before I quit for the day. This being without a dishwasher is going to be a chanllege.

Moved just in time, gas is going crazy. When I drove into Terrell today gas was 2.54. When I started to leave a couple of hours later the lowest I could find was 2.57. Most of it was 2.68. Boy am I glad not to have that 25 mile drive every day.

It is past bed time.