Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Frys returned my computer to me on wednesday of last week. Computer cashed on thursday. Friday returned computer to Frys after two hours of trouble. The gave me a new computer a COMPAC??. The pits of all computers. Netzero won't let me stay online long enough to post every much.

Movers come tomorrow to move us. We won't have a telephone. Only Cell phone. I don't know when D will get over to connect satilite and computer connection. I will be out of touch for awhile.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Continuing saga of the computer

I received a postcard a week ago telling me my computer was ready at Frys. Why they didn't call me, they had two phone numbers listed for me, both had answering machines. Anyway I drove to Garland on Wednesday to pick up the computer. California had taken all the programs off so I couldn't see if the computer would even work. Yes it turned on and off but that was about it. I brought it home and it worked pretty good on Wednesday night for about 45 minutes. I got Quicken on and netzero. Checked my e-mailes and some of the blogs. Thursday morning I decided to pay all the bills I could find. I got on line and paid bills, when I started checking blogs computer crashed. I never could get it to turn on again. I spend most of Thursday on the phone trying to find out what options I had.

Frys and California had the computer 3 times over 5 months. I made 8 round trips to Frys that is a 150 miles round trip. I finally got to talk to the Customer Service Store Manager after I had to scream obscenities at the telephone operator. The only option they gave me was to return the computer to the store so they could see it. Now they have had this computer 3 different times over a period of 5 months. The only thing Frys did was ship it to California. Now they want to look at it, what good was that going to do.

Friday we went back to Frys with the computer Customer Service Manager looked at all my paper work and tried to turn it on. I woudn't turn on. Another man was there trying to talk to the Customer Service Manager, he was a upset as I was. He had brought a $5,000.00 big screen TV and had a service agreement just like the one I had. Something was wrong with it and the repair company was refusing to go out to his house to fix it. His service contract said they would go to the home to repair within 40 miles. He had a map and could prove he lived 21 miles from the store. They were having to call California to try to reconcil his problem.

After a hour and a half of standing around while they decided what to do. The east indian guy in charge of the repair department came and and now the Customer Service Manager turned it over to him. They told me they would replace it with a new computer of equal something. As it turned out it was not financial value. They were trying to say it was really an upgrade as the computer was newer and had more hard drive space. But quess what it was a Compaq the pits of computers. I paid 1,300.00 for my computer in January of 2005. The new one they gave me, sticker price on the box 780.00. I had also paid 300.00 for a 5 year service contract. Now the servce contract is fulfilled with a new computer. The new computer does not have a service contract. So I really paid 1,600.00 for a computer that is worth 780.00. And I didn't even get kissed.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hey my baby picture is posted.

B and K were here over Friday and Saturday. Saturday was hubbys birthday, yes it was his birthday long before it was tax day. Also before it was hubbys birthday it was the day that Lincoln Died.

B posted one of my baby pictures for me. The picture was taken in front of the brick house my folks lived in when I was born. That is the house that has the big pine tree in the front yard. As you can see the picture was before the pine tree was planted. Does that tell you how old I am. The year was early 30th's and during the great depression. My parents wanted a boy when I was born, so I quess that is why they dressed me as a little boy. I am sure that I was the only little girl of that age that was dressed as a boy. My sister 5 years older was small and had dark hair and bright blue eyes with the perfect irish coloring, when she was born. I was large with a bald head and blue eyes. What hair I had was blond and not visible. I now wonder how this idenification confused me. Too bad people can't blame that for me not being gay All of my kids were mostly bald when they were born and they were blond, blond, blond with blue eyes. Only the boy that we lost had dark hair and I never saw him. Only my mom and hubby saw him.

I quess it was a cold I came down with over the weekend, boy has it been tough, the cough is killing me. I spent all Easter in bed after B and K left. I slept most of the day, I am having trouble packing and moving. We managed two loads yesterday in 100 degree weather. We have moved one load already this morning. The temperture is suppose to be 100 degrees again today. I need to load the car down again this morning, I don't know when we will feel like unloading it.

Anyway enjoy the picture of grandma1.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We have started

Well we have started moving. I am having to clean before I can even put down shelf liner. They are still waiting for the AC coil, so boy is it hot in there. I have one little fan that we put in the kitchen. I turned on both exhaust fan in the bath rooms. All the shelves in this modular home are pressed board. I have n3ever seen board like this. It is large spliners of wood glued together, I am sure under pressure, but the large spliners are coming up. I can't believe people even used these shelves. The spliners would tear up anything you put on them. We have cleaned out a lot of the closets. We have to leave enough clothes for the next couple of weeks. We also took a load of dishes down, packing them in linens. We have about 5 small boxes that we are loading moving, unloading and bring back to repack. The boy that has been cutting our grass is going to help carry boxes. He is off on Friday so I have to have enough packed that he can carry them for me.

I finally found the denfensive driving class that I use to take to get the discount on our car insurance. It is the 8 to 12 for the next two days. It will cut into my
moving time but I am use it will be well worth it. That leaves Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. I have the movers coming the 27th that only leaves the 28th for me to clean. The new people want to move in on the 29th and 30th. I am not sure how well I will clean this one. I am having to clean so much of the new one. I am glad I won't have the sea of boxes I had last time. I am also putting everything away when it is moved so the unpacking and putting away will already be done.

We went Monday and bought Michelle an Easter Dress, we also bought a couple of little school dresses for her. She loves to dress up in dresses for school so much. She is such a joy.

What is this education program that Bill Gates is pushing? Are they into the voucher thing or is this public education? I can't tell from what is on Oprah.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Well I'm going for it.

Made the decision to move, the end of the month. The new house is much larger, newer, double pane windows. Larger heater and AC, seperate office. It is going to be expensive but I think the added room will make up for all problems. Hubby will have a large enough room to have a recliner. He spends so much time in bed watching TV that he can at least sit in his recliner. I'm going to start moving things a little at a time. I will leave the furniture to a mover.

I am having fits with my turbo tax this year. I have put the same information in twice. One time we owe $190.00 the next we owe $45.00 the figure are the same. I have decided to put it away and look again in a few days. The first time I did it they said I didn't have enough deductions take the standard deductions. Now it says I have more than enough deductions. The figures are the same, that I input, what is going one.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I need your help

I was thrown a curve yesterday. The manager of the lakeside village we live in offer me a much larger house in the edge of the woods. I have been watching them move it in set it up everything in it is new. It is in a beautiful place and the front of it overlooks the lake.

Seperate Office(P) Work of Moving(C)
More Rooms (P) No Pantry(C)
Larger Rooms (P) No big tub(C)
New Heater and AC(P) Smaller Shower(C)
Wood on Back of House(P) Expense of Moving(C)
New Carpet(P) More monthly rent can handle(C)
More Kitchen Cabinets(P) No front screen(C)
More bathroom cabinets (P) Need gate on deck for dog(C)
Evening Shade on deck afternoon & evening(P) Car port farther from house(C)
Double pane windows (P) Eight steps up to Porch instead of 4(C)
Traffic for work on expansion of park
in front of house we presently have(P) Need fence to corrale dog(C)
Possibly cooler in summer because of woods(P) Change electric & phone(C)
Possibly warmer in winter tighter
windows & doors(P)
New Paint(P)

Do the Pros out weight to Cons? What should I do?